Designing the Studio’s Modern Kitchen

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The Studio Kitchen reveal is here! And you guys! I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Designing the Studio’s Modern Kitchen - The BIG reveal is here!

It all began with a vision of a clean, modern, white kitchen with minimalist details where a pop of color was all it took to piece it all together. The question that came early on was how exactly I would give enough contrast to the white cabinets and white with gray countertops to create a home-like feeling in the space.

I spent hours on Pinterest looking for inspiration and in the end; I knew that every kitchen that caught my attention had urban white/gray tones to it. My excitement quickly faded once I went to Lowe’s and realized how many types of paint and gray colors were found on a color wheel. I’m not a girl that can make up her mind with too many choices y’all. I’m easily overwhelmed with the process when too many choices are provided so I was excited to learn about HGTV HOME™ by Sherwin-Williams and their 16 designer-curated Color Collections. These Color Collections feature 20 paint colors that were carefully selected to work together in any combination. Each Color Collection has a different style and color scheme in mind to bring harmony to any room in your home. I fell in love with the Urban Outlook Color Collection because it brings out the best colors inspired by metropolitan design, and they feel organic to any space. Hello! I found my match! I finally could bring a little bit of urban NYC into my Southern space, and I nearly hit the floor I was so in love.

Designing the Studio’s Modern Kitchen - The BIG reveal is here!

For the walls, I chose Online (HGSW1466 ) to balance out the abundance of whiteness in the room. I mean, white cabinets, nearly white countertops… One roll on the wall and I was smitten. I used Showcase Interior Paint + Primer which has a new and improved stain blocking formula that locks in old and difficult to remove stains and is high traffic areas, so this was the best option for us. We don’t have to worry about cleaning up spills right away that may occur while cooking!

Designing the Studio’s Modern Kitchen - The BIG reveal is here!

Online is the perfect color to bring out the tiny lines on our countertops as well as compliment the stainless steel appliances and chrome lighting. We loved the color so much we painted the entire space past the kitchen with Online.

Designing the Studio’s Modern Kitchen - The BIG reveal is here!

Although the counter space is large and designed for me to prep and cook along with you guys on Facebook live, YouTube live, and of course my YouTube videos; the kitchen offers very limited pantry storage space due to the minimalist upper cabinet configuration. To remedy this, we turned the closet from the previous bedroom into a pantry by removing the traditional closet doors, adding built in shelves, and creating custom barn doors –more on this pantry make over later.

As you can imagine, I selected the slightly monochromatic look of the white and gray colors knowing that I would find the perfect color to bring into the room to add a statement piece. And boy.oh.boy. did I find this with Amalfi (HGSW1341)! I knew the colors would go perfect together, as they are from the same scheme, yes, they are all part of the Urban Outlook Color Collection, easy, right?!

Designing the Studio’s Modern Kitchen - The BIG reveal is here!

With these large, bold, home-built barn doors bringing the pop of color that every room needs, the kitchen colors provide a fun and welcoming vibe that merges what I love from modern city-like colors with a welcoming Southern charm.

Overall, the transformation has been something “straight out of Pinterest” with real-life boldness I want to live in. By combining the bold shade of Amalfi with the neutral base shade of Online, I feel I have achieved a design that reflects my personality; classic and bold that is perfectly balanced.

Designing the Studio’s Modern Kitchen - The BIG reveal is here!

Have you ever transformed a room with paint? What was your experience like?

In case you missed the studio’s transformation, you can catch the first two episodes of our remodel below.



Designing the Studio’s Modern Kitchen - The BIG reveal is here!

August 3, 2017

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  1. Jessica says:

    Wow! the colors look amazing you pick such a great combinaiton!

  2. SarahBeth says:

    MY.DREAM.KITCHEN. wowowowowow

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