Four Key Elements to a Healthy Lifestyle & Daily Routine

In today’s last episode of the season, we’re going to talk about how to create a routine that works for you! I’m going to share a few of the most important elements that you’ll need to prioritize if you want to achieve your health goals and create a healthier

This 6th season of the MOMables Podcast is all about helping you live a healthier lifestyle as a family.

Topics discussed this episode:

  • Laura’s personal daily routine
  • Key elements in healthy daily routines
  • Small steps you can take towards a healthier daily life.

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The Morning Routine

I know there are a lot of videos out there that say the perfect morning routine is starting with a hot cup of water with lemon and cayenne, or wonderful tea. And, that’s just not me.

I’ve tried lots of those things, and that is just not how I like to start my day. I think one of the most important things about making your own daily routine, is finding what works for you. Even if it looks different from people around you.

In the mornings, find something that helps you feel motivated to start your day. For me, that usually means an early morning run or yoga class. But you might try things like meditation, prayer, devotionals, or exercise. Anything that gets you grounded and in the right mindset for your day.

There is research that shows that if you don’t do the most important things early in the morning, they’re more than likely not going to get done throughout the day. So I do things that are important to me, first.

I have a very busy life, but I build a healthy daily routine by arranging my time so that I can get the most out of my day. I build in rest time, exercise time, time with my family – all the things that matter most to me, are what my day is built around.

And yes, in the middle of all of those things, I’m also writing cookbooks, testing recipes, shooting videos and running a business. It’s non-stop, but my routine is still made up of what matters most to me.

How we take care of ourselves determines that type of life that we create for ourselves. This goes from eating healthy, making yourself a priority all the way to keeping a positive mindset.

What are the Key Elements of a Healthy Daily Routine

There are four things that I really schedule my time around. I would say these are the most important things to work on in your daily routine.

  1. Sleep – The most important thing I do for myself, and for my family is sleep. Getting adequate sleep each night so that I am not operating at a zombie level for the rest of the day.
  2. Movement/Exercise – I like doing this in the morning, but we do have an entire podcast on how to get in a good workout routine even if you are busy.
  3. Food – We talk a lot about food on this site and podcast, so if you need help in this area, there’s a lot of information here to help you get started.
  4. Stress Reduction – Things like mindfulness or self-care.

These are the four main elements to a healthy daily routine. And yes, life happens and life gets scheduled throughout our day, but those are commitments we make to ourselves so that we can live the kind of healthy lifestyle that we want to live.

Where to Start If You are Missing One of these Key Elements to a Healthy Lifestyle

First off, I want to acknowledge that not every day has to be perfect. A routine is just like building a success map for your life.

When we talk about building or creating a healthy daily routine, that means that these are the things that I need to do or think about on a daily basis so I can live a happier, healthier life both for myself and for my family.

Knowing how much sleep you actually need is a very important place to start. Some people truly need more sleep than others, so make sure you know the right amount for you, where you feel rested and not overly tired during the day. Sleeping too much is also unhealthy, so you want to avoid oversleeping and not getting enough rest.

Another thing to point out when it comes to sleep is that being in bed and sleeping are two different things. Don’t count time spent trying to fall asleep, or even reading on your phone as “sleep”.

I actually use the Sleep Cycle app on my phone to track how much sleep I get, and this really helps me make sure that I am getting adequate rest each day.

Remember, if you are stealing time that you need to be sleeping for other things it will catch up with you hormonally or in other areas of your health. That’s why sleep is always number one on the healthy lifestyle list.

So track it, asses it and then fix it. Even if it’s just adjusting by 30 minutes at a time until you are sleeping a healthy amount for yourself.

Movement and Exercise
This is the second pillar of a healthy lifestyle. I know we just had an entire podcast devoted to exercise but this is definitely something you can add to your day little by little. You don’t have to go all out.

When I started running I alternated one minute running, and one minute walking until I was able to run more at a time. I definitely didn’t start with a marathon. Get creative and find small ways to incorporate more movement into your daily life.

You might be surprised that food was all the way down at number three on my list, but I’ve found that if I’m prioritizing the other two elements, sleep and movement, then it’s a lot easier for me to support those physical habits with my dietary choices.

To get started eating better, you need to make a plan. And yes, we have a whole podcast devoted to meal planning, and you can go to MOMables and check out my made-for-you weekly meal plans as an easy place to get started.

But the Family KickStart Program is also a great place to start because it’s a family meal plan for 30 days eliminating processed foods and sugars.

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I say it’s a lot easier to make a plan or buy a plan because then it will be easier for you to prep and execute those healthier food choices. Without a plan you’re kind of left to your own devices. When you plan, you know what to buy for the week, and if you’re using Family KickStart your meal prep for the week is also laid out so you can save a lot of time each day.

Stress Reduction / Self Care
This is one area that is easy to overlook for a lot of people, but it is still an important pillar for a healthy life.

If you’re on social media I’m sure you’ve seen #selfcare and it always seems to be someone getting a facial or a manicure. The reality is self care will look different for everyone, and you don’t need it to be instagrammable to be effective in reducing your own stress.

When my kids were young, I’d spend an extra 30 minutes at the gym to take a hot, uninterrupted shower while they were still in the gym child care. And that was my biggest, luxury of self-care during that time! So don’t be afraid to get creative and find things that will really help you relax, even if they seem unconventional.

A few things I do regularly to reduce stress:

  • Walk the dog with my husband
  • Talk to my friend before work
  • Take a hot bath
  • Reading a book or newspaper before bed
  • Listen to music (while doing laundry)

Building a healthy daily routine starts with sleep, movement, food and reducing stress, and then you start the healthy cycle again.

In between those things, are drop-offs and pickups, work, and everything else that builds up our daily lives. But these four elements are what you should think about to build a healthy daily routine for yourself.

February 5, 2020

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