Work with Me

Creating campaigns that generate results is something I understand well. As a business owner and content creator, producing high-quality digital assets to represent my brand and communicates my messaging effectively is a top priority for me -as I know it is for you.

Together, we can bring your client or company to the forefront of today’s busy consumer and communicate the key messaging in a natural and organic way through storytelling and gorgeous visual assets.

How I Work:

Step 1: The Big Idea

No two campaigns are exactly alike, which is why my team and I create customized proposals that outline your objectives, a couple initial content ideas that incorporate your key messaging, a general outline of the scope of work, and a proposed budget. After that, we work together to select the most impactful content ideas that will best position your client or company in front of your target audience.

Together, we select the best concepts and match them with the right creative assets for the campaign. Most importantly, we make sure we understand what the key measurables are so we can tailor the right type of promotion during the execution of the assets (step 3). All deliverables are outlined, including dates, and we move forth with a contract.

Step 2: The Creative Process

Whether we are creating videos or blog posts we work closely with each client to make sure all key messaging is in place in a way that will seamlessly incorporate itself into the story or video. All scripts are approved prior to filming and all blog post + social promotion copy is provided to the client for approval. Our goal is to make sure there are no surprises and when the content goes live, it’s a gorgeous reflection of our hard work together.

Step 3: Execution

Creating the content is the fun part and we both know that it takes great attention to detail to ensure that the content is positioned in front of the right audience at the right time in each social channel. I believe that my close relationship with the members of my 90,000 email list is what sets me apart from other influencers in the space. Each weekly newsletter is carefully crafted to drive traffic to our campaign’s assets. Generating traffic to the right objective as previously discussed is extremely important during this process. Whether insightful blog comments are desired, social traffic or video views are desired, we make sure the right promotional strategy is in place.

Scope of Work

As a content creator, I’m excited to team up with partners to produce custom content to share with my audience.  Generally, all content will fall in the food, parenting, lifestyle, travel, and health & wellness verticals. Read more about me here.

I work with numerous brands on media, events, and campaigns that include produced videos, photography, recipe development, written content, and live videos. Contact me.

There are many ways in which I work with my partners. They include but are not limited to:

  • Branded Content Videos
  • Blog Post Series & Reviews
  • Recipe Development
  • Themed Content Series
  • Spokesperson & Media Opportunities
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Conference Attendance and Event Hosting
  • Contest & Giveaways
  • Instagram Takeovers & Twitter Parties
  • Seasonal Gift Guides

All of our branded partnerships follow strict guidelines, include full disclosure, and are promoted in my social media and email list. My goal is always to position our partner in front of my community of 90,000 families in an honest and organic way.

If you have something else in mind, I’d love to hear your ideas.  I am selective about the brands I work with, and I only promote products that fit with my lifestyle, beliefs, and those of my audience. If your client (or you) are a good match, we can discuss our partnership.

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bob’s Red Mill, Annie’s, Honest Kids, Sunsweet, Cheerios, Edy’s & Dreyer’s Ice Cream, Jell-O, Lodge Cast Iron, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Real California Milk,, Chinet, Morton Salt, Finis Swim, and more. Check out some of our sponsored posts here. 

Ready to Work Together?

I am! You’ve made it this far so by now you know that I pride myself on delivering high-quality content to my partners in a way that is both exciting and fun all while meeting all deliverables. I’d love to connect with you and hear your exciting ideas on how we can work together. Please email [email protected]