182 Finished Minion Sugar Cookie

Baking Minion Sugar Cookies

Baking Minion Sugar Cookies with my kids is easy with the right baking tools!

My oldest two kids have always helped around the kitchen, but it wasn’t’ until this year, that they have really taken an interest in actually making meals. Gabriel, the youngest of my three, is only 3-years-old, so he is still at the stage where baking is what he prefers to do. He’s obsessed with the Minions, so naturally this Minions Cookie Baking Set from Zak! Designs was a huge hit!

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15 oatmeal breakfast cookie with yogurt and fresh berries from The Best Homemade Kids Lunches on the Planet

Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie Recipe

These easy oatmeal breakfast cookies are made in a single bowl and totally kid approved. Included in the post is also the gluten free recipe.

This Oatmeal Breakfast Cookie Recipe is one of my favorite recipes in The Best Homemade Kids’ Lunches on the Planet. It’s hearty, slightly sweet, and truly delicious. Of course, it’s also “portable” so it’s perfect for our rushed breakfast-on-the-go type of mornings.

healthy oatmeal breakfast cookie that is super easy to make and totally kid approved!
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