Cheesy Quinoa Bites

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I know exactly what you are going to do with your leftover quinoa. Make these Cheesy Quinoa Bites of course!

Cheesy lunchbox bites for #schoollunch that are irresistible!

Do you ever have times where you have leftover quinoa from dinner and don’t know how to repurpose it? This happens to me often. While sometimes I make my Cranberry Quinoa Salad, there are times where I want to make something that everyone will devour.

Yes, it’s true. Not everyone devours salad at my house – shocker! But quinoa is a very versatile ingredient that is also nutritious. It’s naturally gluten-free and easy to digest for half of my house.

Cheesy lunchbox bites for #schoollunch that are irresistible!

This recipe will transform you into a quinoa ninja because it comes together with super speed and the oven does the rest. For our picky eaters, it doesn’t taste or feel like they are eating quinoa, just bites of cheesy delicious yumminess. You have to watch this video where I show you how easy they are to make and fun to eat.

While you can create just about anything with quinoa; salads, appetizers, turn it into granola, breakfast bowl… none of our attempts at introducing this grain to your families will be as successful as this one -guaranteed.

Cheesy lunchbox bites for #schoollunch that are irresistible!

With the success of these tiny bites at home for dinner served with a little marinara or tomato soup, I was encouraged to send them to school in my kids’ lunchbox. Want to up the special factor? Send them a printable note with their lunch that says “baked with love” to make them feel special when they open up their lunch.

Cheesy lunchbox bites for #schoollunch that are irresistible!

To their surprise, it’s not a brownie or cookie but once they try them and taste them, the savory baked treat will be welcomed. Hey, sometimes it’s good to think outside the peanut butter sandwich, right?

What’s awesome is that these Cheesy Quinoa Bites can be customized to whatever you have on hand in the fridge. I am sharing the basic cheesy recipe but add 1 cup of veggies, ham, pepperoni… you get it.

Cheesy lunchbox bites for #schoollunch that are irresistible!

The recipe is also simple enough that if you have nothing to pack for lunch, you can whip it up in the morning while the coffee is brewing. Cook quinoa in the morning? Nope. That’s because you can freeze it too! Boom. That’s two tips in one 😉

Some days, I like to send a cup of my Veggie Tomato Soup inside a thermos and use these as cheesy dippers.

And for grownups, you can chop them up on top of a salad and turn them into cheesy croutons. There is no limit on how you can use these, and they are a total crowd pleaser.

What add-ons would you add into your quinoa bites?

Cheesy lunchbox bites for #schoollunch that are irresistible!


Cheesy Quinoa Bits

Cheesy lunchbox bites for #schoollunch that are irresistible!
  • Author: Laura Fuentes
  • Yield: 12-15 bites


  • 1 ½ cups cooked Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa
  • 1 cup grated Monterrey Jack or Mozzarella Cheese
  • ¼ cup grated parmesan cheese
  • 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 large egg, whisked


  1. Preheat the oven to 400F and grease or spray a mini muffin pan.
  2. In a large bowl, combine cooked quinoa, grated cheese, and grated parmesan cheese. Add seasonings and combine. Add the whisked egg and using a fork, mix well until all ingredients are incorporated.
  3. Transfer quinoa mixture into the muffin tin pan and bake for 15-18 minutes until the tops are golden brown. Remove from oven and allow bites to cool down before removing and serving with marinara sauce for dipping.


Notes: the recipe will yield 12 bigger bites or 18 smaller bites in height.



Cheesy lunchbox bites for #schoollunch that are irresistible!

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Tiffany D - August 8, 2017 Reply

I’m like you in always trying to get more greens in for my daughter. I’d like to add in broccoli chopped up really small. For us big kids, I think it’d be nice to add a grilled shrimp on top to make for a fun appetizer. As always, thanks for amazing recipes!

de - August 9, 2017 Reply

These look great! I would add bacon!

    Rita - August 15, 2017 Reply

    Love that idea. Everything is better with bacon!!!

Jennifer - August 9, 2017 Reply

I would add 1-2 tablespoons ancient seeds or chopped almonds, to add a little crunch and a bit more protein.

    Laura Fuentes - August 11, 2017 Reply

    Sounds delish. Enjoy!

Linda - August 10, 2017 Reply

These look great and I definitely plan to make them. It would be great if you could also post the nutritional data on these recipes for those of us who are monitoring our nutritional and calorie intake.

Natalie - August 13, 2017 Reply

Humm ,maybe a couple different cheeses and spinach

latanya - August 13, 2017 Reply

I would add some carrots

Brenda - August 13, 2017 Reply

I would add a diced jalapeño to the mix and serve with salsa.

Marcia - August 13, 2017 Reply

These look yummy, but we don’t eat cheese. I would try subbing mashed sweet potato instead.

Keri justice - August 13, 2017 Reply

I would love to try this recipe with a ranch seasoning in place of the itialin seasonings and use a ranch dip also! They sound super tasty.

Kate - August 13, 2017 Reply

How about some fresh or frozen spinach, and maybe a little Italian sausage (pre-cooked)?

Tiffany B - August 13, 2017 Reply

I’d add some bacon!!! Yum!!

CarrieP - August 13, 2017 Reply

I would add shredded zucchini to it especially at this time of the year.

Denise - August 13, 2017 Reply

I think chopped broccoli would be fantastic 🙂

Carrie Haines - August 13, 2017 Reply

I’ve never eaten quinoa, but I recently bought some and am inspired by this post…. I like cheese 🙂 I want to try adding ham or bacon… yum!

Kate Olson - August 13, 2017 Reply

Ahhh I love this!! Can’t wait to try these! I think I would add broccoli in some and maybe bell peppers and onions?… I’ve decided that everything should be in mini muffin form because they’re so dang cute and easy to eat. Plus the kids love that it fits in their palm! 🙂 Thank you for another super fun recipe!!

Jennifer - August 13, 2017 Reply

I would try chickpeas for added protein.

Audra - August 13, 2017 Reply

They sound yummy as they are, but ham, spinach, bacon would be good in them too!

Katie - August 13, 2017 Reply

I would dice up some pepperoni and mix it in. Looks delicious.

Theresa O - August 13, 2017 Reply

Can’t wait to try these! My kids like your tuna-quinoa casserole recipe from your book a lot, so I would think adding any veggies, like broccoli, corn or peas could bump up the nutrition. And a sprinkle of cumin like in the casserole. I really like the suggestion of bacon up above too. What a great idea!

Beth - August 13, 2017 Reply

I would make “BLTs” and add some snipped sun dried tomatoes (not in oil), spinach, and bacon – my daughter and I love tomatoes! My son would prefer broccoli and ham.

Kay Eibl - August 13, 2017 Reply

We love quinoa bites! I made some with a similar recipe this weekend and added chopped spinach, plus an extra egg white. My family loves eating them with sriracha sauce! Thank you for sharing another wonderful recipe, with protein-filled quinoa… the best! Thank you.

Kristin D - August 13, 2017 Reply

I would add finely chopped spinach! Would add a nice pop of color 🙂

Dawn Kirchmann - August 13, 2017 Reply

My kiddos like ham, bacon, & sausage, so I would try each!

Tammera Barnas - August 13, 2017 Reply

These look tasty! I would add some chopped baby spinach.

Jill - August 13, 2017 Reply

Seems simple and easy to make and something my son would love! I would add broccoli or perhaps pepperoni or ham.

    Laura Fuentes - August 23, 2017 Reply

    Congratulations Jill! You are the winner of the Bob’s REd Mill Gift Card! Look in your inbox for an email from Thanks for following me!

Marie - August 13, 2017 Reply

I was thinking of adding pepperoni – but I like the other suggestions of broccoli and bacon, too!

How do you recommend sending them to school? Since you don’t have them photographed with a Thermos – do you just send them cold?

    Marie - August 13, 2017 Reply

    I guess your video addresses sending them to school… But it says room temperature. What about cold? From the fridge to the lunchbox with an ice pack?

      Laura Fuentes - August 14, 2017 Reply

      Yes, from fridge to lunchbox with an ice pack or warmed inside a thermos.

    Laura Fuentes - August 14, 2017 Reply

    I send them as is, inside a lunchbox. My kids don’t mind them at room temperature. You could warm them and place them in a thermos too.

Nancy B - August 13, 2017 Reply

I would add some colorful peppers into those little bites.

Alli - August 13, 2017 Reply

I would add curry powder or dried rosemary. I love when there is a lot of flavor and as long as it’s not too spicy my kids usually are on board! These sound awesome and I plan to make them soon.

Debbie Hausher - August 13, 2017 Reply

These sound yummy so definitely will try them out. I would try Colby Jack cheese and bacon with little taco seasoning for Tex-Mex twist.

Tiffany Brown - August 13, 2017 Reply

I love your reciles and tips! I would add some diced pepperoni.

Shant - August 13, 2017 Reply

I’d maybe try adding chopped tomatoes and fresh basil. These look like a great snack to have on hand.

Mayah DeVillier - August 14, 2017 Reply

I would add chopped ham or bacon.

Stacy L - August 14, 2017 Reply

Thanks for the quinoa recipe – can’t wait to try it! I would add grated carrots or minced onions.

Cristina Moidel - August 14, 2017 Reply

I would add pepperoni or sausage, and I like the broccoli idea! Thank you for sharing this recipe!

Kim - August 14, 2017 Reply

I am thinking about trying shredded zucchini in these! Can’t wait to try it 🙂

Melissa Kling - August 14, 2017 Reply

These look so yummy! I think you could add whatever you have in the fridge or pantry! Broccoli, spinach, nuts, bacon! They look versatile! Can’t wait to try them!

Melissa - August 14, 2017 Reply

I love that this recipe can be modified right in the bowl to accommodate all three of my kids tastes. Just cheese for one – put in the pan, add in some diced ham in the remaining mix – put in the pan, and finally add in broccoli and grated carrots to go with the ham for my third child who loves it all!

Michelle - August 14, 2017 Reply

Some leftover chicken or sausage would be delicious.

Kathy - August 14, 2017 Reply

Look yummy! I think I’d like dried tomorrows but I know my sons would like Greek style w/ olives & feta.

Kathy - August 14, 2017 Reply

Look yummy! I think I’d like dried tomatoes 🙂 but I know my sons would like Greek style w/ olives & feta.

January V. - August 14, 2017 Reply

I’d add some finenlt chopped carrots or possibly some collagen to up the protein. They look delish!

Mama Bear - August 14, 2017 Reply

They are perfect just as presented here. I would add nothing. 🙂

Candy Conrad - August 14, 2017 Reply

Broccoli would be a nice addition. I love the idea of using them as croutons and with tomato soup. Thanks for the recipe!

Juliane P. - August 14, 2017 Reply

These look delicious! I think broccoli and chicken would be a good addition.

Sarah - August 14, 2017 Reply

My kids would love pepperoni and black olives cut up real small in them.

Damiana - August 14, 2017 Reply

These look super tasty! I’d add in a little bit of hamburger or turkey burger, chopped super fine, to sneak in a bit of iron for my toddler. Thanks!

Carin - August 14, 2017 Reply

Definitely the secret ingredient… Love!!

Natasha - August 14, 2017 Reply

These cheesy quinoa bites seem perfect as is….but if I were to add anything, it would have to be BROCCOLI!!

Kathy - August 14, 2017 Reply

Bacon sounds really good. Since my kids are grown, I would make some for myself and add some jalapeño peppers

Laynee - August 14, 2017 Reply

These sound good except I don’t like cheese. Would it be easy for me to just leave the cheese out? My first thought was to add pepperoni and onions and bell peppers to make them pizza quinoa bites, but if I remember, I think you already have another recipe of just that. So I would add some broccoli, bell peppers, and maybe some pastured bacon. That would be for all my family! Lucky we all like veggies!

    Laura Fuentes - August 14, 2017 Reply

    If you leave the cheese out, add an additional egg since the cheese helps bind everything together. Enjoy!

Meridith - August 14, 2017 Reply

Can’t wait to try these! I would try adding bacon and maybe some thawed frozen spinach, but just a little to not overpower the flavor! Thank you!

Lisa Floyd - August 14, 2017 Reply

I find these bites-type of foods often lack enough flavor to make my kids want them more than once (with the exception of cheesy turkey meatloaf bites). I would add some uncured bacon bits and a few fresh spinach leaves that have been cut into thin ribbons with kitchen scissors. A sliced cherry tomato ring baked into the top would also be fun and add a little more vitamins and color.

    Laura Fuentes - August 14, 2017 Reply

    These are just the base to add an unlimited amount of toppings and add-ins. Enjoy!

Mary Clare - August 14, 2017 Reply

I love the idea of pepperoni!

AnnEllen Feltcorn - August 14, 2017 Reply

First, I love the note in the lunch box. I wrote notes most days to my kids on the napkin I enclosed in their lunches. It became the subject each lunch table my kids would sit at, and other kids loved it. Second, I would love to add defrosted chopped spinach, and here’s a twist for this amazing quinoa recipe., Siracha sauce mixed with a bit of mayo for a dipping sauce. Great use for that bit of made ahead (no such things as left overs)quinoa.

    Laura Fuentes - August 14, 2017 Reply

    That sounds amazing AnnEllen!

Be - August 14, 2017 Reply

I think these are a great idea!! I would add bacon bits!!! Yum!

    Laura Fuentes - August 14, 2017 Reply

    You can never go wrong with bacon!

Jennifer - August 14, 2017 Reply

I would add mushrooms or zucchini!

Marion - August 14, 2017 Reply

My kids would love to add chopped pepperoni and our homemade pizza seasoning!

Carrie Miller - August 14, 2017 Reply

Green chilies or ham. Or both!

Jamie - August 14, 2017 Reply

Love this, I can’t wait to try it on my picky eaters. I might add carrots or spinach.

Valerie Gordon - August 14, 2017 Reply

The recipe looks good and basic. I would just add some sauteed onions and broccoli. Thanks!

Rachel - August 15, 2017 Reply

Oh any kind of savory crumbled meat or olives!

Mindy G - August 15, 2017 Reply

I would add a few veggies to help boost the nutrients…maybe broccoli or even little bits of kale.

Mikayla Pheifer - May 7, 2018 Reply

Can you freeze these? If i made a triple batch and cooked them and then froze them?

    Laura Fuentes - May 8, 2018 Reply

    You sure can! just heat them up and serve. Enjoy!

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