Salad Meal Prep for School & Healthy Snacking

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Back to school is here and although it’s a challenge, I embrace this time of year head on. After a few “back-to-schools” under my belt, I’ve found that getting back into a routine helps us to be more productive and make better use of our time.

One approach I take to adjust to the new swing of things is to keep a plan that includes meals and snack time because this girl has to gotta eat!

easy salad meal prep

Something I implemented a long time ago is packing lunches and snacks the night before. I often take the ingredients from dinner and turn them into a simple and healthy lunch like the salad you see here.

easy salad meal prep

In addition to making sure I have lots of fresh ingredients in their lunches, I always make sure to send along a snack they’ll enjoy, like a snack –size bag of Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP popcorn. I love that it’s an everyday, better-for-you snack with whole grain that my kids (and I) love. It’s also flavorful and with simple ingredients and nothing fake -right up my alley!

If your head just shook because “there’s no way that your 6-year-old will eat that” I’m here to tell you that neither does mine. His lunch consists of some of the elements in this lunch, like the potatoes, egg, tuna, and tomatoes. His lunch looks like a bistro box while mine and my daughter’s looks like this salad.

easy salad meal prep

We also reach for a bag of popcorn in the afternoon, when the boys and I are hanging out outside playing with the dog or riding our scooters before we head out to our evening activities.

easy salad meal prep

What’s most important is to have simple snacks on hand so when it comes to packing lunches and snack time, you can reach for items that keep their ingredients and your assembly simple. My son’s favorite is the Kettle Corn single pack from Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP and I usually have to do a rock-paper-scissors for the last bag in the pantry.

Many days, you can find me eating a large bowl of salad for lunch while munching on popcorn. I love the texture and crunch of popcorn and I don’t feel guilty about snacking along with my food. I’m a kid at heart.

easy salad meal prep

While they like trying new things for lunch, we like to keep the snacks simple and original. I make sure to have wholesome options on hand that we can grab and go and one of our absolute favorites is Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP. It’s the perfect everyday snack that’s full of flavor and just like the meals I prepare, made with real ingredients.

These fun and colorful bags are easy to send in a lunchbox or my case, a purse, for later. I’m a total fan of the Sea Salt, it’s salty and crunchy, two of my favorite things. My family also loves the Kettle Corn, which is sweet and salty. It’s a better-for-you snack that feels like a treat.

By keeping snacks simple, it gives me time to be more creative with meals.

While my kids don’t enjoy every single meal I prepare, they have loved the lunchbox version of my salads.

Check out Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP’s delicious popcorn line here and to find a store near you check out their store locator.

What do you enjoy for an easy snack?

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