In Other News…

Laura Fuentes In the MediaMedia-savvy healthy lifestyle expert, Laura Fuentes, is a regular contributor to print magazines, online publications, and radio shows. She is frequently featured for her real-life insight of how busy families can cook fresh food daily without spending a lifetime in the kitchen.

She is a knowledgeable, high-energy guest who connects parents at home with practical, solution-focused advice. Laura can speak on a wide range of topics from family food, children’s health, school lunch policy, to business.

For more information and to book Laura, contact Laura directly. 

Laura Fuentes MOMables has been featured in Food Network, Today Parents, The Huffington Post, Fox News Magazine, Paleo Magazine, Parents, Entertainment Weekly, Redbook, Natural Solutions Magazine, Yum for Kids, Go Gluten Free, Low Sugar Living, Fox News Radio, XM Radio, NPR, Daily Caller and more