Baking Minion Sugar Cookies

Baking Minion Sugar Cookies with my kids is easy with the right baking tools!

My oldest two kids have always helped around the kitchen, but it wasn’t’ until this year, that they have really taken an interest in actually making meals. Gabriel, the youngest of my three, is only 3-years-old, so he is still at the stage where baking is what he prefers to do. He’s obsessed with the Minions, so naturally this Minions Cookie Baking Set from Zak! Designs was a huge hit!

Gabriel getting ready to make his Minion Cookies

Some days, I like the no-pressure approach to baking simple things like sugar cookies or muffins.  But my kids, they like to “frost” things and “decorate” baked goods. Gabriel is no different.

measuring flour and sugar to make Minion sugar cookies with Gabriel

Having made cooking videos with Gabriel, I can tell you that he is the life of the party in the kitchen. He has a curiosity for learning how to make food that his siblings never had.

Gabriel likes to get involved in all things food, so when he received a box from Zak! Designs filled with Minion plates, storage canisters, the cookie baking set, fun confetti mixing bowls, and measuring spoons, he immediately knew that the shipment was for him. Because surely no one else in the house could be as big of a Minion fan as him, right? LOL.

Gabriel rolling out Minion sugar cookie dough

In case you are wondering, I don’t have a lot of “fun” kitchen tools. My mixing bowls are pretty plain and I don’t have kid-size kitchen tools. Until now, I thought that the kids could just use what I have around; but something I’ve learned from this recent order is that having fun tools like confetti colored bowls, colorful measuring spoons, and colorful storage canisters is that the kids feel like they have their own “stuff” to work with in the kitchen. Immediately the tone of the baking session got more fun, and if you can imagine, Gabriel was having his own measuring and scooping party.

Waiting for the cookies to come out is a tough job!

Sometimes, we have to let our kids be kids and explore new things in the kitchen. It makes learning kitchen skills more fun. And clearly, having the right tools that are practical and fun, encourages their creativity. These are the kind of birthday and holiday gifts I love to gift and receive.

Minion cookie cutter from

By the time the cookies came out of the oven, the word had gotten out that cookies were being made. Of course, his sister volunteered to man the piping bag and everyone helped make the frosting. To be honest, It’s been such a long time since art class where I studied the color wheel that I had to look up how to make black food coloring!

Making frosting for Minion Sugar Cookies

Apparently, it is an exact science and even then, my natural food colorings weren’t strong enough to make a full black. That’s ok, though. Good thing the piping bag, the cookie cutter as a guide, and the nozzles made filing the slots super easy!

Frosting the Minion sugar cookie is easy with this piping tip from and the cookie cutter guide


Since my kids and I loved the fun and practical nature of the Zak! products, I’ve teamed up with them to offer you a bonus gift with your purchase. Exclusively for LauraFuentes & MOMables readers they are offering:

  • A free colorful measuring spoons set (like the ones you see Gabriel use) with a $20 purchase on with the coupon code: “MOMABLES”
  • Also, orders over $50 receive free shipping (no coupon necessary).

We are also giving away a $100 coupon code to use at Zak! Designs towards your favorite items! To enter:

  • Head over to and browse their awesome products.
  • Leave a comment below with a hyperlink to some of your favorite products (perhaps the ones you would purchase with your $100) and you could win!
  • Giveaway ends, 10/23/2015 11:59pm cst.

Good luck and remember to share with friends!

And, should your kids decide they want “pirate” Minion cookies… that works too. Enjoy!

gabriel with a minion cookie

From time to time, I work with awesome companies to develop recipes for this website.  Today’s post was brought to you by Zak! Designs. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that encourage my creativity. 

October 12, 2015

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Heather - October 12, 2015 Reply

Gift ideas, cookie sets for frozen, cupcakes in frozen too. Shame I did not find it in time for my soon to be one year old, but winter is close.
Classic pooh perfect.

    Eleni - October 19, 2015 Reply

    I would like to buy patrol items My son loves paw patrol and it would fun to make paw patrol cookies!

    Aliya - October 21, 2015 Reply has a great selection of kid’s plates! Especially with the new movie out soon, anything Star Wars is welcome in our house. 🙂

Martha Deutsch - October 12, 2015 Reply

Oh my gosh, I am so glad you posted this! Till now I’d never heard of I know its okay to let my toddler play with “big” utensils, but after seeing the products by, oy! I SOOOOO love the idea of making the kitchen even more child friendly. What cute stuff! Here’s a few items I have my eye on now!
Icecream serving spoons:
And how adorable are the face serving spoons!
Awesome tumblers!
Gonna go insane here- there are way too many fun things to choose from…And at reasonable prices! (Can u tell my head’s abt to explode here? lol)

Thanks again for all the info! About to try that sugar cookie recipe too!
…adding to my arsenal ;-D

Rachel Smith - October 12, 2015 Reply

Those cookies look amazing! My little one loves to help out in the kitchen, and would love the Cars GoPak from the Cars Collection. With a $100 gift certificate he could pick some things for himself and some things to share with friends!

Rachel - October 12, 2015 Reply

Wowo. Loves the whole set. The cookie cutter OMG I need those… I also make lot of cookies with my kids and these would be a great addition .
Love Zak product just bought a whole new set of dinner plates and bowls for the kids. The paw patrol and minions…

Brandy Chapman - October 12, 2015 Reply

I love the serving platters and trays.

Michelle Vanderlinden - October 12, 2015 Reply

Super cute stuff! I bet the Star Wars & minion baking sets would get my son baking in the kitchen with me.

Kristi - October 12, 2015 Reply

Hi. I love the confetti salad set. But the kids cookie and cupcake sets are great!

Jennifer Haydon - October 12, 2015 Reply

The confetti prep bowls! Perfect for a busy mama who could always use some prep organization!

LaKeisha - October 13, 2015 Reply

My 3 year old loves helping in the kitchen too, whether it be scrambling eggs, putting cut veggies in a bowl or making muffins she lives to help and play lol… right now she loves frozen so anything elsa from zaks would make her happy.

LaKeisha - October 13, 2015 Reply

My daughter loves helping in the kitchen. Making eggs, baking muffins you name it. All things frozen is what she loves.

Linda Weatherly - October 13, 2015 Reply

I have never seen the site so it was fun to peruse. Lots of great items. I really love the mickey and minnie milk and cookies plate :

and I love the frozen cookie cutters for kids:

and the Frozen juice glasses for kids:

Chris Sapyta - October 13, 2015 Reply

I like the iconographic Star Wars ceramic coffee mugs and bowls.

Melissa - October 13, 2015 Reply

I love the idea of including our kids to bake and using their favorite characters for their food containers! My little one I try to include him in the preparation and decision making of his food because of his dietary restrictions and will always have to drink his phenylalanine free formula. I would love to make him some minion cookies!

Kristin F - October 13, 2015 Reply

Star Wars collection!
My 3-year old daughter loves r2d2!

Sara Goodman - October 13, 2015 Reply

What a sweet site! I have never heard of Zak, but really like the look of their products.

I really like the confetti looking bowls.

January Vickers - October 13, 2015 Reply

What cute stuff they have to get kids excited about being in the kitchen! I could definitely see my daughter wanting to use this cute cupcake baking set:

OR we could bake Olaf cookies for winter:

I also think both of my kids would love to eat something like ice cream sundaes out of these colorful dessert bowls:

    Martha - October 13, 2015 Reply

    I hadn’t seen the dessert bowls. Awesome!

Stephanie - October 13, 2015 Reply

I guess I’m in good company when I say I love th Confetti mixing bowls too. So handy and fun!

Nancy - October 13, 2015 Reply

So where do I begin? I have boys obsessed with Paw Patrol and would love any of those items
And my girl is crazy about Shopkins so I could find something on that page. My youngest (2.5) loves to bake with me and the kids baking sets are the perfect size. And I love the confetti bowls. Even if I don’t win thanks for sharing this site I see a few Christmas gifts☺️

Heather - October 13, 2015 Reply

There are too many favorites!
Here is one we like

Isabelle - October 13, 2015 Reply

What a great website – I’ve never heard of before. I especially love these Star Wars dishes… We are huge star wars fans in my house 🙂

JennaG - October 13, 2015 Reply

These spoons are too cute, I want them in every color!

Maria - October 14, 2015 Reply

I would start my shopping spree with one of these for myself.

Perry - October 14, 2015 Reply

I love Zak products. I have had some of the children’s plate sets for years! They hold up well. I love to add to our small collection…

Krystal Watson - October 16, 2015 Reply

Cute! I love their character section plates.

Kristina - October 18, 2015 Reply

I have to agree wtih the others that there are too many things the kids (and I!) would love. My daughter would adore any of the princess items, and they have such fun bowls and spoons!

Melissa Kling - October 18, 2015 Reply

These cupcake holders look so cute! I would love to win!

Hannah - October 18, 2015 Reply

My toddler would love to have all the paw patrol products. He loves everything paw patrol!

My toddler also loves to help me cook. I loved these baking sets.

I am trying to consume more water and this bottle would be a great way for me to keep track of my water intake. Plus the color is great!

There really are some great products on this website. It is hard to narrow it down!

Cheryl Bowe - October 18, 2015 Reply

i’m loving these mixing bowls and this awesome water bottle

Tracie M - October 18, 2015 Reply

So cute! I love the confetti mixing bowls for me.
My kids would love the Happy Face Spoons – adorable.

Margo - October 18, 2015 Reply

I am so exited about the Star Wars collection! Specifically for the coffe mugs

Linda Oberting - October 18, 2015 Reply

OMG, would I be my 4 year old Grandson’s hero if I could get him the Paw Patrol collection! He also loves to help in the kitchen. Had never heard of before, thanks for the info.

Rachael S - October 18, 2015 Reply

Love the kids cupcake sets, love cupcakes!

Mandy - October 18, 2015 Reply

Wow! I can’t wait to shop on Thomas and Friends and Paw Patrol….I can’t decide! My kiddos love to help me in the kitchen. They will be so surprised! Keep the great ideas coming!

Rehana - October 18, 2015 Reply

Hi!!! At the beginning of the school year while I was searching for a water bottle for my daughter, I would often see Zak! as the brand but never purchased any since I didn’t hear of them. Thanks for informing us.
Going through their site made me super excited- love the selection of items in each category.
I may sound greedy but it’s difficult to select even a few since everything looks so useful and eye catching.
Here are some that would purchase..

Rose shaped serving bowl (how cute!!!).

Locking Tongs- actually 2-4 of these- how useful!!

Happy face spoons- just looking at them makes me smile so must have in the kitchen

Confetti serving tray- how beautiful!! Great centerpiece at the table

Cannot forget about he princesses for my own princess-

Loving the dinner set as well

Thank you for the opportunity!

tiffany Guzman - October 18, 2015 Reply

We currently have the sandwich lunch squares (5 of them) they are awesome but take up alot of space in the dishwasher. We would love the bento boxes and the tumblers. With 6 kids I like to keep them similar to prevent fighting. I like that zak carries several characters but same style so each has their own but they are same sizes.

Karen D - October 18, 2015 Reply

Never knew about these products. Can’t wait to try them.

Tiny Chef 6-pc Kids Baking Set for Cookies – Flower & Butterfly

Chelsea - October 18, 2015 Reply

Zak! products are always awesome. My nephews would love the Star Wars ships cookie cutters ( and my little guy would be over the moon for the orange Mickey Mouse shaped plate (

Denisse - October 18, 2015 Reply

I am in love with the ice cream tubbies ( If I win I would definitely voy a couple of those!

Amanda - October 18, 2015 Reply

Kids cupcake baking set is adorable! My son and I are always making cupcakes.

Sarah Denton - October 18, 2015 Reply

Love the minion items I have a kids who love minions too, but those Star Wars plates and bowls are amazing

Marie - October 18, 2015 Reply

I’m not sure I need another bottle :-), but I like this one! Being insulated, though, it would be good for my green smoothies.

My kids’ water bottles could use upgrading, and I like these:

With food allergies, we always bring our own cupcakes to parties. This baking set is great, and dresses the cupcakes up!

Ludicrous Mama - October 18, 2015 Reply

I want pretty much alllll the Star Wars dishes!

Kim - October 18, 2015 Reply

I love Zak products! I was just looking at their mixing bowls, because I only have one and I’m tired of constantly washing it.
And my daughter would love the star wars cereal bowl,
I’m also in need of outdoor tableware, so these plates would be perfect,

Suzi R - October 18, 2015 Reply

Thank you for the email with the Zak site. Great stuff! So much fun to be had!! My littles will get a kick out of these items.

Judi - October 18, 2015 Reply

I have seen Zak products in the stores, but had no idea they had such a big collection! The big hit in our house would be anything Spiderman, or Star Wars, I especially like the Star Wars dinner plates: and the Star Wars Go Pak lunch set: That one would be great for my youngest when he starts school next year.

Tammie Allegro - October 18, 2015 Reply

I love just about everything on this Zak. So many great fun items. My favorite is the dinner set. I can see so many ways to use the items on their site to do recipes you have posted.

JoAnne cash - October 18, 2015 Reply

Loved shopping the toddler soppy cups and dishes.

Jennifer - October 18, 2015 Reply

I love so much of Zak Designs, it’s hard to pick just one. So instead, my first purchase would be the serving dishes that make a flower pattern. 🙂

Karen - October 18, 2015 Reply

How awesome is this collection!!! Would be great to use out on the deck next summer!!! 🙂

Cathy - October 18, 2015 Reply

I’m in love with the Gallery Serving Trays – all of them! I could spend the whole $100 just on those 😀

Thank you for the giveaway!

Michelle G - October 18, 2015 Reply

I LOVE the Star Wars baking set for kids!

Rachael - October 18, 2015 Reply

We may need to try this. I liked the Star Wars dishes. My guy would love them.

Becca F - October 18, 2015 Reply

Love the confetti collection, so fun! Also love this appetizer organizers
So cool!

Kiersten - October 18, 2015 Reply

Thank you for introducing me to! Would definitely purchase this:

And this:

And this:

Thanks for the chance to win!

Brenda F - October 19, 2015 Reply

Oh my goodness, my kids would flip OUT over the Star Wars dinnerware
I would love these coffee mugs
and the BB8 stuff is AWESOME!!

Jaimie - October 19, 2015 Reply

Well I love this water bottle, and know just the perfect person to give it too (my brother).

But really, I’d love to start a collection of baking utenils, including the wonderful ones this site has for kids. I love baking and love inviting others over for baking parties, but I never have enough for everybody! 😀

Carol Korenowski - October 19, 2015 Reply

My kids love Star Wars and would go crazy over these!

Sabahat - October 19, 2015 Reply

Love the cookie cutters! Really like the zak drink container with snack storage attached right now we love the Sofia the first!

Brenda F - October 19, 2015 Reply

My kids would flip out over all the Star Wars dinnerware:
I would personally like these coffee mugs:
and I know my kids would LOVE the BB8 items:
So cool!

Leah - October 19, 2015 Reply

Oh, I love melamine stuff, what fun!
Wonder Woman is an eternal favorite at our house, so one for everyone of this one:
Star Wars too:
I love a cute tray too:
These trays are nice too!

Tracy Spangler - October 19, 2015 Reply

What a fantastic giveaway! My first choices would be fruit infuser water bottles for my two girls. I recently purchased one and love it, and they’ve been asking for one. My eldest would like the Frozen one, and my youngest would love the regular sized Minnie water bottle.

Next: The Hayden 16 oz Tea Infuser Travel Mug is brilliant! I’ve never seen a travel mug for loose leaf tea before! Also, the Moso 8-inch Bamboo Divided Bowl – Kiwi is lovely, as are the Moso 11-inch Bamboo Divided Dinner Plate in various colors.

Thank you for sharing this affordable, fun & modern company that has products my daughters would love, and that I already do!

Maureen - October 19, 2015 Reply

Hi, I like the confetti assorted kiwi mixing bowl set, rose colander and spice grinder.

Stacy Marquez - October 19, 2015 Reply

Wow, so neat! I’m new to Love their choices! New to adding hyperlinks too so we’ll see if I can do this!
Would love these water bottles for my 3 girls. They track your daily h2o!

BeckyM - October 19, 2015 Reply

I love all of the character choices! My daughter would love the Wonder Woman collection!

Cheryl Michael - October 19, 2015 Reply

I was looking at all the stuff that our local retail store don’t have and I instant knew what our family would love!

Maybe this would help make my 2 little boys want to eat?! One could only hope.

Tabitha - October 19, 2015 Reply

I love everything! So cute! My family would love love love the Star Wars collection.

I hope we win!

Kelly - October 19, 2015 Reply

We are Thomas obsessed over here, so I’d love to get down of the Thomas dishes and cups!

Jamie - October 19, 2015 Reply

So many choices, some of the products I love are:
Ultimate Spider-Man Mason Jar Tumbler
Hello Kitty Mason Jar Tumbler
Minnie Mouse Mason Jar Tumbler

My kids would love them.

P.S. The last picture of your son Gabriel, my son has that same pirate shirt.

Kathy C - October 19, 2015 Reply

I have never heard of this company and enjoyed looking at their products. Here are some things I liked:
I also liked the placemats, those would be fun to use when the grandkids come out to visit.

pat - October 19, 2015 Reply

thanks for the giveaway. my favorite products are the prep bowls and the fruit infuser cup.


Talena - October 19, 2015 Reply

I love zak! Would love to add some cute water bottles to our stash to cut down on the yucky plastics. Yikes!

Cara - October 19, 2015 Reply

I have been using Zak Designs products since my kids started eating! I love their plates and silverware but my collection has taken a beating over the past few years and I could definitely use some new tableware. Recently my daughter is into Paw Patrol and My Little Pony so I know she would love these plates:
My son loves planes so he would be ecstatic to eat off of these:
I love how well these plates have lasted (over 4 years so far) and that they are dishwasher safe.
For me I would really love to buy a salad set and some new mixing bowls.

FYI – I always check for Zak Designs plates on sale at Target and every once in a while I get lucky 🙂

Janette Massino - October 19, 2015 Reply

I love Zak products! With 4 kids, we have our share of kid ware. The one thing that I am always in search of is more or better lunch containers. This one is turtles,, minions and my little pony My youngest doesn’t do the lunch rut just yet 🙂

These cereal bowls are so cute and not plastic! I think I’d need a dozen in assorted colors.

Actually, as always, I’d love to take the whole lot!

Jennifer Abrams - October 19, 2015 Reply

What an awesome website! I had never heard of it previously, and now I will be there often!

Love this:

and this!

Sue - October 19, 2015 Reply

I love the divided bowls!
No worrying about kids double dipping! 🙂

Laura B - October 19, 2015 Reply

I love this kids baking set!

Melanie - October 19, 2015 Reply

Wow! So much great stuff. Since I do love cooking/baking with my boys, I love the cookie cutters and the baking items. Thanks!!

Esmeralda Gonzalez - October 19, 2015 Reply

I have a big kid who’s a small kid at heart. He would love to use Marvel or Spider man utensils!

Kelly - October 19, 2015 Reply

My one year old is just starting to feed himself and we are in need of toddler-friendly plates, bowls, and utensils. I would love to have this set:!

kathleen - October 19, 2015 Reply

What a cute idea. It is was always so much fun cooking with the children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren. When making cut-out cookies cute cutters are a must.

Jessica K. - October 19, 2015 Reply

I love the lunchbox sets! – this would be my son’s pick, though I also really love Star Wars:

lisa franklin - October 19, 2015 Reply

my 2 year old has just started cooking a lot with me and my 4 year old likes to help cook as well. Really all of my kids do and their dad likes to give them a piece of pizza or bread dough to work with so they can “make their own.”

Cristina - October 19, 2015 Reply

Wow! This is so much fun! When I saw the baking sets with rolling pins I almost flipped out. My daughter “steals” my rolling pin all the time! This would be perfect for her. Since I couldn’t decide on one, here are my top choices.

Of course the confetti bowls are so much fun that I want to use them!

Then the airplane baking set:

My daughter and son love the Frozen movie. They sing songs every day from it.

What I love about the Minion set is the frosting bag. It’s so colorful.

Kelley Brandle - October 19, 2015 Reply

This is soo cute! My 3 year old would love this!!!

Leslie Kahlenberg - October 19, 2015 Reply

I had no idea they had this awesome retro small world line – would buy one of each at least:

P.S. Where did you get your cool novelty print top?

Suzanne - October 19, 2015 Reply

We gotten so many great ZAK kids cups at target. These bowls look really great

Laura - October 19, 2015 Reply Love these!! Love everything actually

Susan - October 19, 2015 Reply

Love this site! The Star Wars collection is perfect for the older kid in the house.

The Dot Dot tumblers have great bright colors to brighten up the table.

Faith - October 19, 2015 Reply

Never heard of, but thanks for sharing! They have awesome products. My boys would love the Star Wars themed everything.

Sarah Troxel - October 19, 2015 Reply

I love the kids silverware, perfwct size for my 5yro and she loves the chatacters.

I love this set! Just bought it lol….

Bridgette - October 19, 2015 Reply

absolutely anything star wars!!!!

Amber - October 19, 2015 Reply

My little guy is a big Paw Patrol fan.

Larissa - October 19, 2015 Reply

I had no idea Zak made so many different things! My kids love to serve the treats they make so this stand would be fun to have.

Jamie - October 19, 2015 Reply

These are great and I love the colors! Such great products!

Aubrey - October 19, 2015 Reply

My son would go crazy for this!

KatieB - October 19, 2015 Reply

My boys would love anything with the Paw Patrol! Especially this plate. 🙂

Josie - October 19, 2015 Reply

I would love to get my daughter anything from frozen!

And my son anything Spider-Man!

It’s so hard to choose but those are the two I would choose from!

Pat M - October 19, 2015 Reply

Zak designs and colors make one smile, they are a treat to use in the kitchen even for the adults 🙂 My grandson loves to cook and bake with his Grands, Star Wars would work!

Deborah Bolin - October 19, 2015 Reply

My son and I love Minions as well!! This is the perfect collection with mugs and all types of items he would love to have for Christmas!

Thank you!!!!!!!

Cathy - October 19, 2015 Reply

The Zak reusable water bottles are my favorite. They hold up to lots of trips thru the dishwasher, not to mention hold up to my two boys. Love the new Peanuts design!

Leah - October 19, 2015 Reply

I don’t see my original post here, so trying again!

My son loves Star Wars and Minions. He would love these!

Rhiannon Metzger - October 19, 2015 Reply

My kids and I love Zak! products! My little guy is really into Super Mario Bros. so anything from this collection he would love!!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Dana D - October 19, 2015 Reply

We are Star Wars fans so we would have to go with the new ceramic dishware coming in December.

SO cool! My boys and I would love to eat off of them. 🙂

Betsy L - October 19, 2015 Reply

These couldn’t make cooking more fun if they tried! 🙂

Carrie - October 19, 2015 Reply

Love these with winter coming up and my kids love Olaf!

Sondra - October 19, 2015 Reply

My eyes have just been opened to an entire kitchen wonderland! I had no idea ZAK Designs made so many things! An insulated ice cream container??? Serving trays, food storage containers, kids baking sets, and lunch container items for my daughter.

Jessica - October 19, 2015 Reply

So many neat things! This stainless steal travel mug would be handy

Abby - October 19, 2015 Reply

While browsing, I noticed the milk jug cups that my kids already have (courtesy of Grandma),I had no idea they were Zak! I love the no spill plates and bowls for toddlers-it would save so many clean ups!

Shweta desai - October 20, 2015 Reply

I love get star war and frozen cooking material for my son and daughter. They love to help me out in the kitchen and love see and make different things with me.

Kathryn - October 20, 2015 Reply

I’ve never been to before but now looking through there website they have really nifty items! Like these bowls which are very cute with how they glitter.

Amy - October 20, 2015 Reply

These little dishes are SO cute!

Jessica Mandat - October 20, 2015 Reply

I have three little boys and they love cooking with me. I love the Minions cooking items, but my four year picked out the paw patrol place setting.

Naomi - October 20, 2015 Reply

My children, especially my two year old boy, would like a Thomas train cup. They all need new cups.

Allison - October 20, 2015 Reply

Not unlike the brilliant idea of buying GUMMY vitamins to get my husband to take daily vitamins, I would get the Darth Vader water bottle to get him to drink WATER! (sigh, do they ever grow up?)

And for the ACTUAL children in my house, my little guy would go bonkers over anything Paw Patrol: My older guy would totally dig anything Star Wars:


    Laura Fuentes - October 20, 2015 Reply

    I really had to laugh. Love it Allison.

    Stephanie Schneller - October 28, 2015 Reply

    Congratulations! You are the winner! Check your email for details. 🙂

Lina Coambes - October 20, 2015 Reply

I love Zak products the divided plates are my favorite item but I love the Lotus 4-piece Serving Bowl Set also.

Kimberly A - October 20, 2015 Reply

My daughter has celiac and she loves to cook and bake with us. She is trying to work with the BIG tools, but some kid-size ones would certainly help. And, of course, the fact they are MINION tools would be even better. She and her little brother love Despicable Me. Thanks for all the great recipes. We have both your books and use them to make most of their meals.

Claudia B - October 20, 2015 Reply

My kid loves Paw Patrol so of course I would be buying those items 🙂

Claudia B - October 20, 2015 Reply

My kid loves Paw Patrol so I would be buying some of those items 🙂

JoeyfromSC - October 20, 2015 Reply

Cool cookies!

I love this:

Thank you for the chance to win!!

Joey J.

Tara Kidd - October 20, 2015 Reply

My daughter loves paw patrol so I’d have to get her this mealtime set!

Tricia - October 20, 2015 Reply

Would love to try out so many things from Zak! I’ve never heard of them before and had so much fun exploring their website. Some things that stood out for me were the Petal Table Art Serving Set – Rainbow,, the Happy Face 3-piece Kitchen Spoon Set – Orange, and the Peanuts Coffee Mug – Woodstock

Denise - October 20, 2015 Reply

Absolutely love their products. Would have never known about their site if you hadn’t posted on it. Thank you!
Love the Cars set 🙂

Talia B. - October 20, 2015 Reply

My son would love the minion set. But he would also like any of the baking sets for kids. Like this one

Jessica A - October 21, 2015 Reply

I would go with Zak fruit infuser water bottles!!! Also loving the Star Wars themed items!

eh - October 21, 2015 Reply

Minions all the way!
The website is awesome

Kim Eby - October 21, 2015 Reply

Minions everything! My kids are into collecting everything Minion as well. The things at would make a great addition.

Christi - October 21, 2015 Reply

I love anything from this collection. So cute!

Cassie Morrison - October 21, 2015 Reply

So. Much. Hello. Kitty!!!!!! My daughter would go crazy for this collection!!

Julie Alley - October 21, 2015 Reply

Love all of the baking sets. My daughter and I enjoy baking together and she would love these Minion cookie cutters…and the Frozen set too! 🙂

Jackie - October 21, 2015 Reply

The tumblers with the water intake tracker on them are AMAZING!!! LOVE these!

Christy - October 21, 2015 Reply

Love the batter bowls!

Sarah Yarbrough - October 21, 2015 Reply

I love the mason jar tumblers!

and the plastic milk bottles

All the character choices are really great!

Karey V. - October 21, 2015 Reply

Star Wars dishes for our littlest fans? Yes, please! 🙂

Jenni M - October 21, 2015 Reply

one eye minion water bottle
tea infuser travel mug
25oz tumbler w straw

Aliya - October 21, 2015 Reply

Oops! Forgot to include the link for the kids plates I loved:

Gill - October 21, 2015 Reply

Would love any of the kids baking sets that Zak has.

Caitie - October 21, 2015 Reply

I love the variety in the kids collections at!! My son loves trains and a Thomas set would just make his day!! 🙂

I love the Frozen things (especially with Olaf) personally, and the Winnie the Pooh collections 🙂

Stacy Fellows - October 21, 2015 Reply

Well, I love, love the fun colors! It would be great to add these bowls to our collection of bowls.

Beth C - October 21, 2015 Reply

Wow minions, Star Wars oh my. These Star Wars plates would be the hit of dinner! Dundundun.

mary talalay - October 21, 2015 Reply

I love the stackables! I could definitely use a fair portion of stuff on this site!

stephanie - October 21, 2015 Reply

I liked the canning jar tumbers… what a good idea!

Marisol Torres - October 21, 2015 Reply

Winning $100 to use towards products from would be amazing. We love taking lunch to school to having some of the reusable snack bags would be great.

Even the lunch box sets would be great. It has everything kids need (minus the food) to carry their lunch!

I personally would love some confetti cereal bowls! I think these are so fun!

Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Heidi - October 21, 2015 Reply

My favorite is this insulated water bottle. It looks stylish

Amy - October 21, 2015 Reply

My daughter would love the Minion baking set

And my whole family would love the Star Wars dinnerware coming out in December

Also the insulated ice cream containers would be great for homemade ice cream!

Kari Hughes - October 21, 2015 Reply

I really like the look of all of the confetti style items. The mixing bowl sets are bright and cheerful–they’d match my happy mood when I’m in the kitchen baking up a storm!

Last week we broke a cornstarch plate (we’ve been usng for them for years) so we no longer have a full set…so I could use some new bamboo plates for my kids!

Ellen - October 21, 2015 Reply

I would buy the minion set. I love the cookie cutter!

Lacey - October 21, 2015 Reply

I never knew how much fun stuff Zak! had. I would defiantly get a few fork and spoon sets for my three kids and some insulated bags, cookie cutters and check out this apple colander!

Janette - October 21, 2015 Reply

So many great options! Will be taking a good look through but I think these reusable snack bags will be a stocking stuffer!

Susan A - October 21, 2015 Reply

Wow,I love their products. My boys are crazy for Star Wars and love their own plate and bowl sets. There are many favorites already but I would 1st choose the Star Wars dinner plates and insulated tumblers. Their favorite Star Wars characters.

Catherine - October 21, 2015 Reply I think my kids would love these.

Tara - October 21, 2015 Reply

I like the Mini Food Storage Containers and the Insulated Ice Cream Containers. That would be so nice for a special picnic in the park or something like that.

Cortney Domasig - October 21, 2015 Reply

My daughter loves to bake! Her 2 favorite things are Disney Frozen and Nerdy Nummies on youtube. She is having a baking party for her 5th birthday (in about 2 weeks) she would love all the stuff below! I am glad to hear about this site, I’ve been looking for kid size baking sets so that she can have her very own!

Ashley J Long - October 21, 2015 Reply

Oh my goodness! After browsing the Zak site, I found my new go to gift purchasing site! I would enjoy buying and gifting (or keeping) so much on there. My oldest is 2 and is so excited to help Mommy cook and I know she would have so much fun with the confetti mixing bowls and baking sets! My nephews would love the minions sets! And those dessert sets and tiers are perfect for all of the birthday parties we have-big family that is big on celebrating. I’m all about presentation. The drinking cups and serving sets, and heck pretty much everything they sell screams, “Gift Me!” I hope I win the $100! If not, Zak will still be getting my business! Thanks for sharing!

Evelyn Lau - October 22, 2015 Reply

My four years old son like to play with my baking tools as well. I think that Minions baking set is just perfect for him plus with the lunch box.

While my nine years old daughter definitely prefer Frozen.

Vanessa Jensen Sanchez - October 22, 2015 Reply Star Wars please give me good luck

Kyna - October 22, 2015 Reply

All my boys love Stars Wars so I would say this or 🙂 They have a lot of good stuff. 🙂

Michelle - October 22, 2015 Reply

I may have found one of my son’s Christmas gifts. Star Wars lunch set.

Yvonne - October 23, 2015 Reply

These are all so cute it is hard to choose, but definetly like the minons and ninja turtles. – The baking set is super cute as my kids love baking with me. – And the ninja turtle lunch set is cool too 🙂

Wishing everyone good luck, what a great contest 🙂

Sarah - October 23, 2015 Reply

I love the confetti collection!
And my kids would LOVE the mickey mouse ear plates, too cute.

Gwen @ - October 23, 2015 Reply

My kids( and hubby) are Star Wars obsessed. I was just thinking we seem to be low on the “kid-size” plates- the ceramic Star Wars appetizer plates look like they might be a super awesome option!

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