30 Day Yoga Challenge Update

This morning, overlooking the Chicago skyline, a wave of calm overcame me. And for a mother of three, inner peace isn’t always the easiest thing to find. Embracing this state, I felt more present than ever and held onto it for some time. For moments like this, I have this mindful challenge to thank.

Staying committed to my yoga challenge with some morning hotel room flow. Not a bad view!

With my travel schedule, it hasn’t been easy to stay committed to my newly-founded daily mindful practice. While traveling, I’ve learned to start my days with some hotel room flow.

Online video sessions have made it easier than ever to sneak in my practice. There are no excuses anymore! You can do yoga practically anywhere at any time. Having this level of accessibility to lessons has been critical for my success.

Starting my day with dedicated “me time” has helped me navigate the day with a focused yet relaxed perspective. Here’s a tip: always allow yourself plenty of time for your practice. The value of yoga can diminish when you rush through it. I’ve been enjoying taking short walks afterward, wherever I may find myself.

Staying committed to my yoga challenge while traveling hasn't been easy, but pays off!

I took on this yoga challenge as a means to shake up routine and try something new and fun with my team. I must say; I’ve noticed some profound differences just after two weeks. I feel more in touch with my mind than ever. I’ve found that I’m more relaxed and level-headed throughout the day.

I’m feeling balanced, mentally and physically. Things don’t seem to weigh on me the way they have before. Plus, with all this stretching and breathing practice, this momma can touch the tip of her toes for the first time in years!

Staying committed to my yoga challenge while traveling hasn't been easy, but pays off!

I’m anxious for what the next couple weeks hold and once finished, look back on my progress. I can’t wait to share with you what it’s been like!

Of course, back at the office, the team has been keeping up with the challenge as well. It’s been great receiving texts that say “we did yoga!” and “we stretched today. What did YOU do?” This challenge is good for all of us!

What impacts has being more mindful made in YOUR life?

September 15, 2017

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