Meal Planning for Busy People

One of the struggles I’ve recently encountered since returning to work full time is keeping up with the household “stuff.”  It’s what I refer to as the daily grind.  Work? Not so much.  I love what I am doing so I don’t mind putting in the hours and throwing myself into it.  If you’ve been […]

Creating My Action Plan

Today I realized that nearly 1/3 of 2011 has passed by and I don’t think I’ve crossed nearly enough items from my yearly “to-do” list.  If  you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I love to-do lists (not nearly as much as my mother) and they help me stay in track. I have […]

Today’s Challenge: De-Junk Your Junk Drawer

Admit it. You have one. We all have them.  The dreaded “junk drawer.”  It’s the place where things end up by default and when you can’t find something; you look there first. Some of us start with one drawer, but when that one gets full, we move on to the one next to it. Whole […]

If I Could Only Get Organized….

How many times have you sat there and looked at a pile of mail, papers, kid school work, and receipts on top of your desk and wondered…. If I could just get organized… I could probably be more productive. This happens to me all the time.  My husband describes me as the cleanest disorganized person […]

Mount Everest of Laundry

Ask any mother with more than one child: what is one of the most noticeable differences you’ve encountered when going from 1 kid to 2 or more?  She will tell you that laundry exponentially increases in a rate that is not congruent with the addition of one little person! My family knows that I am […]