Let’s Make Healthy Eating Simple

For years, I struggled with eating healthier meals consistently with my family because I felt overwhelmed juggling my full-time work, kids’ activities, and life.

The recipes on this website are the ones that help me serve healthy(er) meals at home that my kids will eat.

If you also want this for your family, keep reading to learn how you can do this too!

Healthy Eating Plan for Families

The secret to healthier eating at home with your family is to have a plan for your food. This includes flavorful recipes made with simple ingredients you can whip up any night of the week! Meals like these:

My Healthy Eating Philosophy

For me, a healthy “diet” is about preparing meals made with simple and fresh ingredients throughout the week that I feel good about eating.

I believe that a quick meal at home made with ingredients I select is always better for our health than eating out.

To do this daily, it’s sometimes necessary to take shortcuts, like buying a rotisserie chicken, using frozen veggies and pre-chopped onions, or using canned beans, for example.

And while no two days are the same, I often rely on my habits when things get chaotic at 6 o’clock -and they will when you’re juggling life/work/family.

You can make healthy(er) meals with your family easier with my busy mom’s secrets below.

Kid-Approved Healthy Dinners

These kid-approved recipes are always a hit and better options than any drive-thru in the same amount of time.

Healthy Treats & Snacks

Sweet and savory drool-worthy recipes that satisfy your craving for ‘something’ at any time of the day.

Healthy Lunches for the Office

Healthy eating doesn’t have to stop at home. If you and/or your spouse work, you can use many of my recipes to eat healthy lunches at work.

Healthy Breakfasts

Enjoy a healthy breakfast during the week, bake something delicious when you have more time, or serve up the perfect pancake stack.

Fasting for Busy People

Intermittent fasting has helped me when I’ve struggled with focus, energy, and losing weight from 3 pregnancies. I’ve written about what I’ve learned in practical articles from a mom’s perspective to achieve those goals.

Meet the Fam

I taught myself how to cook when I first became a mom so I could feed these awesome humans the meals they deserved. They’ve provided feedback since my first published recipe in 2010 and continue to eat most of what I make.

Learn more about Laura here.