Volunteering with Kids to Clean up our Lakefront Beach

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A couple of weeks ago, we took the kids to the Gulf Coast Marine Center to learn about the environment and the preservation efforts being made in our area. That visit made an impact on my kids and immediately we began to have conversations about what we could do together, as a family, to make the area we live better.beach cleanup with kids

We also gained an understanding of the role of marshlands, protecting the South Louisiana and Mississippi wetlands, how the Mississippi River land erosion and the Gulf of Mexico play a role in animal and plant life, and more.

On the drive home, the kids were excited about all the things they had learned and wanted to find a place to volunteer to make an impact in the environment.

beach cleanup with kids

We agreed on a “beach cleanup” at the Lakefront. It’s a beautiful beach area inside Fontainebleau State Park that we often frequent with the kids when the weather is warm. Why not clean up an area that we already love to enjoy?

beach cleanup with kids

Along with the trash bags (for the cleanup efforts) and sunscreen, I took a beach blanket and a variety of my family’s favorite snacks. Because you know, when in doubt, pack snacks. Everyone loves snacks!

Snacking at home is easy. I often make a big assortment board of snacks for all of us in the afternoon while we work on schoolwork. On the weekends, the board pretty much sits on the kitchen counter all afternoon.

deep river snacks

deep river snack boxes

For our afternoon of volunteering, I packed a variety of Deep River Snacks kettle chips and HONCHOS, my boy’s favorite. You’ve probably seen Deep River Snacks chips at your grocery or online (I buy them in bulk on Amazon). I love them is because they are the best tasting chips, made from simple, wholesome ingredients. They are non-GMO, gluten-free, and made in a nut-free facility. They contain zero artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

beach cleanup with kids snack time

In addition to making great tasting snacks using ingredients you can feel good about eating (having the cleanest ingredient label is a huge priority), Deep River Snacks also focuses on doing good. Each bag features a charity and donates 10% of the company’s net profits to charitable organizations. Between their commitment to the best ingredients and their charitable support, it’s a chip I can feel good about eating with my family.

beach cleanup with family

family’s favorite kettle chip flavors include Original Sea Salt, Sea Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion, along with HONCHO Nacho Cheese, HONCHOS Ranch, and the Baked Crisps with Sea Salt.

When I asked my youngest (the foodie) what his favorite part of the day was, he replied “snack time!” of course. And you know what? I have to agree with him. After an hour or so of picking up empty bottles, wrappers, and trash, snack time was a welcomed break.

beach cleanup snack time

beach cleanup snack time

Both my husband and I were happy with the opportunity to bring a learning experience full circle with our kids. The fact that we didn’t have to go far to volunteer and do something with our family was great, and the kids learned about the importance of giving back to our community.

With packed schedules, it can often seem difficult to find “a day” to give back, but sometimes it’s a nice reminder that even an hour or two can make an impact in our environment and our kids’ lives. Most importantly, it was quality family time; and this my friend is priceless. Whether you have one hour or one afternoon, you can find out ways to volunteer in your area here in honor of National Volunteer Month.

With our on-the-go lifestyle and chaotic activity-filled afternoons, sometimes a delicious bag of quality chips, like our favorites from Deep River Snacks, are the perfect grab and go snack to add to our home-packed meals. You can find Deep River Snacks kettle chips at a retailer nationwide (visit their website to locate a store near you) or visit Amazon.com to have them shipped right to your door as we do!

What are some volunteer opportunities you’ve been involved or would like to be involved with your family?


April 25, 2018

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Rhonda - April 25, 2018 Reply

This looks like such a fun family activity! Thank you for sharing how you incorporate these volunteer things into yoru family’s life.

Sean - April 25, 2018 Reply


Lauraen - April 25, 2018 Reply

I LOVE the French onion chips. They taste like onion rings but Better!!

Elena - April 26, 2018 Reply

You have such a sweet family, Laura. Thank you for sharing this post!

Amy Kohn - April 26, 2018 Reply

I’m new to your site and these chips. We are just starting out on this healthy eating journey so no favorite flavor yet but these seems very healthy for my kids. I would love to volunteer at a homeless agwktwr with our children. Great way to help those in need!

    Laura Fuentes - April 27, 2018 Reply

    Welcome to my site Amy! Eating healthy is a priority for us but so is making sure that the snacks we eat are made of good and wholesome ingredients. That’s one thing I love about these chips! The potatoes are thicker and very clean and non-gmo ingredient list. All in all, it was a terrific experience for my kids and I hope you are able to find a volunteer opportunity near you with your kids!

Amy Kohn - April 26, 2018 Reply

Supposed to say homeless shelter. Spell check failed me, ha!

Karen - April 26, 2018 Reply

I took my kids to clean up our beaches last year. It was a fun day. I bought the cheddar horsradish chips a couple of weeks ago and holy-molly they were spicy!! Good though.

matt - April 26, 2018 Reply

My favorite are the Zesty Jalapeno. I’m a spicy kinda man.

Sanda - April 27, 2018 Reply

These are our favorite chips! I love the Maui Onion and my husband likes the Peach jalapeno ones. What a great opportunity to volunteer with your kids, Laura.

Tammy - April 28, 2018 Reply

Sour cream and onions Sounds delicious. I have never tried them before. We helped lean up our local park..:)

Sarah Bauer - April 28, 2018 Reply

The classic look good. My girls and I help collect toiletry items for a food pantry every April with Girl Scouts.

Tricia - April 29, 2018 Reply

I love a good BBQ flavor or cheesy flavor. My sister and I are donating our time to helping kickstart our own foundation in memory of my nephew. But I’ve recently discovered another local not for profit called Happy Birthday Cha Cha Cha and hope to help with them.

    Laura Fuentes - April 29, 2018 Reply

    This is amazing Tricia! Best of luck with the foundation! <3

Cristina - April 29, 2018 Reply

My favorite flavor is sour cream and onion. I would love to take my family and volunteer at our local elderly person home. Just sit and visit, hear their stories or read a short story or some poetry.

Rita - April 29, 2018 Reply

I love all things crunchy and salty. Can Isay I like them all? As a teacher my kids have seen the excitement I have when I come home with a great story from my class. My kids are now paying it forward by volunteering to work with kids through camps.

Jacquelyn - April 29, 2018 Reply

I’ve never tried these chips but cant wait to buy some! Cheddar flavored or just plain sea salt are my favorites. I volunteer at our local community college in the summer teaching kiddos how to cook (with fresh wholesome ingredients!) My kids come with me and we all have a blast!

Janet - April 29, 2018 Reply

I haven’t tried these yet but I think my favorite flavor would probably be the Honchos nacho cheese. One way my family volunteers in our community is by serving at the local food pantry..

Alex - April 29, 2018 Reply

Salt and Vinegar rules!!! Our local food bank has Family Volunteer Day on the first Saturday of each month.

Janna - April 30, 2018 Reply

Ever since I was little, I have loved sour cream and onion chips! I have never lost that love! I also love that I can feel good about eating this brand. It’s the way food should be!

Kim - April 30, 2018 Reply

Never tried these chips but I am ready to! When trying to eat healthy you feel like you have to stay away from things like chips, but reading posts of yours makes it so much easier to be able to have a healthy treat sometimes! Thanks for all your hard work for the rest of us.

Cheryl - April 30, 2018 Reply

My favorite chip flavor is original sea salt. I’d love to volunteer with my family at the animal shelter.

AnnEllen Feltcorn - April 30, 2018 Reply

Laura, thank you for teaching your children amazing values, we live on this earth, and are here to enjoy and take care of it. With so much technology items attracting our children’s attention, you gave them a very teaching moment and a day of quality family time. The crispy tenders, amazing. An easy meal, and great for “made aheads”, I rarely say leftovers, in the fridge for a quick meal. I love when I see the empty storage container from them.

    AnnEllen Feltcorn - April 30, 2018 Reply

    Laura, thank you for teaching your children amazing values, we live on this earth, and are here to enjoy and take care of it. With so much technology items attracting our children’s attention, you gave them a very teaching moment and a day of quality family time. The crispy tenders, amazing. I make them without the cheese. An easy meal, and great for “made aheads”, I rarely say leftovers, in the fridge for a quick meal. I love when I see the empty storage container from them. Can’t wait to make the Peaches and cream waffles, we love waffles, an amazing breakfast for dinner.

Cynthia Hernandez - April 30, 2018 Reply

Sour Cream and Onion

Katrina Knittle - May 1, 2018 Reply

I love the sour cream onion flavor. I would love to take my family to the American River to clean up along the river. So many people leave trash all over.

Kelli - May 3, 2018 Reply

We are a Sour Cream and Onion. Chip household!! Having a little one with food restrictions it’s hard to finding healty alternatives that she will actually eat. Chips are a favorite in our household so I am excited to have stumbled across this post. WE love to volunteer at our school and church!!

    Laura Fuentes - May 8, 2018 Reply

    Hi Kelli! You are the winner of our giveaway! Look out for an email from me 🙂

Marion - May 3, 2018 Reply

In our family its a tie between sea salt and nacho flavored chips. We haven’t tried this brand yet, but will definitely look into them. Our family loves to volunteer by giving back to kids during breaks from school by getting involved with a church who fills up backpacks full of food or organizations that do peanut butter and jelly drives.

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