Best gifts for fitness lovers

We all know at least ONE dear person who actually enjoys running, drinking kale smoothies, and lives in their gym clothes or maybe it’s someone who is embarking on a new fitness journey. Whichever category they fall into these gifts for fitness lovers has just the items they need to add to their workouts and all those gym selfies.

christmas gifts for fitness lovers

So let’s get on with the gifting! First things first: Hydration!

Fruit infused water bottle

Staying in shape means staying hydrated, unfortunately not everyone LOVES drinking tons of plain water. If your favorite fitness lover is that person, this water bottle was made for them! Fill it with lemon slices, mint, or strawberries for a little boost of fresh flavor.





More physical activity demands proper nutrition for pre and post workouts. Smoothies are a great way to get the extra nutrients and this 8 piece blender set will keep any fitness guru steady sipping on their kale smoothies.





Bulletproof coffee

Coffee + healthy fats = unlimited power and energy to help push through even the craziest of workout! But wait, there’s more! Bulletproof also offers quality supplements, proteins, snacks, and resources to keep any athlete and fitness enthusiast fueled.





TRX training

Whether on the road or stuck in-doors the TRX Suspension Training amps up a routine bodyweight workout, anywhere! This is perfect for the gym junkie who is steady on the go and may not have access to proper gym equipment all the time.






Do you even work out if you don’t wear a Fitbit? This handy little wristband helps keep track of steps, calories, and even sleep patterns.





Muscle Jelly

While there is no way to banish cellulite other than to drink water, eat right, and burn more fat this gel will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite and promote healthy toned skin. It’s warming effects also feel great when applied over muscles after a long workout or stressful day.




Massage stick for sore leg muscles

Related by athletes and yoga practitioners this roller Massage Stick helps to relieve pain and soreness for the day(s) after a workout by relieving trigger points and loosening muscle knots. All in all, everyone should keep this on hand.




Sweat-proof running headphones

A good beat is proven to help motivate and keep anyone pushing through a tough work or task, so headphones are a must! These lightweight earbuds are perfect for long runs, walking, HIIT, or heavyweight sessions.






Workout dice

No more boring workouts because these fitness dice keep things… interesting. With 30 different bodyweight exercises and endless combinations, they’ll never do the same workout twice! This is one of the top gifts for fitness lovers!




Extra wide yoga mat

Yoga, you either love it or hate it. However, anyone who does any fitness related activity can use a good yoga mat for stretching, warm-ups, cooldowns, and basic body weight exercises.




Workout pants with pockets

These high waisted, fitted workout leggings will keep your favorite fitness fanatic working out in style with pockets so they have a safe place to keep their valuables- or phones. I mean how else can they snap all those gym selfies?





Patterned workout pants

Help keep that fitness lover motivated for their 5 a.m body pump with some fun printed yoga pants. Up to 10 different patterns, these high waisted leggings where made with comfort in mind. Oh, and they have pockets too!




Workout tank tops

These lightweight tops are quick drying and made with soft fabrics, so they feel AND look good on. Available in multiple colors and sizes.





Compression base tank top

Compression clothing is designed to support your body as you train and aids in a more rapid recovery after workouts. This 3 pack compression top set promotes movement without restriction, making it a perfect option for a variety of activities, from yoga to cross-training.



Resistance workout bands

Incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of workouts, from CrossFit to yoga. This set comes with three hip bands with different resistance lengths and a drawstring back for easy storage.





Adjustable dumbbells

No better way to get a total body workout or build strength than with a good set of dumbbells and this one set easily adjusts from 11 lbs to 71.5 lbs, saving time and space! The weight is adjustable in 5 lb increments, which gives 12 different weight settings to choose from!




Bosu ball

This versatile fitness device delivers a great cardio workout, builds strength, improves balance and flexibility, it does it all. Perfect for at-home fitness aficionados, mom’s, and anyone who like to collect fitness equipment- we all know one.



Water bottle that tracks your hydration

No better way to stay motivated than to be held accountable, but let the water bottle do it this time! The Thermos Nissan Water Bottle is equipped with a rotating meter, helping to keep track of daily water intake.




It’s no-brainer, extra physical activity works up anyone’s appetite, so make sure to keep your fitness lover properly fueled with a meal plan! Think of it as the whole-30 made for families, with delicious and clean recipes like Paleo Chili, Pizza chicken, breakfast muffins and so much more! This plan also comes with a 4-week meal map, featuring breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, plus done-for-you shopping lists and weekly meal prep tips.




Essential Oil Diffuser

After a long workout or day, it’s nice to go home to a house filled uplifting scents that promote energizing, mood enhancing, and calming effects- not all at once. This essential oil diffuser also doubles as a natural air purifier and humidifier helping everyone breathe easier year round.



Essential Oils set

This 9 pack set of natural oils made from herbs will keep everyone feeling calm, cool, and collected. Citrus Blossom and Lemongrass help to enhance mood while Lavender and Savory Chai create a relaxing effect.

christmas gifts for fitness lovers


Keep in mind, these gifts for fitness lovers cover a variety of fitness categories. Whether they are a regular at the gym or prefer to complete their workouts in the comfort of their home, there is something for everyone, maybe even you!

October 8, 2018

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