DIY Deviled Egg Bar

Deviled eggs are easy to make to serve up to guests or bring to a party. But what if they were able to customize and create their own deviled egg? With this deviled egg bar idea it’s possible!

Two years ago, I was at a conference, and an egg company had set up a deviled egg bar. They had plain hard-boiled eggs, a huge selection of “add-ins” and seasonings, mixing bowls, and small zip bags to use to pipe the mixture into the egg.

I have to admit that I visited this incredible deviled egg bar idea quite a few times. Ok, A LOT of times. So many, in fact, that I became friends with the team at the booth and they sent me home with egg-lover swag galore.

I mean, eggs are nearly the perfect food. I already use them in all sorts of ways in my recipes and even devour them for a snack when I just want something quick, easy, and nutritious.

I always make sure to boil eggs each week during meal prep Sunday so I can take them with me throughout the week. While I don’t do an egg bar on Sundays as a snack, I do often make a variety of deviled eggs, put them in a storage container, and eat them throughout the week.

An egg bar is a terrific idea for entertaining. All you have to do is hard-boil your eggs (I suggest 2-3 per person) and peel them. Place them out halved on a platter and then surround it with wonderful add-ins such as guacamole, hummus, feta cheese, bacon, chives, mayonnaise, salsa, and more.

Instead of making the eggs, just lay out the ingredients on the table and let each guest build their own.

Something I thought was brilliant is that the egg company had snack size baggies where I placed the egg yolk, added the add-ins, and seasonings. Then, I easily mixed the ingredients inside the baggie, and with scissors, I cut a corner of the baggie to create a piping bag.

From the makeshift piping bag, all I had to do is fill my egg white halves and BOOM! A customized deviled egg is done!

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What do you think? What deviled egg combination do you like most?

Have a lot of hard-boiled eggs? Turn them into a DIY Deviled Egg Bar for a fun party dish that you and your guests will love!

Have a lot of hard-boiled eggs? Turn them into a DIY Deviled Egg Bar for a fun party dish that you and your guests will love!

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