5 Tips to Simplify Lunch Packing

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After years of packing lunches for five, there are a few things I do regularly to simplify my lunch packing routine. Easy lunches my family will love? Sign me up!

By now, most of us have our back to school morning routine and our after-school schedules settled; but let’s not stop there because there are still a few lunch packing tips that will make sure you get lunches done the night before.

Having a dedicated area in the fridge for your lunch essentials is key; even for those small Juicy Juice Organics 100% Juice boxes my kids love finding in their lunchbox from time to time.

Each juice box is a perfectly portioned serving of 100% juice and easily fits into a lunchbox. Made with no added sugar, only real fruit, this takes all the guesswork of what’s in the juice and how much to serve.

lunch hacks for back to school

With several years of packing school lunches, I’ve learned that the key is getting into a routine, find the items your family loves inside their lunch, and then finding a prep schedule that works best for your family.

I will say, that having fresh and pre-made healthy options on hand is a total game-changer.

Here are a few more tips that will set you up for success:

1. Grab & Go Items in the Fridge Shelf

Clear out a small space in your fridge, place a container with dividers in the area and then fill it with lunchbox essentials like juice, hummus singles, guacamole, singles, cheese sticks, and fruits and veggies portioned into single-serve snack bags. Doing this before the start of the week will cut lunch prep time in half.

lunch hacks for back to school

2. Use Silicone Muffin Cups to Separate Items in a Lunchbox

And you thought these were just for baking! Place these muffin cups into a regular lunch container and separate your lunch items between the cups, this is great for bento-style lunches or if you need to keep crackers from getting soggy.

lunch hacks for back to school

3. Freeze Sandwiches for a Quick Grab & Go Lunch or Snack

Just like the store-bought frozen pb&j sandwiches but better and less expensive! Make a large batch of PB & J sandwiches, place them into freezer safe sandwich bags and freeze for up to 2 months. When you are ready to pack remove from the freezer, pack into a lunchbox, and they are ready to eat by lunchtime.

lunch hacks for back to school

4. Easy Clean Up for Sticky Hands

Instead of purchasing the little packs of wet wipes, why not make your own? Fold 2 wet wipes into a snack bag and pack into a lunchbox for the kiddos to wipe their hands before and after they eat. Because trust me, that pb&j sandwich you packed is going to be sticky and will end up on their clothes.

lunch hacks for back to school

5. Spill-proof Condiments

These little sauce containers are lifesavers when you want to pack condiments and dressing for lunch. They prevent any lunchbox spills, or worse, busted ketchup packets in the lunchbox. You could also try the press and seal wrap on your lunch container to keep items safe inside or from spilling over into another lunch compartment.

lunch hacks for back to school

Don’t underestimate these simple tips. Sometimes, the simplest things can help us save so much time when it comes to making sure we can pack fresh lunches every day.

What are some ways tips and tricks you use to make packing lunches easier?

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6 thoughts on “5 Tips to Simplify Lunch Packing”

  1. Alexa says:

    Great tips! I’ve always bought Juicy Juice juices for my kids because they are smaller than the other brands and my kids love them. Their smaller size makes me feel good because my kids get something they love and I know I am not giving them excess.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I never thought of putting everything in a little container in the fridge to make it grab-and-go. Great idea.

  3. Andrea says:

    I make one of those snack boxes in my fridge too. Will try the organic juice. I didn’t know that they had an organic variety but I’ve always liked Juicy Juice because they are smaller. Better for portion control

  4. Annabelle says:

    I love using those little silicone baking cups for my lunchboxes too. They don’t work for baking because everything sticks but they are great to separate!

  5. Sharon says:

    We love Juicy Juice at our house too. They are small and my kids love them

  6. Daniela says:

    I freeze my sandwiches and my juice boxes in the summer. works great!

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