Southwest Chipotle Nourish Bowls & Tacos

Can you imagine looking forward to opening your lunch bag each day at the office? After today’s post, where I share my tips for packing veggie filled office lunches, you’ll soon be as excited to pack your food as much as eating it.

Veggie Filled Office Lunches: These Nourish Bowls are great for in the office or for making tacos!

Veggie Filled Office Lunches: These Nourish Bowls are great for in the office or for making tacos!

I know just how easy it is to pack the same school and office lunches each day, and many parents can’t imagine having to think about their work lunch after packing their kids’ school lunches. The thing is that we should spend a few minutes each week thinking about ways to add more nutrition to our food, not just our kids’.

Veggie Filled Office Lunches: These Nourish Bowls are great for in the office or for making tacos!

While we are done “growing” our health depends a lot on our nutritional intake, and adding more fresh veggies is a sure way to make our meals more nutritionally dense. One of my favorite ways to save time in the kitchen is to buy fresh, washed and ready-to-eat veggies; making it exciting to partner up with Mann’s to bring you today’s veggie filled office lunches.

Veggie Filled Office Lunches: These Nourish Bowls are great for in the office or for making tacos!

Recently, I’ve discovered Mann’s Nourish Bowls where the veggies, grains, and sauce are pre-measured and ready to eat. While they are all delicious, the Southwest Chipotle is my favorite bowl. The sweet potato and chipotle salsa combination is hard to resist. You already know how much I love Southwest flavors in my food!

What’s great about the Nourish bowls is that I can customize them in various ways. Some mornings, I pack some corn tortillas along with the Southwest Chipotle bowl and turn the content into tacos, another love of mine.

Veggie Filled Office Lunches: These Nourish Bowls are great for in the office or for making tacos!

In winter, I’ve used the very same bowl, added 4 cups of chicken broth, and now I have a warm thermos lunch! Packed along with some fruit and my meal is complete.

My husband, who needs a little more substance for lunch, loves to turn his Nourish Bowl into a burrito (hot) or wrap (cold). I’ll often add leftover chicken to it, and his meal is complete.

I also like to add a generous scoop of hummus along with some fresh Mann’s Sugar Snap Peas for an easy afternoon office snack. The fresh crisp crunch from the snap peas along side some creamy hummus is the perfect desk side combo!

Veggie Filled Office Lunches: These Nourish Bowls are great for in the office or for making tacos!

As you can see, it’s easy to turn fresh food into a variety of delicious meals. All you have to do is let your creativity take charge and go from there.

What is your favorite veggie-filled lunch that would make a terrific office lunch?

Veggie Filled Office Lunches: These Nourish Bowls are great for in the office or for making tacos!

Southwest Chipotle Veggie Bowls & Tacos

Veggie Filled Office Lunches: These Nourish Bowls are great for in the office or for making tacos!
  • Author: Laura Fuentes
  • Yield: 1 serving


  • 1 Mann’s Southwest Chipotle Nourish Bowl
  • 2 corn tortillas
  • 1/2 avocado, sliced (optional)


  1. Peel off the lid of the Southwest Chipotle Nourish Bowl, mix ingredients, cover with a paper towel, and microwave for 3 minutes. Remove from microwave and stir veggies.
  2. Fill each taco with southwest chipotle veggies and top with avocado if desired.
  3. If packing this for the office, simply pack the tortillas and other toppings in a lunchbox, and bring a Nourish Bowl with you. Follow microwaving directions to heat up veggies and prepare tacos.

From time to time, I work with awesome companies to develop content for this website.  Today’s post was brought to you by Mann’s. All opinions are 100% my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that encourage my creativity.


Veggie Filled Office Lunches: These Nourish Bowls are great for in the office or for making tacos!


40 thoughts on “Southwest Chipotle Nourish Bowls & Tacos”

  1. Alexandra says:

    I usually make some sort of wrap / burrito with leftovers and recently started bringing mason jar salads!

  2. Rachel says:

    Pasta salad with LOTS of veggies!

  3. Olivia says:

    I love couscous so that is usually my go-to at the office mixed with some veggies.

  4. Lily says:

    I love a couple of small flour tortillas with hummus, leftover chicken, leftover cooked veggies (asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower), raw pepper slices, and avocado slices. Delicious!

  5. Patti says:

    Ok, so apparently I’m in need of some veggie lunch help because I cannot think of ANY lunches that I pack that are JUST veggies!! Even on my salad days I throw protein in there like chicken or steak…….am I beyond help??

    1. Laura Fuentes says:

      Never beyond help! Sometimes, I just add in some black beans or some nuts and seeds for a little protein. It is great that you are adding meat to your salads! 🙂

  6. Rachel says:

    I need to get back into making mason jar salads. Loved those one upon a time! 🙂

  7. Debra says:

    I love to make a rice bowl using brown rice and adding roasted veggies I have on hand. I stir in some hot salsa to give it a kick! Yum!

  8. Natalie says:

    I am a big fan of dipping my baby carrots, celery, and red pepper slices in guacamole (to go wholly guacamole).

  9. Mary B says:

    I usually make a veggie soup or a salad.

  10. Marion says:

    Lately it has been quinoa with peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil and a little Italian dressing with greens I have on hand.

  11. Sheryl B. says:

    I love peppers, cucumbers, zucchini with some buffalo tuna in the side. These Mann’s meals sound right up my alley!

  12. Tina R. says:

    I use small packets of guacamole or roasted red pepper hummus with cherry tomatoes and baby carrots. A hard boiled egg on the side for some extra protein. The kids love to dip there veggies. These Mann meals sound phenomenal.

  13. Jennifer says:

    My favorite lunches are anything including sweet potatoe! My favorite is leftover roasted veggie enchiladas with cauliflower, sweet potatoe, corn, onion and spinach in them

  14. Sylvie says:

    Love ratatouille! Full of wonderful veggies!
    Juste add some brown rice, chick peas or lentils for proteins and vegan cheese in a wrap and you have a fantastic lunch 🙂

  15. I love to pack mason jar salads and veggie stir fry. I add the smallest portion of rice to the stir fry but its so satisfying!

  16. Jannette says:

    Tacos! Tacos! and More Tacos! I love all of your Taco recipes and this looks like I will be able to make them so much quicker and more often! Thank you

  17. Tricia M says:

    As a meat eater, these bowls look to be a great addition to my weekly meal plans. It is hard to get all the veggies I need into my diet in a day.

  18. Monica says:

    I love big salads! The bigger the better filled with all the veggies in my fridge I can find. This would help cut my time in the morning when heading out the door.

  19. Kirbie says:

    Stuffed red bell peppers. I sauté a hash-like filling made with sweet potatoes, kale, spinach, onion, carrots and black beans and stuff red bell peppers and roast and then cover with cheese and broil to melt the cheese. It is super filling and yummy.

  20. Mindy says:

    We like soups and salads. And of course, veggies with any kind of hummus…even black bean!

  21. Stacy L says:

    I love leftover veggie pizza in my lunch or even just a bunch of raw cut up vegetables with a sandwich or wrap. Bbq stuffed green peppers reheat well, too! 🙂

  22. Colleen M says:

    I usually try to make a veggie soup with chicken broth or bring rice and beans with cut up vegetables on the side – usually just carrots, celery, or green beans.

  23. John says:

    I recently bought their sugar snap peas, they were good in a stir fry!

  24. Samaantha says:

    Fresh veggies that you heat and eat? **running to store NOW!**!!

  25. Hannah says:

    I love that you always introduce me to cool new things!! I must go find these nourish bowls. Thanks!

  26. Anna Marie says:

    The Asian nourish bowl is SO good!!!

  27. Sarah Hoyst says:

    I used the Brussels sprouts nourish bowl sautéed with bacon and it was amazing!!

  28. Tara Walsh says:

    I discovered these two weeks ago at my store and although I eat paleo, these bowls are amazing. I take out the little grain packet and use the rest. Super affordable way of eating more veggies every day!

  29. Kim says:

    Fresh cut peppers, radishes, carrots, celery, snap peas with hummus is our go to for work lunches. I’ve never heard of these nourish bowls but I’m very interested!

  30. Billie Moore says:

    I enjoy taking the suppers I make such as chicken and rice with black beans, which is loaded other veggies and making wraps out of it or quinoa chili into wraps. I also bring along fresh cut veggies as a snack. The wraps help use up the meals since most recipes are for more than 2.

  31. Karen says:

    I usually have a giant salad for lunch, with veggies and nuts, seeds, and protein added in to make it a Paleo meal. A new variety and containers would be great for hectic days.

  32. Kathy Damron says:

    My lunches typically include a big bowl of soup (usually lentil, veggie, or chili) and some fresh cut veggies with hummus to dip in. These bowls sound great and would make a nice back-up to the hectic days when I could use a few extra minutes!

  33. Rebecca Bader says:

    Great idea! I was so happy to find these bowls at my supermarket. I’ve been prepping veggies early in the week and adding them to lunches with ranch dressing. It’s time for a change!

  34. Wendy says:

    I love making salads for lunches … Salads for me .. Salads to share .. Always a hard boiled egg or two .. Clumps of lots of veggies in each corner … Then berries/fruit in another .. Cheese … In the middle and then pop that top on if you can !!! Different kinds of dressings … Love my salads!!!

    1. Laura Fuentes says:

      Yum! I am drooling!

  35. Crystal Wonn says:

    I love to make burrito bowls!!! All the burrito goodness without the tortilla!

  36. Ashley says:

    I’ve really been enjoying pita bread stuffed with salad greens, shredded carrots, snap peas, canned artichoke hearts and black olives mixed with salad dressing. Super quick and tastes great!

  37. Norma-Jean says:

    I often make cabbage soup (cabbage, carrots, onions, celery, canned diced tomatoes(low salt) and tomato juice), pack a large salad, or green beans with salsa on top (either jar salsa or a three pepper salsa I make myself). I don’t feel full enough at lunch if I don’t eat veggies. : ) Plus, I’m on Weight Watchers, and veggies are essential!

  38. Pamela Hartman says:

    I like to make fajitas with lots of yummy peppers and onions and wrap in a tortilla.

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