A Baby Story

Had my family guest-starred in the TLC show A Baby Story, you would have watched me beg negotiate with my OBGYN to schedule my 3rd c-section at my week 38 visit…and at the week 39…  Just when it seemed like the baby “would never come” I was scheduled to deliver Gabriel in my 40th week […]

Searching for the Perfect Minivan

In three weeks I will outgrow my car. It’s a sad reality because my Acura MDX is fully paid for and I LOVE IT. Forbes Magazine even listed my MDX #1 in the top ten alternatives for a minivan! I love all the comforts and luxuries it offers; like seating 7 people, seats fold flat, […]

A Little Pregnancy Humor

I am going to tell you in advance that this is not a “dirty” post and that I am not going to talk about bodily fluids, delivery, or food.  Why the sausage picture? You’ll see.  Many of you have continue to ask me “how are you doing?”  as if a 19 week pregnant woman in […]