IHOP Blueberry Syrup Recipe

Blueberries in your pancakes are one thing, but this blueberry syrup on your pancakes is another. You’ll enjoy rich blueberry flavor in every bite!

This post was originally published in 2013. It has been updated with a new recipe video. Enjoy!

Breakfast is one meal that makes everyone happy. For this reason, I implemented a once a week breakfast-for-dinner night at our house, usually Thursdays.

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Homemade Yogurt Drinks

Yogurt is great, but drinkable yogurt is even better mom! Said my oldest son Alex. What is not to love in the creamy fruity drink sold in bright colored packaging? If you’ve been wanting to make your own homemade yogurt drinks with fewer ingredients and real fruit, you are in luck!

homemade yogurt drinks made with real fruit. These are a great alternative to the store bought ones filled with sugar and coloring! [Read more…]