Staying Healthy as a Mom

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My friends. It’s time to have a chat about how to stay healthy when the demands of taking care of our families are set upon us.

laura fuentes folding laundry

I know very well what it’s like to carry a packed calendar, to barely have time to wash your hair, and to ask yourself, did I brush my teeth today?

Taking care of tiny humans is no small job; and with all the craziness, we sometimes put our health on the backburner. And then, when we search for things to do to “de-stress” and “putting mom first” many of the results include things that are just not feasible as a mom.

Meditate? Journal? Who has time for that when the kids wake you up before the sun comes up? Exactly. For this reason, I’ve created a video with five ways that help this on-the-go mama stay healthy AND balanced.

When it comes to taking care of myself and my family, the most important element is what we put into our bodies. On any given day, I have a long to-do list; which is why I use Culturelle® Probiotics along with lots of fresh food to keep my mind and body in super-human shape -no cape though. Okay, maybe not super-human but you know what I mean. This mama must keep herself healthy from the inside out.

Culturelle® isn’t’ just any probiotic supplement. My whole family takes it because they are exclusively powered by LGG® probiotic, the single-strain super probiotic that’s the most effective probiotic strain and the only one you need to support good digestion and immune health.

Feeding my family fresh foods daily has made cooking a BIG part of my every day; that’s why I like to make every meal count.

laura fuentes working out

Even though I incorporate foods into our diets that are rich in probiotics like yogurt for breakfast, raw cheese such as goat cheese in a salad, and apple cider vinegar to make a salad dressing it’s not consistent and unfortunately not enough…which is why I add probiotics to my daily routine along with good food to fuel to power us through the day and help us stay healthy.

I began to add probiotics into our daily routine once I learned that most foods don’t guarantee the type of probiotic strain that Culturelle® does and the probiotics found in food don’t always carry the number of live active cultures or survive in the digestion process.

laura fuentes culturelle

If you don’t like to swallow pills, you can easily add a Culturelle® Pro Well capsule to a smoothie or yogurt. And for the kids, I simply add the packet version to their water and getting them to drink it is a breeze.

Along with eating right, I make sure to drink a lot of water. A TON OF WATER!  We all know my love for coffee, but along with that bottomless cup, there is a glass of water right beside it.

laura fuentes drinking water

At some point, around 2 pm, this girl cuts the coffee from her day so I can get a good night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep is probably the biggest reason my body thanks me daily because when I am well rested, I can do all the other things that keep me healthy -like making the right food choices, exercising, and more.

I believe that to have a happier and more harmonious life making my small world around me a better place is a chain of reaction that starts with me. By staying healthy I’m able to do more things with the kids, I have the energy to put the best version of me out there, make better choices about food, and more. It all starts by prioritizing to #BeGoodInside and live it out.

laura fuentes green smoothie

What are some of your tips for staying healthy and how do probiotics fit into your health routine?

You can check out Culturelle’s® line of products on their website and purchase them for your family at many retailers and easily through Amazon here.

Doing good as a mom means taking care of our families and ourselves. Along with Culturelle and these 5 tips we show you how you can stay healthy and balanced as a mom! #ad #BeGoodInside

June 12, 2018

7 thoughts on “Staying Healthy as a Mom”

  1. Anna says:

    STaying healthy is so important. You radiate health Laura. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sarah James says:

    I use Culturelle probioitics for my family. LOVE them!

  3. Stella says:

    You are always so real and encouraging, Laura! Just ordered some probiotics on Amazon

  4. Simonne says:

    I started using Culturelle years ago after i had to take 3 rounds of antibiotics. My doctor suggested I picked up some at Walgreens when I refilled my perscription and I’ve been taking them ever since and my kids. Easy to find and to take.

  5. Karinne says:

    Those probiotic packets are going to be life changing! I just ordered some for the kids. nobody knows how to swallow pills. Thanks Laura!

  6. Mary B says:

    I bought these when I saw this on your IG story a while back. They are easy to swallow and my kids like the packets. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Nichole says:

    I bought those packets for the kids. They liked the flavored water! horray! probiotics without the fuss. Thanks for a great suggestion, Laura!

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