After School Snacking Made Easy with Healthy Protein Snack Boxes

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In my world, things are non-stop. Each day brimming with things to do, lunches to pack, dogs to walk, work deadlines to meet, laundry to fold, and dinner to cook. Thankfully, I can count on my kids helping me remember to take a step back and have a snack!

Packing lunches for my family with Lorissa's Kitchen premium chicken cuts, cheese, beef sticks and crackers

On any given day, around 4 p.m. you will find my kids asking for a snack. Fortunately, I’ve come to appreciate this, while it’s just a snack to them, it’s a much-needed mini-break for me as I take a few moments to prepare a healthy snack to eat at home or pack to-go for our evening activities.

Like other meals, snack time should be nutritious, simple, and of course, delicious! Our favorite high-protein snacks are made by Lorissa’s Kitchen – they are all perfect for a quick snack on-the-go because of their packaging, but they’re also great for making a snack board or snack boxes.

Most days, I build a big snack board and then my kids grab a snack box and they fill it with their favorite items. This is great because it helps with portion control but also because sometimes, they leave with dad to an activity while mid-snacking. All they have to do is put the lid on and they can continue eating it in the car.

Snack board with fruit, cheese, and premium chicken cuts, jalapeno beef sticks, and crackers

Lorissa’s Kitchen beef strips and beef sticks are made from 100% grass-fed beef and the chicken cuts are made from chicken raised without antibiotics. Their quality is second to none since they also do not add unnecessary ingredients like preservatives, growth hormones, MSG, nitrites and are always gluten-free. They’re serious about snack time too.

I also love how both my kids and I can enjoy them for a snack, it’s not jerky like you’ve probably experienced, the tough, stringy, hard to chew kind. Lorissa’s Kitchen premium steak strips and chicken cuts are slow-smoked which contributes to the tenderness and flavor.

Snack board with fruit, cheese, and premium chicken cuts, jalapeno beef sticks, and crackers

The steak strips come in delicious flavors like Korean Barbeque Beef, which my son LOVES and I’m head over heels for the Original Beef Sticks.

Some of my favorite ingredients for building a snack board or fill their snack boxes are:

  • Lorissa’s Beef Sticks
  • Lorissa’s Chicken Cuts & Beef Strips
  • Blueberries
  • Grapes
  • Cheddar cheese squares
  • Mango wedges
  • Whole grain crackers

My kids and I love the sweet and salty combination which is why you’ll often see fruit and cheeses paired with the delicious beef strips.

The truth is that my kids rarely sit still, especially my youngest, so building a snack board for those of us that are hanging out around the kitchen is a terrific idea in the afternoons. Of course, whether you use a snack box or a plate, the idea is that everything you need to feed your child a delicious snack box is right in front of you.

Snack board with fruit, cheese, and premium chicken cuts, jalapeno beef sticks, and crackers

As a mom, making healthy choices is important to me and I find that keeping homemade, prepared snacks on hand are my best route especially when the kids are back in school. All the school work and activities seem to make them EXTRA hungry and it’s easy to pack into their backpack or pull out of the snack bins while we share how our day went. Plus, I know that they are eating the best snack options possible.

Snack board with fruit, cheese, and premium chicken cuts, jalapeno beef sticks, and crackers

Lorissa’s Kitchen helps me to keep a balance of simple and delicious without sacrificing the quality ingredients I aim to incorporate in each meal. It’s a lot like my kids reminding me to stop, take a break, and enjoy the meaningful moments while we share a snack.

And the best part? Lorissa’s Kitchen snacks make eating healthy on the go super convenient because they are available at retailers such as Target, Walgreens, Kroger, Publix, and of course on where you can use 20OFFLK to get 20% off your purchase.


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