The Daniel Fast- Getting Ready

A new year brings new resolutions, right? Well, I actually have not sat down to write mine down although I “plan” on it.  What I really need to do, is focus on what I have ahead of me without distractions, and the Daniel Fast is a 21 day challenge that I am willing to take on in hopes of getting there.

The Daniel Fast is similar to a vegan diet but with additional restrictions.  All I can drink is water and eat “foods grown from seed” such as fruits, vegetables and grains.  I can’t imagine not eating dairy products!! I have never followed a restrictive “diet” in my life… so this is going to be interesting (as in the British definition).

What made me think of doing this? Our entire church starts the fast tomorrow; but it was really my friend Sharon who made me say… Why not!?  I think I can do it.  Although my husband has serious doubts when it comes to my “functioning” without caffeine (Yeah, me too… but let’s not tell him that).

The Daniel Fast is a biblical based partial fast that affects our body, soul and spirit.

Body: Detoxes your body from caffeine (yeah, this is going to be fun), chemicals and sugar.  Well, maybe I could lessen my dependence on coffee?

Soul: In the soul realm is where we experience cravings, emotions, frustrations, and even happiness. I’m hoping to keep happiness and lessen stress (that is, if I can stop thinking about coffee).

Spirit: During the Daniel Fast our spirit is supposed to control our body and soul; so when we experience a craving, our spirit needs to take charge of it like a parent does with a rebellious child (Oh my, I can foresee myself becoming bipolar trying to control my coffee cravings now).

During this time, I will be doing a lot of reading, praying, and meditating about my life and my goals for 2011. If I can get motivated, I will work out too (as in doing P90X again and Turbo Fire).

Right about now, I am thinking that If could sleep through the 21 days I would be so happy! Hey, at least I’m being honest! LOL. Wish me luck!

January 9, 2011

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