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Hi! It’s Green-up Monday!

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Alaina sent me a wonderful gift.  A big box of ‘green’ cleaning and laundry products she loves and knew I would enjoy using.

I haven’t purchased regular detergent in over 4 years.  No, I am not so gun-ho-green that I make my own… but I had kids in cloth diapers and regular detergents with surfactants and petroleum based ingredients leave a residue.  I’ve been using Country Save detergent for over 3 years and I’ve loved it.  My only complaint is that the clothes smell clean with no scent.

My friend Alaina sent me H2O at Home Natural Laundry Soap, the Laundry Ball Kit, and Netepur (stain remover soap).   At first, I was skeptical.  I’ve tried laundry concentrated detergents before and found that they wash just as good as mine.  Apparently, the trick is in the laundry ball.  The laundry ball has ceramic pearls that create friction in the wash cycle so clothes wash better and you use 75% less laundry soap.


Ok, so maybe if I use 75% less soap, I can splurge on the Natural Laundry Soap; right? I don’t need my MBA to figure out that at $21 per bottle, 100 loads will only cost 21cents per load (with the ball). The ball is $30 but lasts 1000 washes, so 3 cents per wash?  I have to say that I have gotten used to the amazing smell of lavender and orange scent this leaves on my clothes… I think I can pay 24cents per load.

The next thing I had to figure out is how to use the stain soap bar (Neterpur).  Through trial and error I found that it removes the dirt off the bottom of my kid’s socks surprisingly well.  I just wet the sock, rub it on the bar and throw in the wash.

The other half of the gift was what I was most skeptical about.  I’m used to using natural cleaning products to clean my house but what I am most disappointed with is the lack of their abilities to handle the really tough jobs (like shower doors and my stove).  Alaina swore that with only 2-3min of elbow grease my stove would be like new (super skeptical here).

She sent me the Natural Clay powder cleaning kit.  It includes the clay powder (100%natural, biodegradable cleanser that cuts through grime, grease, and soap scum), the heavy duty Chiffonnette (high quality microfiber cloth), and the cleaning sponge.


What my cook top looked like before:


I wet the clay powder tub (it’s more like a hard paste) and rubbed my sponge over it.


After 2-3min of elbow grease around the cook top.


I’ve also tried the natural clay powder on my shower walls, doors, tub, sinks, and granite counter tops.  It gives the counter tops a nice buffing effect and removes the tiny spots I would have normally missed.  The Chiffonette is basically H2O at home’s own patent pending version of a microfiber cloth.  I have always used microfiber cloths with water to clean my mirrors, glass doors and windows in the past, but I found that theirs works really well and leaves no streaks.

Thanks so much to my friend Alaina for sending me this awesome gift!  For more info on any of the H2O at Home products click here.


The opinions mentioned above are my own. While I did not receive compensation for this post, I was gifted the fabulous products above to review.


  1. Kaitlin L. says

    I just got a laundry ball and the detergent as well. I also will be cloth diapering. So using the h2o detergent didn’t affect your cloth diapers at all?

  2. Hannah says

    Do you think that this would work well for regular laundry? Its just two of us at home. No stinky diapers 😉

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