When is Snacktime? Healthy Snacking for Active Moms

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Whether it’s after a workout or mid-morning, when the urge to snack takes over, I’m all over it. And when I share on social that I’m snacking (again), I’m often asked: is there a best time to snack? There is, and it depends on your day and the purpose for that snack.

image: Laura in the kitchen with a water bottle and sliced apple

You should know that I’m a huge fan of chocolate -who isn’t? and I also like to make each meal and snack count.

There’s no denying food is a very important part of our day. Meal timing can play a major role in daily productivity and overall health. I mean, have you ever had a huge bowl of pasta or bagel sandwich (or another carb-heavy meal) for lunch only to need a nap an hour later?

Yeah, nobody needs energy crashes like that when you want to have a healthy and productive day, which is why I always say, “it depends on the purpose of the snack.”

I’m one of those people that’s always craving chocolate. A few bites here and there and I’m totally satisfied, which is why I love incorporating Good Source Snacks throughout the day.

As a mom, I wear a lot of hats and depending on the time of day I work out, my energy levels can go up and down. Generally, I like to feel like I can tackle the day, whether I’m about to sneak in a workout because the kids are occupied or I’m taking a quick break between vacuuming and prepping our next meal.

image: Kids playing games in the living room while mom sits on a beanbag chair with healthy snacks and water.

Best Healthy Snack Ideas for Adults

There’s nothing busier than parenthood and the daily juggle of our needs and our family’s needs. This often causes us to skip meals or have long stretches of time between meals. I know I’m not the only one that has days where “I’m too busy to eat a full meal” so having a reliable snack made with clean ingredients on hand is often a lifesaver.

Ideally, for healthy snacking you want a mix of healthy carbs with protein and fats, which prevent a spike in blood sugar -but this is hard to stick to if you’re anything like me and crave sweets.

Sweets = sugar = spike in blood sugar = future energy crash = need for more snacks. Does this scenario sound familiar?

While I like to have sliced fruit, veggies, granola, and energy bites; I’m loving the different Good Source Snack varieties specifically tailored to the different snacking times and needs our bodies crave. Also, chocolate + nutritional boost? Yes, please 🙋🏻‍♀️

Their bites are made with 70% cocoa and slow-metabolizing carbohydrates, which supply steady and longer-lasting energy. That means no energy spikes followed by a crash and brain fog; who’s got time for that? 

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Ideal Snack Time for Active Moms

Depending on if you work-out first thing in the morning or later in the evening, what you eat before and after can be helpful for building muscles and replenishing glycogen (glycogen = energy!). Here are some suggestions on snack timing for workouts. If you:

Workout First Thing in the Morning -before the kids wake up.

A post-workout meal and mid-morning snack are ideal. 

I love Good Source’s Morning Jump at this time because it’s formulated to provide energy and focus without the jitters of drinking too much coffee #guilty. Each cluster contains chocolate, pomegranate, ginger root, green tea, dried blueberries, pea protein, and chia seeds for an irresistible chocolatey bite.

Personally, I love working out first thing in before everyone is awake. It almost guarantees uninterrupted time to get a good sweat on and sets the tone for the entire day. 

image: woman in kitchen slicing an apple next to Good Source Snack Bites

Workout Mid-Morning – before lunch way past breakfast.

Eat breakfast 1-3 hours before and a post-workout snack after.

For a quick snack to give me a little “jump” before I tackle one of my at-home workouts, I usually opt for half an apple and Good Source Snacks Morning Jump.

Afternoon Workout – after lunch and dinner is far away.

Eat lunch 1-3 hours before and a post-workout snack after.

For days where I’m starving at my desk and can’t imagine going out for a run or a workout before dinner, Good Source’s Afternoon Boost is exactly what I munch on to help me focus, stay on task, and give me some much-needed energy.

The chocolate clusters contain walnuts, dried apples for blood sugar control and digestive health, as well as cayenne pepper which boosts metabolism.

The Good Source Afternoon Boost chocolate bites only have 9 grams of carbs with 4 of those from fiber thanks to the dark chocolate and dried apples. Plus, 11 grams of healthy fats and 6 grams of protein from the walnuts, chia seeds, and pea protein. 

That’s a pretty solid snack for only 160 calories so it’s a win-win for you and me!

Evening Workout -after dinner but before bed.

Pre-workout snack 1 to 2 hours before and a meal after. 

For me, this was the hardest time to work out because after I put the kids to bed, I’m still too awake to fall asleep. I usually watch a movie on the iPad or read a book to physically wind down and enjoy Good Source’s Evening Calm Snacks.

These chocolatey clusters are formulated for relaxation and better sleep, all while satisfying the need for something chocolatey. It contains dried cherries, a natural source of melatonin, and other ingredients like lavender, turmeric, honey, oats, and walnuts making this an uber delicious snack as I turn the page.

image: Laura laying on bed with a book, a tablet playing netflix and eating Good Source Snacks

Regardless of when you fit-in your activity in your day, our bodies will often remind us that they need more fuel and it’s time to grab a snack.

We all want a better-for-you snack that satisfies our craving, provides nutritional benefits, and has clear ingredients. Our busy lives demand snacks that are portable and convenient which is why Good Source Snacks offers their delicious snacks in two sizes, the 4oz and 1.5oz for easy grab-and-go.

You can use GSF50off to save 50% on your first purchase.

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Learn more about how to make your snacks count and Shop Good Source Snacks on their website. Use GSF50off to save 50% on your first purchase! Happy Snackin’!

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