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When it comes to fathers, my children have won the lottery with Eric. Before they were born, he was chosen just for them; as if this man was the piece of their life-puzzle that would complete them.

laura fuentes bbq

In the last two years, Eric has had the opportunity to be home more with our family when he joined my company. Gone are the long commutes and 10-hour days. Instead, he works from our home office and his favorite coffee shop in town when the kids are busy with their activities.

Having him around more during the day has made our family time better and our family unit stronger. Spending more time with our children has been a gift to all of us. He has a unique way of making each of them feel extra special, like they are the only person in his life, at that moment. And while he embraces fatherhood in a way that makes my heart melt, it’s not always all sunshine and rainbows.

Because not all our family moments are perfect, even though it may look like it from the outside. That’s why I love partnering with Minute Maid for their new this is GOOD campaign. Minute Maid is out to prove that family moments don’t have to be perfect to be good – and I couldn’t agree more.

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For instance, our youngest loves to hang out outside with dad when he makes dinner, especially during the warmer months when we cook outside most days. The only problem is that Eric gets distracted goofing off, chatting with G and telling jokes – often to the detriment of dinner. I honestly don’t know what secrets they’re sharing, but in the midst of their father-son time the chicken usually ends up a little more scorched than grilled.

fuentes pouring lemonade
Because sure, our family grill outs look picture-perfect, but there’s a reason I didn’t share a photo of the dinner we ended up eating that night. Burnt. To. A. Crisp.

Life isn’t always perfect, but when Eric gets to spend a little more time with his son, this is definitely GOOD.

fuentes grilling
Most days, you can find me, hiding behind our French doors, trying to catch a glimpse of their smiles, how they interact with each other, and merely seeing my husband embrace all that fatherhood brings – even the burnt food moments.

fuentes bbq

From the outside, with the “sound-off” things kind of look picture perfect; dad outside cooking with his son enjoying some lemonade…But as soon as the door opens, I hear my oldest two bickering, the dog chasing after a squirrel and digging mud in the backyard… back to our messy reality.

Some days we simply reheat leftovers and steam veggies and call it a meal. Far from the gorgeous photos, you see in my Instagram feed but precisely what you see on my Instastories. And then, there are times that I burn the chicken because I forgot to come back and check on it.

And yet, I live for times like these, where I get to be a spectator of their special moments. Fatherhood didn’t just happen to Eric. He is deliberately living it, re-imagining it, and rediscovering it every day. It is as beautiful as he makes it, just like anything else in life. Not perfect, but he is the perfect dad for us. This is fatherhood. This is GOOD.

That’s I’ve partnered with Minute Maid in their #thisisGOOD campaign, to encourage parents to start sharing how it really is and to find beauty in the imperfections of the everyday. Because at the end of the day, no matter how your family looks – this is GOOD. Share your real-life moments on social and tag them with #thisisGOOD.

June 17, 2018

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