Family KickStart Program

A Family-Friendly Plan for parents to establish healthy eating habits that stick in 30 days!

Are you looking for a way to make healthy eating a lifestyle for your family you can maintain long term?

How about eliminating relying on packaged foods to build meals and convenient processed foods from lunches and snacks?

If your family’s long-term health is a priority but getting started is overwhelming, you’ve landed on the right page.

Eating Healthy is Hard when you have a family

If you’ve tried a clean eating program in the past or dieting but ended up making separate meals because your family would never eat the “allowed” foods, you’re not alone.

We all know that feeding our family more fresh foods, whole foods, that bring more nutrition per bite is important for our health.

But when you have a family, work, manage activities, homework, and juggle a busy schedule; the entire process of making healthy meals can be overwhelming.

There are many great 21-day and 30-day programs that help us get rid of sugars and processed foods and help us eat healthier, but none of them focus on the family as a whole. 

Can you imagine how much easier it would be if you had a program filled with kid-friendly recipes that provided options so you only had to make one meal for the entire family?

Meet The Family KickStart Program

  • Easy to follow, 50+ family-friendly recipes, for every meal
  • 4 organized meal plans, 7 days, all meals, each week
  • 4 printable completed shopping lists, one per week
  • 4 step-by-step meal prep guides, one per week
  • Lots of recipe videos, making it easier to try new recipes
  • KickStart Program guide, showing you step-by-step how-to make clean eating work for your family
  •  Program Bonuses like “easy swaps”, eating out guides, snack lists, and more.

“I knew I wanted to do a whole-food 30-day program but I desperately needed the support of my family because I knew that I would not stick to it with everyone else tempting me with different food at the table. I’ve learned how to save time with meal prep and I use the shopping list to order all my groceries online in less than 5-minutes. Win-win! My kids ate the food, and that alone is no small task.”


Mom to 2, California

How Family KickStart Is Different

Here’s the thing. There’s a lot of nutrition challenges, detoxes and clean programs out there. But the Family KickStart Program is different in a number of crucial ways.

KickStart is not a challenge. It’s a full program created to encourage good eating habits and helping parents achieve their mealtime goals without making multiple meals.

It’s not a one-shoe-fits-all program. There are two versions of the program you choose which one will work best for your family. Both eliminate processed foods and sugars and add foods with a lot more nutritional bang for your bite than previously eaten before (more details below).

It’s also not a detox – unless you’ve been eating bagels for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, frozen meals and takeout for dinner, and convenience foods for snack. In that case, it might look like a “detox” since the program doesn’t include refined sugars or processed carbohydrates that are likely to turn into sugars.

Finally, it’s not a cleanse. I mean, who wants to poop for days and eliminate the good stuff with the bad? On the contrary, with Family KickStart, your digestive tract will thank you after a few days for letting it do its job properly after eating more veggie centric-meals.

Many of my family’s digestive issues went away, like constipation and bloating after meals, after just a few days of cleaner eating. And many in the MOMables community have reported similar results. 

Family KickStart is not a scheme to get you buying “special” products with big fancy claims. There are no special drinks, shakes, powders, or pills to take or purchase to go with this program. Just real food. Period.

The recipes inside of KickStart look similar to your family’s favorite foods but made with clean and healthy ingredients.

KickStart eliminates the overwhelm of planning, prepping, and figuring out what to eat to stay on track.


“I finally have a way to eat Whole30, eliminate sugars, and eat real food for 30 days as a family! The meal prep sheets are huge time savers for busy parents. The Slow Cooker “Lasagna” Recipe blew my mind. Lasagna without pasta? Oh, yes. It’s now on our weekly meal rotation.” 


mom to 3, Ohio

Helping You Is Personal

Eating whole foods and ditching refined sugar has been transformational for my health, but it hasn’t been an easy journey.

In my teens, I found myself 30 pounds overweight and constantly feeling like I didn’t “fit in.”

I tried diets, detoxes, and restricted eating; all of which landed me battling an eating disorder for nearly a decade.

In college, my weight was a mess. Up 10 pounds, down 5, up 10, down 15… yo-yo dieting at its best!

Looking back, my diet primarily consisted of refined carbohydrates, (often hidden) sugars, and processed foods. An apple a day was not enough to “keep the doctor away” long-term.

When I became a mother for the first time, I taught myself to cook real food so I could feed my family better.

In doing so, I found shortcuts that made eating fresh meals daily possible.

With all 3 pregnancies, I gained (a healthy) 40 pounds. And each time, I relied on eliminating processed foods and sugars to take the weight off and keep it off!

Over the years, I’ve repeatedly been asked, “what do you eat?” “How did you lose the baby weight and have kept it off?” “How do you make one meal for the whole family?”

And… “how do you work full-time, keep up with being busy with your family’s activities, and still find a way to eat real foods?”

The answers to those questions and and a step-by-step method to help you achieve your health goals are all inside my Family KickStart Program.

Family KickStart FAQ’s

Servings per Recipe

The Family KickStart Program yields 4 servings per recipe (some yield 6).

The program includes recipes for 7 days, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

How Strict is this Program?

If you’ve been eating a lot of junk and relying on processed foods at most meals, there will be a noticeable difference in the eating styles.

This Clean Eating Program focus on eating unprocessed foods.

Inside each KickStart Program Guide you’ll find a list of foods recommended to have on hand/stock your pantry to eat cleaner and healthier meals. 

The program is gluten-free for 30 days since this is the biggest culprit of reduced energy, bloating, and food intolerances.

Ingredients FAQs

The Family KickStart Program focuses on building recipes with fresh, easy-to-find ingredients.

It does require you to purchase more fresh foods (or frozen versions) to build your meals. It does not rely on pasta dishes to fill your meal plan. There’s nothing wrong with pasta, if you can tolerate it, but the program does not have it for 30 days.

We don’t eat pork, what now?

Great question! Our recipes are flexible enough to swap out one protein for another. You’ll learn how inside the Program Guide.

For example, a pork roast can be swapped for a beef roast. Easy peasy! Keep the protein weight the same and you should be fine. 

Is there a Start Date?

When you purchase the Family KickStart, you have everything you need to get started immediately.

Or Monday. Or the week after that.

There is no “start” date but you can follow other families that are doing the program on Instagram by following the Hashtag: #FamilyKickStart

Food Allergy FAQ’s

All the recipes s are gluten-free.

The program includes some dairy ingredients.

Eggs are present in the program.

Easy to omit or swap for a nut-free substitute in lunch/snack recipes.

All the recipes are soy-free. There is no tofu or soy-sauce, we use other forms of protein and use coconut aminos instead.

I have a Sweet Tooth. Help!

I’ve got you covered there too with our KickStart Treat Recipes (a Bonus).

My kids would not be happy or as supportive without a weekly treat to look forward to!

You’ll also learn more inside the Program Guide. 

Is this for Vegetarian / Vegans?

No. The Family KickStart Program is not suited for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

While the recipes are plant-rich and most families will be incorporating more fruits and vegetables in their meals than ever before, it is not free of animal protein. 

Please do not purchase this program, it is not suited for a vegetarian or vegan eating style. 

If you follow a vegetarian lifestyle, check out the Meatless Meal Plan.

I need more Info or Help

Making dietary changes can be overwhelming. We get it! Our team is full of parents and we’ve eaten the recipes inside. 

Simply email with program-specific questions. 

We’d love to help you get started with the right program for you! 


When you enroll in Family KickStart today, you’ll also get these special bonuses:

  • Shopping Guide: where to shop for food (since most of us don’t grow it) and save money.
  • How to Stock Your Pantry: full printable list.
  • Food “Swap” List: helping you transform some of your favorite recipes for beyond the program.
  • Easy Homemade Treat Recipes: because we all get a sweet tooth from time to time.
  • Eating Out Guide: healthy choices when dining out are available, you just have to know what to look for.
  • Snack List: homemade and store-bought options
  • Kitchen Tools 101: you don’t need any special equipment for KickStart but many of our members asked for a list.

Hi! I’m Laura, the founder of MOMables, a mom to 3 kids, have 5 published cookbooks, and have been sharing recipes online with millions of families since 2011. 

Helping you achieve your healthier eating goals is important to me and I’d love to support you on your journey. You can find me on Instagram at @momables.

If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to me at

To your success,