3 Quick & Easy Snack Ideas

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I’m totally a “crunchy” kind of gal when it comes to food. I can’t get enough of it. As a matter of fact, I totally crave crunchy foods shortly after I take those first couple of sips from my morning coffee.

3 healthy snack ideas

I grew up eating Wasa as a kid in Spain (way before they were available in the US) and then reconnected with my favorite crispbreads again when I lived in Germany.

For breakfast, a crispbread with butter and jam or cream cheese and lox was my go-to crunch fix, which I often ran out the door with to enjoy as I walked to school.

Easy and delicious gluten free snacks

Now, as an adult, you can imagine my happiness when Wasa introduced a new gluten-free line of crackers – also made with wholesome ingredients and full of taste. Paired with some of my favorite soft and chewy textures, these crispy crackers make up one very simply satisfying snack!

Aren’t those 3 snack ideas simple to make? Of course, they are perfectly portable. I usually pack a couple inside a lunchbox and enjoy at the office.

Easy and delicious gluten free snacks

Mashing some avocado on a Wasa crispbread and then topping it with a little fresh pico de gallo (fresh chunky salsa) takes the internet’s “avocado on toast” to a whole new crispy level. Plus it’s much better for your waistline.

Easy and delicious gluten free snacks

The Wasa Gluten Free crispbread crackers deliver all the satisfaction at just 50-60 calories per slice. Plus, they are non-GMO project verified and their ingredients, both on the Original Flavor and Sesame & Sea Salt are wholesome.

Speaking of wholesome, you know what else is wholesome? Plain avocado slices right on my Wasa. Topped with some fresh garden tomatoes (thanks mom!) a little sea salt… gosh, my mouth is watering and I just had some earlier.

Easy and delicious gluten free snacks

And as in earlier, I mean instead of my usual bagel + cream cheese + lox for breakfast staple, I traded in for a lighter, delicious crispbread, starting my morning with a little joy and lots of taste. You would too if you had a box in your pantry -I have 3 boxes because my crunchy side never wants me to run out.

Easy and delicious gluten free snacks

The best part is that you can layer anything on your Wasa -even turn it into a very crispy sandwich. Even my kids have ventured into the world of creating their own “crunchy pizzas” by toasting their crispbread in the toaster oven for a bit.

Easy and delicious gluten free snacks

What are some of your favorite things that you’d use to top your Wasa crispbread?


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