DIY: Halloween Treat Bags

DIY Halloween Craft Bags - Super cute and easy Halloween crafts made with paper plates.

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You can make cats, bats, pumpkins, spiders and more. It’s time to get crafty for Halloween!



  1. Paint the back sides of your paper plates.
  2. Allow for paint to dry.
  3. Staple the two plates together with the painted sides on the outside.
  4. To form the opening to our treat bag, cut both plates at the same time, this way they will match.
  5. Older kids will want to paint the face on their craft bags. If doing this, remember to allow the paint to dry between steps, so it doesn’t smear.
  6. For younger kids, we will add our pre-cut shapes to make the face by gluing colored construction paper cut into the shapes needed. Use a glue stick, any kind will work just fine.
  7. Make your handle by stapling a pipe cleaner to each side of the Chinet® Classic White™ plates.
  8. The final step is to fill these cute bags with your favorite candy and treats.