Hawaiian Jambalaya Recipe

I must forewarn you… this post will make you hungry. Do you ever have busy evenings where you don’t see the end in sight?  Say…you get home from picking up the kids, after school activities and the grocery; realize you need to put everything away, do a load of laundry because your kids don’t have […]

My Family Table: Real Food Calls To Be Shared

Have you ever purchased a cookbook because the pictures inside looked mouthwatering? You are not the only one.  In fact, you are probably considered a coffee table cook.  You know, someone who browses through the pictures of the nicely bound book and then returns it to the coffee table.  You tell yourself that they are […]

Snack Idea: Peanut Butter – Applewiches

photo source Unless you “shop the perimeter” of your grocery store, you have probably encountered packaged snacks at some point.  The packaged snack industry spends billions in marketing campaigns trying to convince consumers that their products are wholesome and healthy.  When in truth, most have ingredients we can barely pronounce let alone know what they […]