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Most of you know I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  I am constantly searching for new recipes, new ways of ‘hiding’ veggies in my kid’s food, and trying new ways of making classics much healthier. Since I began blogging,  I’ve begun to read other people’s blogs.  I read parenting blogs, life blogs, friend’s blogs…. but mostly food blogs.  After living in the south for over ten years, I am southern-food-ed-out!  It’s back to basics for me.  Since I am not always in a “creative” mood in the kitchen, I will tell you that  often times I print recipes out of the internet.

Let me introduce you to  Alison Lewis of Ingredients, Inc.  She makes the most delicious, fresh, family friendly and wholesome recipes that are right up my alley.  Just look at these tomato, fresh herbs and feta crostini!! I’ll be serving these Sunday at my daughter’s birthday party (adult food).  She not only creates her own recipes, but she also makes healthier versions of what you might be used to eating. For example: lightened up seafood gumbo.  This gumbo was a winner at my house.

What I love about Alison’s recipes is that they come with a little short story.  I’ve gotten to know how her sister will suggest things for her to make or how she’ll try a new recipe for a cookout, or how a certain recipe is quick and thus perfect for her to make between her kid’s busy after school activity schedule.  Either way, you begin to feel like you know a few tidbits of her life here and there and how special each recipe is to her.  I just love that personal touch!

While I can’t remember how I stumbled upon her website, I am so glad I did. I got to meet Alison at Mom2Summit and she is delightful in real life!  She’s always thinking about what her readers might want to eat… and finding new ways of getting inspired.   You should hop on over and visit Alison’s site next time you are looking for something fabulous and new to cook up.

Here are some of my favorite recipes:

Simple Southwestern Tortilla Soup
Watermelon & Goat cheese Arugula Salad
Chipotle Spiced Pork – 5Ingredients, 10 min
Salmon Pomegranate Salsa: under 30min
Banana Dark Chocolate Chip Muffins

Another add-on to her amazingness is that  she’s got two great cookbooks of her own.  I recently purchased her 400 Best Sandwich Recipes book.  When she calls them “BEST” she isn’t kidding.  You’ll find appetizers, breakfast sandwiches, man sandwiches, international sandwiches, wraps, paninis… and the list goes on.  We have tried over a dozen of them and they’ve all been winners.  This would make a great father’s day gift by the way….hint hint. Is it worth it? Yup, you’ll find new twists on some classics along with new mouth watering sandwiches.  Some of Alison’s favorites include: greek chicken salad on pita and chocolate turtle panini. Plus, there is a HUGE grilled cheese section (over 90 of them!)

Alison, a huge thanks for making a difference in my kitchen. You are very appreciated at my house!



May 19, 2011

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