How Much Do Our Kids Resemble Us?

When babies are born, we can’t help but wonder… who will he/she look like? Well, some parents might begin asking themselves these questions when the baby is in-utero… not me!  Seriously, I am happy with whatever comes out! It’s when our kids grow older that we really see who they resemble.  What is their character like?  Do they curl their toes unconsciously just like my husband, yet it’s something he’s never taught them?  Sometimes, it’s the way they sit, they eat, they answer or say something that ultimately leaves us saying to ourselves: Man, she’s just like me!

With 6 weeks to go before baby #3 arrives, I can’t help but wonder who will he resemble?  He’ll probably look exactly the same as his siblings did when they were born; to date, we can barely tell the difference in hospital pictures they looked so much alike.

The older two… well, that’s a different story.  It’s not until I look at pictures that I’m like… wow, they do this too! Funny enough these pictures were taken at different times recently and it wasn’t until I looked at them closer that I realized how much our kids are like us!  True, some things are learned behaviors… others… not so much.

What are some of the things your kids do that make you see that they are just like you?


  1. Mary Nell says

    Funny and so true!! Judie is a list maker just like me. And I am sure there are other things but that sticks out.

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