Healthy Apple Donuts

If you’ve never heard of a healthy apple donut, you are in for a treat today!

The ultimate healthy “donut” –with apples! Plus a kitchen hack on how to keep the apples from browning.

I love having apples pre-sliced and ready in the fridge to make these on-demand for my kids and their friends. Yes, I said pre-sliced apples with the core cut out in the middle –aka “apple donuts.”

One of the things I started using during my weekly meal prep after sharing my guacamole bar with you, is Natureseal’s for Fresh Cut Produce. Their simple blend of vitamins and minerals help prevent my fruit, like apples and pears, and veggies like celery, from browning after I slice them.

The ultimate healthy “donut” –with apples! Plus a kitchen hack on how to keep the apples from browning.

And yes, these are real problems if you are preparing your fruits and vegetables ahead of time, putting them out for a party or when meal prepping for the week! The whole purpose of preparing all your fruits and vegetables at once is to be able to have them on hand, and ready to use, to make healthier choices throughout the day.

In the afternoon and during the weekends, neighborhood kids will come over and play, and it never fails that shortly after coming inside from playing they all want a snack. I recently introduced them to apple “donuts, ” and now it’s the newest and coolest “thing” at my house.

The ultimate healthy “donut” –with apples! Plus a kitchen hack on how to keep the apples from browning.

What’s great is that all I have to do is take out the prepared apple slices, which I’ve previously soaked in the Natureseal solution for 1-2 minutes per side and stored in the fridge, and line up the toppings on the counter. As you can see in the video below, the whole process is fast and seamless, since the apples get soaked immediately after being sliced.

This same method can be done with celery, carrots, pears, and other fruits ahead of time when you meal prep for the week and want to keep them fresh in the fridge without browning for up to 14 days. Just like the fruit you find pre-cut at the grocery store but without paying a premium.

The ultimate healthy “donut” –with apples! Plus a kitchen hack on how to keep the apples from browning.

On weekdays, I don’t usually put out the chocolate, just a nut-free butter (you could use peanut butter if no one is allergic to nuts), granola, shredded coconut, and sprinkles. Yes, I did say sprinkles. I’m convinced it’s the sprinkles that wins them over every time.

The ultimate healthy “donut” –with apples! Plus a kitchen hack on how to keep the apples from browning.

After seeing the success of this DIY apple donut idea with my kids and their friends, I’ve also made them for parties. Since the apples have been protected from browning with the Natureseal solution, I no longer hear the kids complain about brown apples or worst, have to throw out the apples at the end of the party because they are looking yucky –kids.

What are some of the ways you like to use up apple slices?

The ultimate healthy “donut” –with apples! Plus a kitchen hack on how to keep the apples from browning.

Healthy Apple Donuts

The ultimate healthy “donut” –with apples! Plus a kitchen hack on how to keep the apples from browning.
  • Author: Laura Fuentes
  • Yield: 12-18
  • Category: Healthy Snack


  • 6 apples, washed
  • 1 NatureSeal Fresh Cut Produce envelope
  • 8 ounces cold water
  • 1/3 cup melted white chocolate
  • 1/3 cup melted milk chocolate
  • 1/3 cup almond butter or nut-free butter, melted


  • Colored sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, unsweetened coconut, granola, raisins, ground cinnamon etc.


  1. Cut apple slices into 1/3 inch-thick slices. With a round small cookie cutter, apple corer, knife, or melon baller, remove the core.
  2. Prepare NatureSeal browning inhibiting solution according to package directions by mixing one packet with 8 ounces of cold water. Transfer liquid into a flat 9×9 baking dish or smaller baking pan. Begin to dip one side of the apples, flip over, and let apples sit for 1 to 5 minutes. Remove apples from the dish, transfer into a zip bag or storage container, and repeat the process with remaining apples.
  3. Melt chocolate and nut butter (or nut-free butter if serving it to other kids with possible food allergies) in a microwave safe bowl for 30 seconds. Stir chocolate chips and transfer them into a zip or piping bag.
  4. Place apple slices onto wax or parchment paper and let the kids drizzle chocolate or nut butter over the apple slices. Top with favorite toppings and enjoy!


Store leftover apple rings in the refrigerator.

This post was part of my partnership with Natureseal. Thank you for supporting the companies that help me do what I love most: create great recipes for you! All opinions in the post are my own.

75 thoughts on “Healthy Apple Donuts”

  1. Cheryl says:

    My favorite ways to eat apple slices are fresh and in apple pie.

  2. Ella says:

    These look AMAZING Laura!!! genius

  3. Jenna says:

    I just made these, and you are right! they browned for me because i didn’t have the solution! but we ate them immediately so the kids thought it was fine. What a great idea of using natural minerals to keep them from browning.

  4. John says:

    I’m going to have to check out this anti-browning solution powder. I use the guacamole one you shared a while ago all the time so thanks for introducing me to another product that makes my meal prep easier. I”m not a mom, just a body building guy that loves your recipes so thanks for sharing this tip!

  5. Patrice says:

    so if I eat a whole apple with half the jar of PB, is it still healthy?? I’m kidding. These look awesome. thanks for another winning snack Laura.

  6. Kim Brancato says:

    melted PB with shredded coconut is my fav! But, my kids love it with butterscotch chips!

  7. Wendy says:

    These are adorable! Favorite way to eat apples in our house is sliced and dipped in sun butter!

  8. Stepphanie says:

    I made these today with nut free butter. they were great! Thank you for the idea Laura!

  9. Stepphanie says:

    oh. i forgot to add that I bought a pack of the browning packets. I am looking forward to trying them for my meal prep each week!

  10. megan m says:

    Covered in peanut butter and honey!

  11. Okay, how have I NEVER heard of Nature Seal before? I must have this! My kids are apple obsessed, and they love slicing them with our mandolin and eating them, but they brown so quickly! These apple donuts are too cute! We used to do something similar in girl scouts and I’d completely forgotten about it 🙂 Yes, sprinkles make everything better 🙂 LOL

    While my dad was living in Australia, he introduced the kids to fairy toast – cinnamon toast with sprinkles – I think they wanted it every day for a year! LOL

    We love apple slices with almond butter, and apple slices with popcorn <3 YUM

  12. SG says:

    We slice and drizzle with chocolate’s, caramel, chopped nuts and call it apple nachos.

  13. AnnEllen says:

    Okay, that is totally awesome idea for doughnuts. And a little chocolate is a super idea, moderation is the tone. One of my favorite snack/meal, goes back to my Weight Watcher beginning days. I love my food to have texture, so instead of typical PBJ I eat Granny Smith apple slices, and dip them in a couple of tablespoons of crunchy peanut butter on my plate, no utensils, and great on hot summer days, or quick lunch when I don’t get the full lunch time. Easy to pack also.

  14. Jody says:

    How cute and delicious…thanks for sharing! I love to eat apple slices with nut butter or cut up wth cinnamon and honey!

  15. Tandra says:

    One of our favorites is ooey gooey apples, as we call it. We warm up the apples with some almond butter, shredded coconut, granola, and some dried fruit!

  16. Alex says:

    I love apple slices dipped in almond butter! Get the salted kind, it makes a big difference. Also, if you use a very sharp knife to cut the apple slices, you can get a day before they begin to brown. Any longer than that and you’ll want to use an anti-browning dip when you slice them.

  17. Kristy Tillman says:

    We love making donuts like this! I also cut slices like that and just take out a bit of the core and seeds and use like bread. My son loves then with almond butter & honey and even roast beef.

  18. Stacie says:

    My favorite way to eat apples is with peanut butter or just plain ol apple slices. I love the apple doughnut ideas. I will have to make these for my kiddos!

  19. Cristina Moidel says:

    I live apples with peanut butter!

    1. Cristina Moidel says:


  20. Reshma R. Shah says:

    My favorite way to eat apples is dipped in instantpot made dulce de leche !

  21. Cathy says:

    I like Gala apples sliced thin, nothing else needed. Thanks for the heads up about NatureSeal – I’ll have to try it!

  22. Naomi says:

    To be honest, my four children love them plain. Almond butter is a special treat. I’m sure if I made these donuts, I would be the best chef in the world to my four children 5 and under. Baby doesn’t eat solids but she might like them too! 🙂

  23. Sue Peterson says:

    I love eating apple slices with peanut butter! So yummy!

  24. We love apple slices with almond butter!

  25. suzanne says:

    My picky eater enjoys apples sliced with an apple corer and tossed with lemon juice. She loves lemons and I think that’s what’s won her over. I can’t wait to try this recipe foe a special treat! I can’t thank you enough for your picky eater series. Since my daughter started school she has become quite the picky eater – she’s really putting her foot down after seeing her classmates bring candy and chips for ‘snack’. I’ve had to amp up my game and your focus on this topic has been so valuable!

  26. Kim says:

    What a great new idea for apples! We enjoy apple slices and cheese as a snack but I’m sure the kids would be open to chocolate and sprinkles!

  27. Stacy L says:

    We love apple slices dipped in almond butter. Thanks for the great anti-browning solution!!

  28. Debbie Hausher says:

    We like to cut up apples & include it with our chicken or tuna salad. It gives a satisfying crunch with the salad and my granddaughter doesn’t realize she is getting fruit & protein all at one time. I’ll have to give the anti-browning powder a try. Thanks for the great tips.

  29. Sara says:

    Those apple donuts look yummy! I love to eat apple slices with a Greek yogurt/peanut butter dip.

  30. Stacey says:

    My favorite way to eat apple slices is either as they are or drizzled in caramel sauce!!

  31. Kathleen Kiyak says:

    I love apple slices with almond butter!

  32. Falon says:

    I LOVE this idea! I am trying it this week since I have apples to use up before our vacation.
    Our new favorite way to eat sliced apples is by adding homemade whipped cream on top, drizzled with warm Carmel and sprinkled with pecans. We just had it last night for dessert.

  33. Taylor says:

    My favorite ways to eat apples are taking fresh apple slices and putting peanut butter and raisins on them!!

  34. Erin K. says:

    I love sliced apples with a little bit of almond butter. However, these pictures are to die for and I may need to try them ASAP.

  35. Leah says:

    One of my kids’ favorite treats is when I serve them apple slices with peanut butter for dipping and a few mini chocolate chips to sprinkle on top! They would love these apple “donuts”!

  36. Valerie Adkins says:

    My favorite way to eat apples is sliced and dipped in peanut butter or caramel. Yum!

  37. Bonnie N says:

    My kids’ favorite way to eat apples is whole with the core removed.

  38. Lori Barrett says:

    I love mine dipped into caramel!

  39. Holly says:

    Peanut butter and caramel for us!!

    1. Laura Fuentes says:

      such a great combo.

  40. Rachael says:

    Our favorite way to eat apples is dipping them in peanut butter, carmel, chocolate.

  41. Jane says:

    I like to use apple slices with cinnamon and yogurt to make a smoothie,.

  42. Teppie says:

    I love adding chunks of apples to my chicken salad! Yum!

  43. Mone says:

    When I have leftover apple slices, I usually just eat them. As a busy mom, I hate wasting and don’t have time to get creative for myself. I will have to try this recipe with my kids so we can all enjoy them together. I bet there won’t be any leftovers.

  44. Loren C says:

    Caramel! It makes everything better, especially apple slices

  45. Stacey says:

    When I have just a few slices left, I will toss them in my salad or lunch for the work.

  46. Christina says:

    Our favorite ways to eat apples are sliced with sea salt, sliced with sharp cheddar cheese, sliced with peanut butter, and homemade apple crisp!

    1. Kristine Davies says:

      looks yummy – we like aplie slices with peanut butter, cinnamon sugar or sharp chedar cheese!

  47. Sara says:

    These look delicious! We can’t wait to try them. My four year old wants to make them right now even though it’s bedtime.

  48. Deanna says:

    As exciting as I’ve ever gotten is peanut butter…. coconut, caramel, chocolate, and pecans sound yummy though.

  49. Lisa says:

    Being from the Midwest it’s a long standing tradition to pick them fresh in the Fall and enjoy them as is. But, any other time we love apple turnovers or dipped in peanut butter. I’m looking forward to trying this Nature Seal product. I’ve used the lemon juice method in my grandsons lunch and he’s not a big fan of it. I’m lovin’ your donut idea! I’m certain he’ll be a fan!

    1. Laura Fuentes says:

      Oh Lisa, how I envy the ability to go apple picking! He’ll love these I’m sure.

  50. Jennie says:

    We are big fans of apple slices + nutella!

  51. kristina says:

    With peanut butter and granola or raisins on top

  52. Melissa says:

    My kids love apple so they usually just eat it row. Your recipe looks very interesting so I will try it soon!

  53. Anela says:

    Apples with almond butter and sprinkle chocolate chips. We also use apples in our yogurt bowls along with granola, shredded coconut, strawberries, chocolate chips and drizzled with Nutella.

  54. Jacquelyn says:

    We like making apple “sandwiches”. Apple slices like these for the donuts, spread peanut butter on one and then top with another!

  55. Linda says:

    We like sliced apples with almond butter or peanut butter on them. Yum! This looks really delicious. I’ll order the nature seal so we can have them precut and ready to go for the kids after school snack. Thanks for posting this!

  56. Kate Olson says:

    My boys are big fans of peanut butter with granola too, or just plain! I feel like we go through a crazy amount of apples around here! I’d never thought of slicing in a ring though and can’t wait to try!

    1. Laura Fuentes says:

      Congratulations Kate! You are our winner of the Knife Set giveaway!! Check your email for a message from

      1. Kate Olson says:

        Ahhh Thank you!! I am SO excited! It’s Fri-YAY for sure! 🙂

  57. Jen Dalleska says:

    My personal favorite for apple slices is with good old peanut butter-just the way my mom made them for me when I was a kid!

  58. Charlotte Jordan says:

    I love mine with maple sugar. I live in New England so it’s everywhere right now. Love this recipe thank you

  59. Lisa says:

    I love apples slices dipped in peanut butter. Or, peanut butter with a sprinkle of fine chopped granola and mini chocolate chips. My favorite apple dessert is apple crisp.

  60. Donna B says:

    I like apples just cut in wedges either alone or with cheddar cheese. Yummm!

  61. Val says:

    Just used up some of my apples today by tossing then in to my homemade chicken salad! Yummy!

    1. Laura Fuentes says:

      love apples in chicken salad. yum!

  62. Wendy says:

    We dip our apples in coconut peanut butter mix! If no coconut milk is available, I do cream cheese and nut butter dip!

  63. lisa franklin says:

    sprinkle them with cinnamon (to keep them from browning and also for a flavor treat or use them in apple cake, apple crisp or apple pie granola

  64. Abigail Roell says:

    We love apple slice with pb or almond butter, and on occasion, caramel!

  65. Talia Bartoe says:

    Apple slices are a popular snack around my house just plain as they are. However, the kids love a creamy peanut butter dip every once in a while.

  66. Melissa says:

    We enjoy our sliced apples in a dip of yogurt, almond (or peanut) butter and cacao nibs.

  67. Cristina says:

    We put leftover apple slices in the dehydrator and eat them that way or I make my own trail mix and add the dehydrated slices to that.

  68. Min K says:

    I enjoy a plate of sliced apples and cheeses.

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