Make Back to School More Fun!

Can you believe it’s almost time for our little ones to head back to school?

I don’t know about you, but I’m so excited for my youngest to start pre-school! G, along with some of his besties, have been playing all summer and I think they are just as excited to see their friends again.

Back to School with animal backpacks and lunchboxes!

Part of me is a little sad that my youngest is “off to school” since that means that he is officially growing up! He’ll be in pre-school three days a week and the other two at home, with his older siblings, doing his homeschooling work.

Back to School with animal backpacks and lunchboxes!

Mostly, we are going to focus on learning to read this year, since he loves books, knows all his letters, and has told us he is ready on numerous occasions.

The hardest part about having two kids at home and one in a traditional school is that he often doesn’t want to go to school. Many mornings he begs us to stay home with his older siblings, which is why I always look for ways of making regular school more fun, exciting, and special. Enter one of his obsessions: fun backpacks and lunch bags from Apple Park.

Back to School with animal backpacks and lunchboxes!

While he loves animals and how fun it is to have a backpack, as a mom, I look for gear that is durable and functional. I also love that the eco-friendly backpack pals from Apple Park are machine washable and made from a sturdy, water-resistant fabric that feels like cotton… but they are also made from recycled plastic bottles!

Back to School with animal backpacks and lunchboxes!

The kids love them too since they are easy to carry, the zipper top makes packing a breeze, and padded shoulder straps keep active kids comfy and carefree.

We also love to pack his favorite snacks inside the insulated lunch packs, which are big enough for his snack, a water bottle, and other things.

Back to School with animal backpacks and lunchboxes!

He calls his, the animal-food-bag; and if you knew my G, you’d know that the name is very fitting, as he often devours a meal and his favorite food is “meat.” I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. As I was taking these pictures, he opened his snack bag and said “what, no meat for lunch?” Yes, folks, this is my meat-eater kid and I love him.

This year, I gifted his besties with a backpack, lunch pack, and snack pack set from Apple Park so they can all bring their favorite animal pals to school.

Back to School with animal backpacks and lunchboxes!

Back to School with animal backpacks and lunchboxes!Apple Park also has a great selection of unique baby and kids gifts that feature their adorable farm animals and patterns – from rattles, stuffed animals, blankets to cotton PJ’s that are definitely worth checking out!

What is your favorite Eco-friendly backpack from Apple Park?

Back to School with animal backpacks and lunchboxes!



July 27, 2016

146 thoughts on “Make Back to School More Fun!”

  1. Laura says:

    I LOVE these! There are so cute!

  2. Kelly P says:

    I live the purple owl backpack so cute

  3. Lidice Mangraviti says:

    I have never tried there products but I would love to.

  4. Eileen says:

    My son would like the raccoon or bat backpack and lunch sacks. The containers are nice as well.

  5. Heidi says:

    I love ALL of the backpacks, but especially the pink bunny and the penguin, wearing a tie…so cute!

  6. Lindsay says:

    I really like the organic gift sets:)

  7. Tami says:

    All the lunch kits.

  8. Tina says:

    The raccoon lunch pack and back pack are very cute! My son loves the color. I love that many are made of recycled fabrics.

  9. Sarah L says:

    My daughters would LOVE the bunny snackpack and lunchpack. So cute!

  10. Heather Adrias says:

    Love the raccoon backpack and snack pack. Perfect for my preschooler!

  11. Chandra says:

    I love the owl backpack!!

  12. Breanna C says:

    Oh my goodness- these are all so adorable! My favorite, though, is the fox lunchpack.

  13. January says:

    That big kid purple owl backpack is adorable!!!

  14. Lubelia Hill says:

    These are adorable! I love eco-friendly products and the convenience of being able to maching wash it, super awesome!

  15. Erica Penn says:

    So many to choose from! Love the raccoon!

  16. Marga says:

    The cutest to me is the bunny, my daughter would lo e that one

  17. Margaret says:

    The backpacks!

  18. Paul Parker says:

    I think my baby girl would love their organic farm buddies. Also, the backpacks look cute!

  19. I have 5 kids headed back to school in August. My girls are on the hunt for lunch bags and the Fox and Owl are so cute. I love all of their Fox line….that oh so hooded Fox bath towels I think I would use.

  20. Jocelyn Mejia says:

    Oh these adorable, eco friendly products; it’s impossible to choose a favorite. But, if my son and I had to choose we would pick the bat backpack to take extra clothes and activities books, and the bear lunchpack to take his favorite snacks. He is entering preschool this year, and he too would feel better packing a cool animal pal to keep him company in what is a big transition. He is attach to a dear bear of his, and will have to leave him behind for the first time in four years. We are loving all things Apple Park.

  21. Josephine says:

    My daughter would love the purple owl!
    She just informed me tonight that eyes on lunch bags are necessary!

  22. Sonia Hayes says:

    my boys love the racoon and bat book bags – super cute products 🙂

  23. Charlie Brown-McElroy says:

    My sweet Randi Lynn just adores her owl and hedgehog rattle! Beautifully made products that will last a lifetime!

  24. Wendy Jabkowski says:

    The bat blankie is my favorite item from Apple Park. My son has one and calls him Mr. Bat and he tucks him in to sleep next to him every night!

  25. Jessica Vazquez says:

    I’d love the backpack for my son starting prekindergarten!! And I’m definitely going to give these recipes a try!!

  26. Samantha. McAtee says:

    Hands down my favorite was the muslin bunny swaddle!!

  27. liz says:

    The bat character is the cutest!!!! Their backpacks are great but I love their stuffed animals too!

  28. Lindsay Horner says:

    These little bags are so cute! I have been eyeing Apple Park’s farm buddies for my twins. I love them!

  29. Jessica says:

    I love the rattle gift sets and the bat backpack!

  30. Sarah Hutson says:

    I think the Fox is just the cutest thing ever! But since I have girls, they would probably choose the adorable bunny or owl backpack. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  31. Laura Knight says:

    I have never tried Apple Park! I have one son starting kindergarten in September who would love the bat bookbag. I also have another boy on the way due in September and their books and toys look great for him! Thanks for the chance.

  32. Danielle Burghardt says:

    I love the Cubby play mat!

  33. Ashlee says:

    I love the raccoon backpack. My son loves blue. They’re all really cute though.

  34. Stephanie Sangatanan says:

    I love all there products from baby to big kids! We love the books too! Right now I would love to get a backpack for my preschooler! He loves the fox!

  35. Kathrine says:

    Love the racoon backpack! So cute.

  36. Laura Johnson says:

    I love that the backpacks have matching lunch bags!

  37. Kristien Dies says:

    The Bat backpack and lunch tote is too adorable!! Would love to win it for my son!

  38. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I’d love the Who, Fox and Raccoon backpacks and snack bags for my kids! I also love the Robbie Raccoon Plush, Mushroom Rattles, and Playground Pals Plush – Fox for my youngest. So adorable!!

  39. laura revilla says:

    the bat backpack

  40. Heidi Wildman says:

    The raccoon backpack is my favorite! I love it!

  41. Christle says:

    We absolutely love all of the animal backpacks and the matching snack packs to match.

  42. Rachel Smith says:

    The racoon lunch pack and toddler towels are adorable! Would love to get a back to school set for my son!

  43. Susanne says:

    Love the Backpacks & Farm Buddies… so cute!

  44. Robyn J says:

    My favorite is the Raccoon!

  45. Tate says:


  46. Lisa topolinski says:

    I love their backpack and lunchpack…

  47. Angela Hendricks says:

    The Eco Friendly Pink Bunny Book Bag is absolutely adorable and my favorite product from Apple Park.

  48. Kristen Ojeda says:

    I am IN LOVE with the pink bunny set. My nickname for my husband is bunny, so our daughters are bunnies too. So cute!

  49. Alexis Cuffy says:

    I love the owl and raccoon backpacks and lunchboxes!

  50. Steffanie Schindler says:

    I have to say I am in love with the bat and raccoon collections. They are both adorable. I think the bat collection would be especially fun in the Fall to use.

  51. Lisa mrowiex says:

    So cute! Love all the products!

  52. Becky Bain says:

    I love the Monkey lunch Pack!

  53. Leslie says:

    I love the raccoon backpack and lunch items!

  54. Lien says:

    I really like the Jacquar Muslim blanket.

  55. Maribel F says:

    The bunny backpack is very cute, all the products I see are amazing.

  56. Nini says:

    They have so many awesome backpacks that it is hard to choose but I think the purple Who Owl backpack would be our favorite!!

  57. Katie says:

    I love the toddler towels!

  58. Molly says:

    My soon-to-be kindergartener pretends to be a vampire who turns into a bat. Hilarious! She would love the bat lunch pack! It’s so cute.

    1. Laura Fuentes says:

      Congratulations Molly! You have been selected as the winner of the Apple Park gift card! Check your email soon for a message coming from
      I hope your soon to be Vampire enjoys his batty bags!

  59. Angela Williams says:

    My daughter loves the Eco-friendly Big Kid Backpack in the Purple Owl option and the matching lunchbox.

  60. Megan says:

    Such cute stuff!! I just love the snackpacks!!

  61. Susan Smith says:

    I love all the toddler towels! Super cute!

  62. Buffy says:

    I love the bunny snack pack

  63. Laura says:

    Oh my. Those are adorbs!!! Is that a reusable sandwich bag I see? Love!

  64. Beth Griesel says:

    I love the lunch bags. Washable and adorable

  65. Sarah says:

    My daughter loved the bunny snack pack. We have a cute bunny at home, so this pack will remind her of her cute pet waiting for her when she gets home from school.

  66. Jen says:

    My 3 children (2 boys, 1 girl) are headed back to school soon and we love the Apple Park products as we aim to buy Eco-friendly products whenever we can. A friend introduced us to the brand a few years back with the teething toys. My boys would love the raccoon and fox as one loves blue and the other red. The penguin is cute too and my littlest might like that as we have a stuffed plush duck that somehow earned the moniker Penguin the Duck.

  67. Amanda says:

    Love the fox!

  68. Heidi says:

    I love the owl lunch packs- the white one to be specific!

  69. Cathy says:

    I love the Organic Cotton Baby Blanket in Blue Forest. Thank you for the giveaway!

  70. Liz says:

    Love the baby toys!

  71. Sarah Block says:

    I love the bunny, owl, and penguin back packs and matching lunch sacks. They are adorable and my kids would love them!

  72. Kristina Jones says:

    My daughter and I love the purple owl. I love it because it also looks like a penguin but my 3 year old said definitely an owl 🙂

  73. Aimee J says:

    Love these backpacks! Just adorable and so practical!

  74. Nicole says:

    The bat one is awesome! Adorable!

  75. JoeyfromSC says:

    I love their products! So cute! I loved this one the most:

    Backpacks From 100% Recycled Fabrics – Who (White)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Joey J.

  76. Jess says:

    I love the penguin backpack!

  77. Kelly G says:

    Love the lunch sacks! My son would think the fox is cute!

  78. Kim brooks says:

    I absolutely love the purple owl my daughterwoukd love it she loves owls and purple !!!

  79. Lori L says:

    I love all of Apple Parks products! Convienance, cuteness, kid approved!! Would love to try these Super Sweet goodies!!

  80. MaryEllen says:

    Oh, my… so much to love!! We’re taking our granddaughter on a big trip with us. The organic cotton fox stroller toy looks like a must!

  81. Maryanne W. says:

    I love the bunny backpack!

  82. Dani says:

    My favorite is the raccoon lunch bag!

  83. Kathy C says:

    I had not heard of this company. I like their little muslin baby blankets, and the blankets that have the animals on the corners, so cute!

  84. Tara Kidd says:

    I love the owl! But they’re all so cute

  85. Janelle says:

    I love the backpacks – they are so cute!

  86. Marion Millan says:

    My daughter would love the Penguin backpack. Her godfather use to call her Penguin when she as a baby! Thank you for this great giveaway.

  87. Karen says:

    I love the raccoon, but they’re all adorable!

  88. Erin K. says:

    There is so many great products to choose from! But I would probably get three lunch bags or snack bags for my kids. I would definitely need their help deciding which ones as all the bags are so cute.

  89. Laura B says:

    My favorite is the Purple Owl Big Kid Backpack

  90. Casey says:

    I love that the products fit into our lifestyle. Great use for every day and as gifts! My son would flip out over the bat backpack!!

  91. Karrie Heneman says:

    The fox backpack is adorable!

  92. Debbie H says:

    I’m definitely going to check out these backpacks as my live-in granddaughter is starting pre-school this fall as well. I think she would love the Owl – purple is the best color according to her.

  93. thuy n. says:

    I like the Raccoon backpack.

  94. Carin says:

    I can’t possibly pick a favorite. I love them all!

  95. Kristin G says:

    I love the raccoon backpack and the blue storybook coveralls.

  96. rella jaramillo says:

    My yqoungest loves the monkey my middle loves the bunny n my oldest loves the fox…

  97. Stephanie Wright says:

    The snack pack!! Cutest I’ve ever seen!

  98. Lisa Marie Berry says:

    The bat is the absolute cutest!

  99. Jennifer Goodmark says:

    Organic hoodie towels and toddler wraps!

  100. ann p says:

    big kid racoon backpack

  101. Jeannie Overton says:

    I love the racoon backpack

  102. Jasmine S says:

    All of the backpacks are so cute! But I especially like the Fox and bat, they are adorable!

  103. Giselle says:

    What a great company, always on the lookout for safe/non-toxic options for my son! Love their “Frenchie the Fox” stuffed toy & since we love Halloween here in this house the bat backpack is also a fav!

  104. Ashley Keinath says:

    Love the purple owl and raccoon backpacks!! Perfect for my gal and guy! ❤️

  105. Claudia Ortega says:

    These are so cute!! Would work great for my little one that just started preschool. Would be great for his lunch and am, pm snacks.

  106. Aubrey says:

    The bunny backpack is adorable and the snackpacks are awesome too!

  107. Tiffany says:

    The racoon backpack is my absolute favorite!

  108. Denise says:

    My son LOVES bats, he would love that backpack.

  109. Anna says:

    The bunny backpack is so cute! And the ears… adorable. My daughter would love it.

  110. Jennifer says:

    My son is in preschool and would love the racoon backpack! So cute.

  111. Amy J. says:

    I have 3 kids, so my faves are the purple owl, blue raccoon, and the fox.

  112. Heather M says:

    I’m in love with the recycled fabric bat !!!!

  113. Gemma Bergin says:

    The bat lunchpack and backpack are by far my favourite, I have a wee man starting school soon who would adore these!

  114. Eden says:

    I love the purple owl, pink bunny, monkey and penguin backpacks! I actually really love them all, they’re adorable!!

  115. Christina Jones says:

    Ooooh they are all so cute! But I think I love the Purple Owl! ♡

  116. Kaela says:

    I love that there are so many options and they all match, my 2 girls would love the owl backpack and lunch bag. Super cute, and look like great quality!!

  117. Heather Britt says:

    I love these snackpack, cute alternative to plastic bags.
    Eco-friendly Snackpack – Purple Owl

  118. Josee says:

    They are all fantastic, but this one
    Caught my eye as the PERFECT backpack for my first grader! So cute!!!

  119. Vanessa says:

    The racoon and the fox backpacks are my favorite! How cute.

    1. Laura Fuentes says:

      those are super cute for sure!

  120. Kim Pieplow says:

    Purple owl backpack!

  121. Tracy says:

    My little boy starts Kindergarten this year and he would look absolutely handsome wearing any of the adorable bookbags & using a lunchbox for his lunch !

  122. Trish Lucas says:

    I love all the different kinds of animals and really liked the owl until I saw the bat. It is so cute and unusual. My 5 year old daughter nicknamed our grandson before he was born as John Batman. The bat themed things would be so fitting for him.

  123. Nancy says:

    They have so many cute items. I like the Who (Owl) Backpack in Purple, the Fox backpack, and the Raccoon Backpack.

  124. Mamiko says:

    I love the fox backpack and lunch pack for my son! So adorable!

  125. Jodi T says:

    I LOVE the purple owl backpack!! They are all really so cute!

  126. My little one would love the farm buddies.

  127. Christy says:

    The racoon for sure. My little one would love it.

  128. Nadia says:

    I love all of them, there are so cute! But my favorite is the racoon and the fox.

  129. Tracy says:

    All the owl backpacks would be great for my daughters. Or the penguin!

  130. Nicole says:

    That is hard to choose they are all so cute and I love big backpacks on little kids :). Pink is my daughter’s favorite color so everything pink :). Lots of interesting things you can do with recycled materials!

  131. Lisa franklin says:

    Have not yet Tried these products but would love to!

  132. Jen says:

    I love the raccoon backpack, but my son will probably love the fox! Both are adorable!

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