Holiday Breakfast Traditions in our PJs

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Our mornings are a pretty special time for us during the Holidays. Nobody is rushed to get anywhere, and you can find the kids and I lounging on the sofa in our PJs, still groggy from sleep, going no-where fast as dad brings me another cup of coffee.

Laura Fuentes with family in matching pjs christmas morning

Immediately, I feel the buttery aroma filling my mind, as I sit there with a kid on my lap in my cozy PJs. Two sips in, I hear the familiar sound of “Mom, I’m huuuuungggrrryyy” coming from across the room.

How is it possible that as soon as I get myself comfy on the sofa, someone needs something? That’s mom-life for you. Refill coffee, head to the pantry, grab pancake making ingredients, make breakfast… all done almost automatically – as if I’ve done it before, every other day.

christmas morning pancakes laura fuentes

On any other morning, I’d be rushing around, doing the same things, already dressed for work and asking the kids to get ready for their homeschooling –but not around the holidays. Time slows down, we all move a little slower and stay in our PJs all day unless we need to go somewhere.

I purchased our first set of PajamaGram PJs a few years ago when I asked my friend how she managed to find matching family PJs after receiving her annual holiday card. Until then, I thought you had to look hard to find matching PJs for the family, but I was wrong! PajamaGram has more than 25 matching PJs to choose from, can be personalized, and they offer free gift packaging with every order.

Fuentes family Christmas morning breakfast

matching dog pajamas from PajamaGram

What I appreciate the most is the variety of fabrics they offer as well as exclusive designs (my 5-year-old wanted me to order the Minion PJs while my daughter begged for the Charlie Brown ones). I almost caved and ordered the Looney Tunes (my middle son’s favorite) for the whole family, but since this was our first time shooting our Christmas cards at the studio, I opted for a more traditional pattern.

Our kids get a kick out of our annual matching pajama tradition, and it’s a great way to make new family memories. They’ve been so fun to pick out each year that I’ve even gifted it to our family members and their kids so that they too can start their own family traditions.

Christmas morning breakfast Fuentes family

Soon after I begin to make the pancake batter, you can hear my youngest asking, “are you making bacon too, mom?”. Pancakes, bacon, eggs, coffee, matching pajamas… these are all some of the things that make our holiday mornings special.

fuentes family in matching pjs for christmas morning

And there is nothing like the feeling of being “ahead-of-the-game” when you’re a busy mom and feel like there are a lot of things to “get done” around the holidays. With PajamaGram, I finally feel like I can tackle the impossible: finding matching PJs my entire family loves, taking our holiday photos early, making our Christmas cards (below), and sending those cards on time. Well, the latter is yet to be seen!

Fuentes Family 2017 Holiday Card

Make your Holidays a bit more special by grabbing one of my incredible pancake recipes. From eggnog pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, chocolate cake pancakes, or the classic… between comfy PJs and the most incredible breakfast, this is one Christmas morning your family will never forget.

Fuentes Family on the sofa Christmas morning

Do you and your family have a matching PJs tradition?

matching family pjs pajamas from PajamaGram

November 22, 2017

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