Laura’s January Travels: Portland & New York

One of the things my readers often ask me about is how exactly I can travel, mostly for work, each month while running a business and having four kids at home? So welcome to our new monthly travel series, where I recap some of the places I’ve been, and I share with you some of the tips and tricks I pick up along the way.

Laura Fuentes January 2017 Travels: Portland & NYC

This month I traveled to Portland, Oregon to do a Facebook live with one of my clients, Bob’s Red Mill. I am always excited when I get to meet one of my clients in person and of course, visit their facility! Since my husband and I had never visited Portland, we decided to make this a trip for the both of us for a few days. Visiting the West Coast from New Orleans is always a full-day travel trip since many of the places I travel are not direct flights from New Orleans.

A few days before our departure they announced that they were expecting terrible weather in Portland. So much so, that they announced an “unprecedented ice storm” which of course, hit the area the night we arrived. When we landed, we were the last flight to make it into PDX, and all hundreds of flights were canceled in the following 24h period.

Laura Fuentes January 2017 Travels: Portland & NYC

Soon after landing, Eric and I upgraded our car rental to an all-wheel-drive and headed straight to the grocery store before checking into our Airbnb. We knew that if we were going to be hunkered down for a day or two in the apartment, we needed supplies.

I always joke that all I need is coffee and wifi to be perfectly content. And indeed, I even found a hack to shake my bulletproof coffee without a blender. Win-win!

The client meeting and Facebook live was a success and returning home to our little family made us happy. We left my parents in charge of our kids for four days, and my parents followed our family schedule while we were gone. Having a shared calendar of all the family and kid activities helps us keep everyone informed of what goes on every day.

Laura Fuentes January 2017 Travels: Portland & NYC

Shortly thereafter, I flew to New York City by myself for four days of work meetings. What I love about NYC is that I can eat anything I want at any time. Eating-for-one is always fun because I can choose the things my family doesn’t like to eat as much. Case point: my love for Falafel Guys.

Laura Fuentes January 2017 Travels: Portland & NYC

Falafel and Gyros twice in one trip! Woohooo! Now you know that it’s the little things that make me happy. I should also add that another thing I love about NY is that it feeds my coffee addiction. There is a different place where I can have someone else make me a cup of coffee.

Laura Fuentes January 2017 Travels: Portland & NYC

And of course, when it’s cold, my beloved drink warms my soul and gives me the energy I need to walk miles each day.

This time around I stayed at a friend’s apartment in Harlem. I have never stayed up there, but the express train makes it super convenient to go down to my meetings around midtown.

While I didn’t have a chance to sign up for a fun workout class this trip, I know I will make the time during my next trip. This visit to New York was jam-packed with meetings. One day, I sat at a Le Pain Quotidien for 7 hours and had five meetings back-to-back! I had to close out my tab twice because my servers kept changing but who am I to complain when coffee kept coming, and my snacks were good. Right?

Laura Fuentes January 2017 Travels: Portland & NYC

I can’t say enough of how much “hustle” it takes to run around New York City for four days -maybe it’s the caffeine, who knows! But the outcomes are always great and I’m excited to share some of the developments with you.

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February 2, 2017

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