New Food Battles: Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free

Confession: I’ve been struggling with food.  Not in an unhealthy kind of way… but in the way that someone on a diet looks at a brownie and says… I can’t have it! It’s difficult to be tempted like that all day long; especially when you work around food, write about food, and cook food like it’s going out of style!

Last week, we figured out that Baby Gabriel is lactose intolerant (the cows milk/powdered milk ingredient in formula).  While he is still breastfed, I’ve been supplementing a couple of feedings to build a reserve and so I didn’t have to pump every 3 hours.  Before some of you La Leche League peeps get all over my formula feeding; read my recent post on having talked to lactation nurses to get help.

After trying a couple different formula varieties over a few weeks time, it was apparent that he projectile vomited an hour after a feeding when given one made with cow’s milk.  I haven’t tried soy because I don’t want him on soy based formulas.  So now, he’s on Similac’s version for “fussiness and gas” that is made with the milk proteins but not the lactose.  He seems to tolerate it well.

What does this have to do with gluten free and dairy free you wonder?  Well, just about when I had given up on breastfeeding all together (latching issues, let-down issues, over supply, painful all around… and horrible back pain from carrying breasts that are 3 sizes too big) I had to start pumping again to supply Gabriel with my milk to help him heal his intestinal tract.

So here I am, hungry as all could be and missing my freshly baked bread and cheese.  By removing gluten and lactose, Gabriel is supposed to tolerate my breast milk better and further preventing digestive issues.

The first day of a gluten free and dairy free diet was horrible.  I couldn’t come up with anything to eat for breakfast and missed my morning toast with peanut butter! Thank God I thought ahead and bought Lactaid milk at Target to have my morning coffee!

Lunch wasn’t so bad… a large salad with left over chicken breast and I made fish tacos (in corn tortillas) for dinner.  The rest of the week began with a struggle for breakfast (I’ve had fruit and oatmeal all week) and salads with protein for lunch or dinner.

Now, a week later I am feeling good and a bit more prepared.  Just like school lunches, the key to making a dietary change is to have a plan.  I still miss cheese and bread but I’m getting used to experimenting with oatmeal and I even bought a few different flours to make my own gluten free bread.  Gabriel seems to be less fussy and no longer has colicky cries or stomach spasms.  We will see where this adventure takes me for sure… and don’t be surprised if you see a gluten free recipe (or two) pop up in this blog or over at MOMables.

Have you made dietary changes that were difficult? If so, any tips?

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