fuentes family laying on a beach

​Fuentes Family.

​We are unique and we love it.

My husband Eric and I have three kids, Sofia, Alex, and Gabriel. Juggling work-life and family-life is not easy so, we think of ourselves as a team.My husband worked a corporate job in healthcare administration for 15 years. His ability to financially support our family allowed me to start a blog, and later my company, without making any money for the first five years.

One day, I decided I was going to “go all in” and he encouraged it. A couple of years later, he traded his corporate job for the opportunity to be around our family more.At that point, our roles reversed. I go to the Studio to work with my team while he drives the kids to the many homeschool activities, helps them with their homeschool studies, and works from the nearest coffee shop.

Quite frankly, he’s my superhero and I couldn’t do it without him. Eric also helps me with my company’s finances, taxes, and back-end operations (he was a CFO/COO previously). Yup, I have it made!Like most families, we’re busy with evening activities and most weeks, we are doing the best we can to make it to the weekend -although, those can be crazy too!Fun fact: we all do karate together. Some families are soccer families, others are basketball families… we’re a karate family. Both my husband and I go to the dojo with the kids and are moving through the belts with them.

While I have a meal planning company and create healthy lifestyle content, I too find myself at six o’clock wondering if my picky eaters are going to eat any of the food I’m making for dinner.You read that right. My kids are super picky and don’t always eat all the foods you see on this site. But I make the meals anyway. I offer variety. One meal for everyone. And that, my friend, is what has made our mealtimes so much better.

Everything I share on this website is tried-and-true mom material. My website is about encouraging moms to live out their best life with their family; and while things aren’t always picture perfect, I love our chaos.