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gift guide for dad

Best Gift Ideas for Dad {Even If He Already Has Everything}

Let’s face it, finding a gift for the men who give and have everything is no easy task. We all spend countless hours scrolling, searching, and shopping only to wrap another tie and pair of socks. If this is you, then check out these gift ideas for dad that will leave him surprised to discover a new item he can’t live without.

These Father’s Day gift ideas are sure to surprise dad in the best possible way!

best gifts for dad

Gifts for dads who have everything

Just when they thought they had it all… These gift ideas for dad are a little outside the box so you can finally get something for dad that’s not another tie or a new wallet.

Dollar Shave Club

gift ideas for dadMake sure dad never runs out of the razors and soap he loves. Based on their grooming routine, Dollar Shave Club will a customized kit each month with everything they need to keep smelling and looking fresh.


Whiskey Glasses

gift ideas for dadThis set of four, handcrafted whiskey glasses fit perfectly in the hand. Their unique shape makes them easy to grip and pleasant to the eye.




Hot Sauce Gift Set

gift ideas for fathersFor the spicy food lover, this Hot Sauce collection is just the thing they need. With 10 selections like Jalapeño sauce or Ghost Pepper, this gift is sure to bring tears to their eyes.





Cooling Office Chair Cushion

fathers gift guideFor the dad who is always sweating, this cooling chair cushion has a built-in fan with 5 speeds to keep them nice and cool. Built with moisture-wicking technology and it fits in most car seats and office chairs



Outdoor Fire Pit

Unique gifts for dadsYour family is sure to make lots of memories gathered around this outdoor fire pit. Its sturdy metal construction keeps any fire burning longer while the contemporary design will add a nice touch to the patio. Dad can use it to teach the kids how to start a fire too!



Magnetic Parts Tray

Unique gifts for dadsFor the handy dad, this magnetic tray will keep them from losing all those small tools and tiny parts. Next time you need an oil change, you know who to call!




Beard Oil

gifts for dads who have everythingWhether dad is taking a break from shaving or channeling his inner lumberjack this beard oil will keep him looking sharp. Organic oil that’s made to moisturize the skin, for a healthy beard while taming any frizz.



Wooden Gadget Stand

gifts for dads who have everythingHe’ll never misplace his phone, or keys, or rings again! This wooden stand is the perfect spot for dad to empty his pockets and get ready to relax when he gets off work.




Bluetooth Beanie 

techy gifts for dadsFor the outdoorsman, this bluetooth beanie will keep them connected to music or phone calls while they run, jog, hike, camp, or whatever they do best.




Tile Pro

gift ideas for dadDad always misplaces his keys ( they’re in his back pocket), but this tile pro will help him keep track. With Bluetooth connection, the Tile app connects to any nearby Tiles so they can easily track down that missing item.



Steak Branding Iron

gift ideas for dadLet him add a personal touch to his signature grilled steaks with this branding iron. Includes 55 letters and spaces, so he can brand his sense of humor into each piece of grilled meat.




Grilling Tools

grilling gift ideas for dadIf roasting a rack of prime ribs or flipping medium rare burgers is his happy place, make sure he’s fully equipped. This grilling set includes all the essentials, tongs, a meat fork, basting brush, knife, and spatula- no complicated gadgets.



Travel/Camping Grill

outdoor gift ideas for dadGive him a travel grill and he may not come home from his next camping trip. This Portable Charcoal Grill has a double pan grilling system that gives meat that smoky charcoal flavor without all the maintenance.



Camera Drone

presents for dadsNo, he’ll probably never get over his fascination with gadgets, but that’s a good thing. This remote control operated drone will give him a bird’s eye view of the yard, the neighbor’s yard, and any vacation spot.



Bedside Caddy

best present for dadThis will make easy bedside storage for all his books, magazines, notes, TV remotes, and electronic devices. Dad won’t have to get out of bed to find his glasses, again, and mom will love the nice clean nightstand.




There is no one perfect gift for all dads but, you know your dad best! Whether he is mister fix-it or likes camping, the outdoors, or reading on his day off, these gift ideas for dad has something for the most important man in your life.

teacher gift ideas

Best Gifts for Teachers

Whether it’s for Teacher Appreciation Day or the holidays, any of these thoughtful gifts are sure to put a smile on a teacher’s face. We’ve collected all the best gifts for teachers from classic gifts and even a few out-of-the-box ideas that will remind them how awesome they are.

teacher gift ideas Continue reading

best christmas gifts for homeschooling

Best Gifts For Homeschool Moms

If being a mom isn’t busy enough, add homeschooling to that and you have one non-stop mama with her hands full. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or holiday this collection of the best gifts for homeschool moms includes the perfect something that will make their crazy days totally worth it! Of course, a heartfelt card is most welcome too!

best christmas gifts for homeschooling

Gifts for Homeschooling Moms

Here are a few items that will be sure to brighten a busy homeschooling moms day!

Meal Plan Subscription 

It’s meal plans made for busy families! Each week is complete with family favorite recipes, a completed shopping list, and prep ahead tips to keep them organized and eating fresh.





Kindle Unlimited Subscription 

If they don’t already have a home library, they do now! A kindle unlimited subscription will keep story time and book reports HOT with unlimited reading and listening.






Essential Oil Diffuser

Keep things calm, relaxed, and zen, with a diffuser. Humidifies any space to prevent dry, stuffy air and fight off flu/cold germs.






Essential Oils set

Give an all natural way to energize and boost mom’s mood with Morning Bliss while Savory Chai will soothe and calm the kids. With up to 9 selections, this essential oils set has something for everyone.






World Map Wall Hanging

This beautiful 77.5 x 46-inch map serves its purpose for history and geography, plus it makes great wall art for your homeschool room. Plan your family’s next trip and learn all about the world with this gorgeous world map!






Convertible Sit/Stand Desk

Sitting for long periods of time is proven to have negative effects on the body AND mind. Help them get some circulation going with the convertible standing desk, it’s easy to adjust and designed to fit a computer, laptop, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.





Under Desk Exercise Bike

For the homeschool moms who can’t sit/stand still, this is a dream come true! This under desk exercise bike will give them legs of steel while they review homework.






Homeschool Mom Shirt

This Homeschool Mom shirt says it all. Help them share their profession (and coffee obsession!) with this cute and comfy t-shirt.







Don’t think for a second this will be a ‘boring’ gift. This handy laminating machine fits anywhere and seals documents, photos, cards, and art projects for safe keeping. Plus, it’s fun to use.






Rolling Drawer Storage

A fun way to keep things organized! This storage cart has ten colorful drawers for easy access storage and the wheels make it easy to move.






Weekly Family Planner Whiteboard

Okay, we could all use one of these! This family planner whiteboard is a fun way to keep up with the week and daily to-do’s.






Art or Schoolwork Display Frame

Help them show off lil Picasso’s handy work with this art display frame. Each case can store up to 50 masterpieces so they’ll always have some fresh new wall art.






KingDomino Strategic Family Board Game

For times when everyone needs a break, like 5 minutes ago, this Kingdomino board game is sure to lighten the mood. It’s like dominoes but with a Kingdom building twist.






Arrow Bookmarks

Cute way to keep their place in the Geometry textbook or their high thriller Sci-fi. These arrow bookmarks also come in handy when studying for tests or writing book reports. Students will never have to lose their place in a book again.






Set of Mini Notebooks

Because basic spiral notebooks are so five years ago. These fun printed notebooks will keep them encouraged to write out plans, thoughts, and brush off some of grade school history.






Amazon Prime Membership

Give them options with the gift of Prime! This is the perfect gift for homeschool moms because they’ll receive the receipt in an email and their membership can be used right away. If she’s already a member, the gift can be effortlessly exchanged for an Amazon Gift Card.






Out of Print Book Scarf

Something every teacher and bookworm’s wardrobe needs! With up to ten book-themed prints to choose from this scarf will keep them teaching at home, in style!






A New Printer

Every homeschool mom NEEDS a good printer and this wireless HP OfficeJet is the coolest. Highly efficient and offers copy, scan, printing and Instant Ink capabilities. Connect it to a mobile device and they can print from their phone. Make sure you pick up some extra ink for your favorite homeschool mom too!





Cute Keurig 

Keep them steady sipping on fresh coffee with this small, portable Keurig. It comes in 7 different color options and fits deskside for convenient coffee breaks.






Leather Candle

With a name like Leather Mahogany, you know it will be a favorite scent. This candle will make the homeschool room smell like juniper with hints of black amber and sandalwood!





Collection of Sharpies

The 12 count sharpie set; an item that everyone wants but no one is willing to buy for themselves. Go ahead, be that friend, they’ll thank you forever.







This is the perfect gift for the whole family to explore the sky together. Homeschool families are sure to spend many hours making wonderful memories and learning about outer space together with this telescope!






Pencil Sharpener

By now, they’ve already been through several pencil sharpeners so break the cycle with this electric option. No more excessively long “pencil sharpening breaks” this pencil sharpener will get the job done quickly every single time!






Planet Earth Video Collection

Bring them to the peaks of the Himalayas or the Amazon Valley, virtually.
Paired with the Geography lessons, the Planet Earth Collection is a fascinating way for kids and mom to learn about the planet’s most extreme habitats and exotic creatures.






Who has time to vacuum the entire house? Not homeschool moms. Knock that chore out the way with this robotic vacuum, it picks up small particles and large debris on carpet and hard floors. Plus, you’ll be on their favorites list.





The Family KickStart Program 

For the moms who want to fuel their families with healthy foods, this family inspired whole-30 program is just what they need. Four weeks of fresh, family favorite meals and each week is complete with a shopping list and meal prep tips.





best christmas gifts for homeschooling


These are only a few ideas to give you a head start on showing some love to your favorite busy, homeschooling mama. Any of these will be sure to make her whole day go even smoother, especially that desk side coffee service!

in-laws gift guide

Best Gifts for In-Laws Who Have Everything

Whether you are a newlywed or have a few family holidays under your belt, finding the right gifts for in-laws who have everything can be a challenge.

It helps to think of them as family and friends, that way the gifts can have a purpose and still be fun. Need a few ideas? Then check out the guide for all the best gifts for in-laws who have everything. Literally.

in-laws gift guide

Presents For In-Laws

Give them one of these and you’ll be the favorite.

Photo Calendar

Don’t let a day go by without reminding them of the most important people in their lives. Select the layout and color then customize with photos of the family for a personalized gift they’ll keep long after the year is over. These custom photo calendars are also a gift you can repeat year after year, even when your in-laws have everything else!





Foot Massagers

In-laws, parents, husbands, wives, this is an excellent gift for anyone. Equipped with 3 different pressure levels this foot massager can give one relaxing leg massage or hurt-so-good deep-tissue kneading.






Grandchild Silhouette 

Because we all know you’re kids are the cutest, and these custom silhouettes would be a perfect addition to their dining room wall. Simply upload a picture of their profile and Minted will create high quality custom print that grandma and grandpa are sure to cherish for years to come!






Cutting Board

For the in-laws who host the most elaborate dinner parties this End Grain Wood cutting board will be a great addition. Made from hardwood oak, it’s perfect for carving grilled meats or as the base for charcuterie boards.






Audible Subscription 

If your in-laws are bookworms or like to take long road trips Audible is a great way to get their dose of literature. With professional and guest-celebrity narrators they’ll enjoy listening to their favorite classic or newest best seller again and again. You’ll also be able to gift them to two free audio books when you sign them up for their subscription!





Essential Oil Diffuser

Give them an all natural mood booster with this essential oil diffuser. Runs up to 11 hours so they can come home to peaceful zen after a long day.






Essential Oils set

With up to 9 different scents this set of all natural essential oil has everything they need to rejuvenate, relax, balance, energize, and focus. Not all at once though.






Hot Chocolate Gift Box

For the in-laws who love hosting friends, family, and grandkids, a hot cocoa gift box is definitely going to be appreciated! This gift set is complete with the original Starbuck’s hot cocoa as well as a few treats such as Vanilla Brulée, Salted Caramel, Cinnamon Dolce, to name a few.





Amazon Fire Stick

Introduce them to Alexa with this Fire TV Stick  it will grant them access to thousands of channels, apps, music, and movies, all at the sound of their voice. It might take some time getting used to but this is one gift they are sure to use all year long!






Fireproof Safe

Let them know you care about all their important documents and keepsakes with a fireproof safe. Designed to keep valuables safe from flood, fires, and other acts of nature. Of all the gifts for in-laws who have everything, this one is a present that will help them make sure they keep important things they already have! Smart!





Indoor Grill

For the in-laws who love all kitchen gadgets, this is one item they probably don’t have. This nonstick cooking grill cooks meat to tender, juicy perfection without all the maintenance and clean up.






Agate Coasters

These beautiful coasters are made with natural cut agate and will keep your mother-in-law from worrying about rings on her coffee table. If these bright agate coasters aren’t really your mother-in-law’s style try these slate coasters, they’ll fit in with any decorating scheme.




Blue-Ray Player

This Blu-Ray disc player offers over 300 streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Plus, and Pandora for unlimited movies, TV shows, and music. Plus, the WiFi is superb.






1000 Thread Count Sheets

Luxurious and silky soft, these Egyptian cotton sheets will leave the in-laws feeling spoiled and you’ll be their favorite.






Outlet Nightlight Plate

Soft LED lights are energy efficient and make the perfect nightlight for late night trips to the bathroom or kitchen.






Outlet Shelf 

Everyone hates clutter. So keep the mess at bay with an outlet plate, designed to hold cell phones, small tablets, speakers, diffusers, and toothbrushes.






iphone External Camera Lens

For the Instagram savvy in-laws. This high-definition lens easily clips onto that mobile phones for quick, high-quality pictures that you can be sure to see all over Facebook.






Charcoal Toothbrush

Not that your in-laws don’t have great dental hygiene but these charcoal toothbrushes will make it even better!






Bluetooth Car Receiver

Make sure those in-laws are safe on the road with the Bluetooth receiver. Hands-free calling and quality sound for all their favorite tunes.






California Wine Club

You won’t have to worry about purchasing something they already have, because with a California Wine Club membership, they’ll be sent brand new bottles on a monthly basis! Choose from various types of wine or the California Wine Club Signature Collection and send your in-laws 2 lovely bottles a month, as a gift that just keeps on giving!





Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or special occasion, any item from this collection of gifts for in-laws will show how much you care and what good taste you have.

christmas gifts for fitness lovers

Best gifts for fitness lovers

We all know at least ONE dear person who actually enjoys running, drinking kale smoothies, and lives in their gym clothes or maybe it’s someone who is embarking on a new fitness journey. Whichever category they fall into these gifts for fitness lovers has just the items they need to add to their workouts and all those gym selfies.

christmas gifts for fitness lovers

So let’s get on with the gifting! First things first: Hydration!

Fruit infused water bottle

Staying in shape means staying hydrated, unfortunately not everyone LOVES drinking tons of plain water. If your favorite fitness lover is that person, this water bottle was made for them! Fill it with lemon slices, mint, or strawberries for a little boost of fresh flavor.





More physical activity demands proper nutrition for pre and post workouts. Smoothies are a great way to get the extra nutrients and this 8 piece blender set will keep any fitness guru steady sipping on their kale smoothies.





Bulletproof coffee

Coffee + healthy fats = unlimited power and energy to help push through even the craziest of workout! But wait, there’s more! Bulletproof also offers quality supplements, proteins, snacks, and resources to keep any athlete and fitness enthusiast fueled.





TRX training

Whether on the road or stuck in-doors the TRX Suspension Training amps up a routine bodyweight workout, anywhere! This is perfect for the gym junkie who is steady on the go and may not have access to proper gym equipment all the time.






Do you even work out if you don’t wear a Fitbit? This handy little wristband helps keep track of steps, calories, and even sleep patterns.





Muscle Jelly

While there is no way to banish cellulite other than to drink water, eat right, and burn more fat this gel will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and promote healthy toned skin. It’s warming effects also feel great when applied over muscles after a long workout or stressful day.




Massage stick for sore leg muscles

Related by athletes and yoga practitioners this roller Massage Stick helps to relieve pain and soreness for the day(s) after a workout by relieving trigger points and loosening muscle knots. All in all, everyone should keep this on hand.




Sweat-proof running headphones

A good beat is proven to help motivate and keep anyone pushing through a tough work or task, so headphones are a must! These lightweight earbuds are perfect for long runs, walking, HIIT, or heavyweight sessions.






Workout dice

No more boring workouts because these fitness dice keep things… interesting. With 30 different bodyweight exercises and endless combinations, they’ll never do the same workout twice! This is one of the top gifts for fitness lovers!




Extra wide yoga mat

Yoga, you either love it or hate it. However, anyone who does any fitness related activity can use a good yoga mat for stretching, warm-ups, cooldowns, and basic body weight exercises.




Workout pants with pockets

These high waisted, fitted workout leggings will keep your favorite fitness fanatic working out in style with pockets so they have a safe place to keep their valuables- or phones. I mean how else can they snap all those gym selfies?





Patterned workout pants

Help keep that fitness lover motivated for their 5 a.m body pump with some fun printed yoga pants. Up to 10 different patterns, these high waisted leggings where made with comfort in mind. Oh, and they have pockets too!




Workout tank tops

These lightweight tops are quick drying and made with soft fabrics, so they feel AND look good on. Available in multiple colors and sizes.





Compression base tank top

Compression clothing is designed to support your body as you train and aids in a more rapid recovery after workouts. This 3 pack compression top set promotes movement without restriction, making it a perfect option for a variety of activities, from yoga to cross-training.



Resistance workout bands

Incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of workouts, from CrossFit to yoga. This set comes with three hip bands with different resistance lengths and a drawstring back for easy storage.





Adjustable dumbbells

No better way to get a total body workout or build strength than with a good set of dumbbells and this one set easily adjusts from 11 lbs to 71.5 lbs, saving time and space! The weight is adjustable in 5 lb increments, which gives 12 different weight settings to choose from!




Bosu ball

This versatile fitness device delivers a great cardio workout, builds strength, improves balance and flexibility, it does it all. Perfect for at-home fitness aficionados, mom’s, and anyone who like to collect fitness equipment- we all know one.



Water bottle that tracks your hydration

No better way to stay motivated than to be held accountable, but let the water bottle do it this time! The Thermos Nissan Water Bottle is equipped with a rotating meter, helping to keep track of daily water intake.




It’s no-brainer, extra physical activity works up anyone’s appetite, so make sure to keep your fitness lover properly fueled with a meal plan! Think of it as the whole-30 made for families, with delicious and clean recipes like Paleo Chili, Pizza chicken, breakfast muffins and so much more! This plan also comes with a 4-week meal map, featuring breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, plus done-for-you shopping lists and weekly meal prep tips.




Essential Oil Diffuser

After a long workout or day, it’s nice to go home to a house filled uplifting scents that promote energizing, mood enhancing, and calming effects- not all at once. This essential oil diffuser also doubles as a natural air purifier and humidifier helping everyone breathe easier year round.



Essential Oils set

This 9 pack set of natural oils made from herbs will keep everyone feeling calm, cool, and collected. Citrus Blossom and Lemongrass help to enhance mood while Lavender and Savory Chai create a relaxing effect.

christmas gifts for fitness lovers


Keep in mind, these gifts for fitness lovers cover a variety of fitness categories. Whether they are a regular at the gym or prefer to complete their workouts in the comfort of their home, there is something for everyone, maybe even you!

christmas gifts for taco lovers

Best Gifts For Taco Lovers

Everyone needs at least one taco lover in their life. I’m not talking about someone that likes or enjoys tacos but head-over-heels, daydreams, writes, and thinks about tacos- sound familiar? As a taco enthusiast myself I went ahead and pulled together all the best gifts for taco lovers!

These gift ideas will help you surprise them with that perfect something for birthday’s, Christmas, or any day! It’s complete with everything they need to throw the wildest taco Tuesday parties to everyday taco-love expression.

christmas gifts for taco lovers

Taco Tuesday Essentials

All jokes aside, every taco fanatic needs the following items! It benefits you because anytime they want to throw a taco Tuesday party you’ll be the first on their list if you get them one of these gifts for taco lovers!

The Taco Tuesday Cookbook 

52 taco recipes made easy so everyone can enjoy Taco Tuesday, even on a busy weeknight. This cookbook is the ultimate guide to all things tacos and complete with breakfast, vegetarian, beef, pork, chicken, or seafood tacos!






Taco Stands

I think we’ve all realized that by now that taco shells don’t stand up by themselves. Apparently, it took us a while to find out but someone got smart and constructed this fail-proof taco stand to keep tacos intact and make the whole experience easier, on everyone.




Every Now and Then I Fall Apart Dish Towel 

This punny little towel will not only cleans up messes but will have any taco lover crying happy tears. I doubt they’ll ever use for anything but to hang on the oven door handle. If you want a matching set, grab this Every Day Taco Tuesday Dish Towel too!




Taco Toppings Serving Platter

This fail-proof taco topping platter will keep everyone building the perfect taco, with spaces for all the essentials such as lettuce, tomato, cheese, etc. Plus, it’s cute.






Tortilla Warmer

Ever bitten into a taco only to find the tortilla stale and thought “Gee, this is delicious?”. No, I didn’t think so, don’t let that happen to your taco lover or you with this tortilla warmer. It keeps flour and corn tortillas all warm and ready to be filled with all the things.





Tortilla Press

This is when you know you have a serious taco aficionado on your hands. This tortilla press makes tortillas, tostones, empanadas, arepas, and all those things no taco lover can live without.





Salsa Bowls

Hands down, beautiful, fun and festive way to enjoy chips and dip. This set of 5 terracotta salsa bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. If you are looking for a more traditional style salsa bowl  try these!




Cute Chips and Salsa Tray

Okay, I know everyone already has a salsa & chips tray but they don’t have THIS one! P.S: The dips bowls are made for holding salsa, guacamole, and queso.





5 in 1 Avocado Tool

Think of it as an avocado ninja, it pits, peels, scoops, slices, dices, and mashes- you could say it does it all.





Taco Bar Condiment Server

This has a taco party written ALL OVER IT! This condiment server has space in the bottom for a layer of ice, to keep all those taco toppings like cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and pico, nice and fresh. This could also be used for other party foods like a burger station or a baked potato bar, but for now, we will keep it strictly tacos.



Sheet Pans

These nonstick baking pans are the BOMB! BPA-free and provide a quick release for baked goods, veggies, meat, or in this case, Sheet Pan Shrimp fajitas- see the Taco Tuesday Book for more details.




Slow Cooker

The key to making perfect, fall apart Asian Thai Ribs Tacos, BBQ Pork Tacos, or Buffalo Chicken Tacos is a slow cooker. Set it to cook in the morning and when the taco party rolls around, you’re ready to FEAST! It’s the fail-proof way to create amazing tacos…. and maybe other things like soups and more!




Pressure Cooker

It’s like slow cooking- but faster… Built with a keep-warm setting and 3 temperatures for sauté and slow cook, this one-pot device does it all and dishes out lengthier Taco Tuesday recipes in minutes.







For picking up cooked meat and veggies and placing them onto a tortilla. It sounds simple but this basic utensil will keep that impatient taco fanatic from reaching into the hot skillet to grab those taco ingredients which would result in a trip to the ER.




Cast Iron Skillet

This 13.25-inch skillet will keep your taco lover dishing out some of the meanest fajitas and carnitas. Perfect for sauteing, browning, baking, and frying, it does it all and will last a lifetime.

christmas gifts for taco lovers

Trendy Taco Lover Gifts

Everyday items made for taco lovers! These taco novelties are sure to be crowd pleasers – I know I want everything on the list!

Taco Phone Case

Everyone needs a phone case so why not make it personal? This taco phone case is specifically designed for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 plus with 5.5-inch screen.





Taco Gift Wrap

The gift wrap may be the best part about any gift that’s being presented. With Taco wrapping paper you’re sure to bring a smile to their face, no matter what is wrapped up inside!




Kitchen wall Art

Give a New Year’s resolution to hang on the wall. This print artwork is printed on premium canvas and comes in 5 different colors, aqua, black, blue, red and white.






Taco Time Kitchen Clock

It’s ALWAYS a good time for tacos, but not everyone knows that. This 8” round wall clock will keep them straight.






Tacos Make Me Happy Tote Bag

Made with all natural fabrics this taco tote bag is perfect for carrying books, clothes, or more importantly taco ingredients.






Bring Me Tacos Socks

The socks say it all. We know that the best gifts for taco lovers are always tacos, but these socks can help ensure they have a steady flow of tacos coming to them, which is the next best thing!






Taco Tuesday Button Down

Keep your taco lover dressing in style with this taco printed button down. This will be a real winner at the office!






Emoji Taco Baseball Hat

They got the taco shirt, now they need the hat! These cute caps are a comfy fit and come in 15 different colors.






Taco Bout It Sticker

Are you even a real fan if you don’t have the sticker? This taco sticker looks great on coolers, the back of a laptop, as a car decal or wherever their heart desires, just not public property.



christmas gifts for taco lovers

And these are just the basic necessities of any proper taco loving human. Whether you get one or all, these gifts for taco lovers will be sure to make their day and keep the Taco Tuesday party going on!

christmas gifts for those who love to cook

The best gift ideas for someone who likes to cook

If you know a food-loving, recipe-reading, cooking maniac then this guide with the best gift ideas for someone who likes to cook has got you covered! It’s a collection of picks that every at-home cook and chef needs, from the most basic kitchen essentials to handy gadgets.

christmas gifts for those who love to cook

Best gifts for cooking enthusiasts

If you have ever had the joy of eating a treat from a friend or family member who loves to cook, you might feel like they must have everything they could ever need for their kitchen. Have no fear, I’ve collected some of the best kitchen gadgets and gifts that are sure to thrill any home chef!

Airtight Food Containers

This beautiful 10-piece set is a dream come true for home chefs. Stackable, air-tight containers designed for maximum cabinet space and hold all the pantry staples like flour, sugar, pasta, nuts, coffee, coffee, coffee….




Salt Boxes

Great for keeping table and seasoning salt within close reach on the countertop. This 3 tier set of bamboo salt boxes is also a good way to store salt, especially if you like to keep different varieties on hand for cooking or mealtimes.






This handy tool is an ideal gift for the health-conscious cook. It’s easy to use and cuts any veggie into long strands of what we know as zoodles. Easy to store and clean, overall, we could all use a spiralizer.




Cast Iron Skillet

No kitchen is complete without a good cast-iron skillet. Versatile and extremely durable this Lodge skillet is perfect for searing, sautéing, baking, broiling, and frying.





Skillet Cleaner

Clean your cast iron skillet without scratching it, or ruining the seasoning. This skillet cleaner is dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to wash when you are finished cleaning the skillet.





Immersion Blender

Perfect for making creamy soups and purees, plus it’s a much safer approach versus the blender method. You’d be surprised at just how many things you can do with an immersion blender!





Pizza Stone

Pizza is a way of life and you better believe your favorite kitchen cook makes their own dough. Give them a little something to make their pizza nights even better and hope they invite you over.




Coffee Grinder

Kitchen cook or not, anyone who enjoys a cup of joe needs one of these. Freshly ground beans bring even more flavor to coffee and this amazing piece of equipment grinds coffee from ultra-fine for a pour over to extra-course. Simply fill the cup, select your grade, and wait for the automatic timer to shut off when your coffee is ready to brew!




Dutch Oven

Give em’ this gem and you better believe that grateful cook will feed you forever. This one pot will makes cooking a joy and creates some of the most amazing meals. It’s oven safe for broiling, baking, and roasting and perfect for sautéing, simmering, and frying on the stove top.





Pepper Mill

Is this not the coolest pepper mill you’ve ever seen?! This high quality and unique design has a 6 position dial. You better believe they’ll be grinding pepper on EVERYTHING.





Apron With Pockets

Keep your kitchen cook safe and looking sharp with this classic black and white pinstripe apron. Oh, and it has pockets….





Silicone Baking Mats

These non-stick mats eliminate messes and are perfect for baking cookies, bread, making candy, or roasting meats and vegetables. An excellent choice for bakers.





Kitchen Utensils Holder

This holds it all! Durable and sleek, it goes with any taste in kitchen decor. This utensils holder is a great solution that will help your favorite cook clear up some counter space!






Family Size Griddle

This counter-top griddle is perfect for all the breakfast favorites, grilled cheeses, and burgers. The non-stick cooking surface and removable tray make an easy cleanup, not to mention the perfect golden-brown pancakes.




Scone Pan

How else will they make pumpkin scones?! This scone pan will help them achieve the perfect scone triangle every single time!






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Fluffy Pancakes Recipe – The Best On Earth!

If you are still searching for the best, fluffiest pancake recipe on earth, it is right here.

This is one of those recipes that has been passed down through the family for generations. My auntie is the one who shared it with me and we’ve been making these fluffy pancakes at our house for decades.

I mean, just look at how gorgeous these pancakes are…

Best Fluffy Pancakes Recipe

How to make Fluffy Pancakes

This recipe is so good, it made it inside my cookbook, truly the perfect pancake recipe.

Sadly, I had to quit making these for a few months, when I gave up grain and my son switched to a gluten-free diet. The other 3 people in the house continued to eat these pancakes while I perfected my gluten-free pancake recipe (yes, the gluten-free ones are just as fluffy and wonderful!).

It’s a good thing both recipes freeze well! Even though my family often enjoys two separate pancake recipes, I never have to cook twice. What I like to do is make a full (or even double) batch of pancakes to stock my freezer. This way the kids can grab one, pop it in the toaster for a hearty breakfast of the fluffiest pancakes ever. It really is the perfect way to start the day.

If you are wondering, here’s how you freeze pancakes so you can make mornings that much easier at your house too! If you are looking for other ways to prep your pancakes ahead of time, here’s my pancake mix recipe so you can keep some in stock in the pantry!

Best Fluffy Pancakes Recipe

How to make fluffier pancakes from scratch

It’s so easy to make the most amazing pancakes at home, check out this video and I’ll walk you through it, every step of the way!

Best Fluffy Pancake Recipe

These pancakes are so delicious you won’t want to top them with ordinary syrup. Don’t worry, I have you covered with the best homemade fruity syrups ever.

Try my recipe for homemade strawberry syrup. This is so simple to make and is a healthier alternative to what you’d find in the store or even at popular pancake restaurants. My strawberry syrup recipe is made with real ingredients so you can feel good about what’s topping your pancakes!

Better than IHOP's Strawberry Syrup Recipe via

If blueberries are more your style, then you are going to want this recipe for fresh blueberry syrup. Again, made with real ingredients both because it’s better for you and because it ends up tasting so much better than the more artificial version you get at pancake houses. Seriously, this stuff is the best.

But I know, you are really here to learn how to make the fluffiest, tastiest pancakes in the world and I’m excited for you to get started.

If you are thinking about making substitutions, check the notes. Chances are, I’ve already tried it and can point you in the right direction to make sure you get the perfect pancake every time!

Fluffy Pancake Recipe

The is the the best fluffy pancake recipe on earth! Passed down through generations, this is a family favorite recipe that I know your family will love too!

  • Author: SuperGlueMom's Auntie
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cook Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 15 mins
  • Yield: 6 1x
  • Category: Breakfast
  • Cuisine: Family Favorites


  • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 Tablespoon sugar
  • 1 1/4 cups milk
  • 1 egg
  • 3 Tablespoons butter, melted (optional)


  1. In a large bowl, sift together the flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar.
  2. Make a “volcano” well in the middle (as my son calls it) and pour in the milk, egg and melted butter; mix with a fork or whisk until smooth.
  3. Heat a non-stick griddle or large pan over medium-high heat (I set my griddle at 300-350 F). Pour or scoop 1/4 cup of batter for each pancake. Wait until bubbles form to flip. Brown on the other side and serve with butter and blueberry syrup.


Whole-wheat flour substitutions:
100% whole wheat – add an additional teaspoon of baking powder + 1 Tablespoon milk.
50% whole wheat – add 1/2 teaspoon baking powder.
1/4 cup ground flax – remove 1/4 cup flour + 1/2 teaspoon baking powder.
Add 1 mashed banana – no changes.
Add up to 1 cup blueberries or nuts – no changes.


  • Calories: 142
  • Fat: 1.2g
  • Carbohydrates: 30g
  • Protein: 6g

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