On the Hunt for the Best Gluten-free Pizza

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With so many gluten-free pizza options at the store nowadays, buying a tasty gluten-free frozen pizza can feel like a hit or miss. If you follow a gluten-free diet, you’ve had your share of taste fails.

Freschetta, Udi’s, Caulipower? All these are gluten-free pizza options but which one has the best gluten-free pizza crust? After a lot of pizza baking, sampling, and of course, eating, I’ve got the results from my family to yours.

woman enjoying gluten free pizza

What is the best gluten-free pizza?

The attributes that make the best gluten-free pizza can differ from person to person; but I think we can agree that cheesy topping, saucy, delicious taste and a middle that actually cooks through in a pizza are all necessary for judgement. Not to mention, a perfectly crispy thin crust that also happens to be gluten-free. Yes Please!

I always keep a few frozen pizzas on hand for pizza nights, including gluten-free options. My main go-to is Freschetta Gluten Free. Freschetta offers four delicious Gluten Free varieties, but if you’re looking to customize your pizza with even more ingredients you love, check out how I transform their cheese pizza into 3 restaurant-worthy options; like the Meatball Pizza, the Mediterranean Pizza, and even the Taco Pizza!

gluten free pepperoni pizza

With a crust as delicious and crispy as traditional pizza, Freschetta Gluten Free is a pizza the entire family enjoys and no one feels left out due to dietary restrictions.

That being said, as a long time buyer of Freschetta Gluten Free pizzas, I was curious how Freschetta stood up to other gluten-free options such as Udi’s and Caulipower.

Three pizzas later, I’ve come to a conclusion, so let’s review. 

Comparison taste-test of 3 gluten-free pizzas

Of course, with three cheesy pepperoni pizzas, this was a lot of fun. I highly recommend you try it out for an epic family pizza night. Below I’ve included my family’s honest review of each pizza baked exactly according to the package directions.

pizza in lunch boxes

1. Freschetta Gluten Free

gluten free pizza crusts

Straight out of the oven, and waiting 5 minutes to slice it, it continues to be our top pick.

It consistently bakes even throughout, without raw middles. It has the perfect amount of sauce -you know, where the cheese doesn’t slide off when you take a bite- and the cheese is perfectly melted and doesn’t feel rubbery.

The edges get crispy, all while the slice doesn’t feel like a crispy chip, meaning, the dough is softer toward the middle and the crispy edges allow the pizza to be held. The delicate, flaky thin crust is so good, you’d never know it’s gluten-free!

2. Udi’s

gluten free pizza options

This was our least favorite pizza. The crust has a little cardboard-like taste even though it cooked evenly throughout.

The cheese melted perfectly, and it had the right amount of pepperoni toppings. I found it to be too saucy, where when you bite the crispy crust you take most of the cheese on the slice with you.

3. Caulipower


This pizza’s claim is made with cauliflower as a base, but it also has rice flour and starch to make it crispy. When cooked, this pizza held very well throughout and flavor wise it was good.

I found it to be a bit saucy (again, where the cheese slides off when you bite) although the cheese amount was good. My pepperoni loving kids mentioned it didn’t have enough toppings, but overall, it was good.

Does gluten-free pizza crust taste different?

Frozen gluten-free pizzas do not have that Chicago style deep dish nor the doughy taste of their traditional counterparts. However, for all my thin crust lovers, gluten-free pizza crusts have a good thing going!

It’s no secret that most gluten-free pizza crusts don’t have the thick, doughy texture of regular pizza, but they’re thinner, crispy and no less delicious. This my friend, is how gluten-free pizza tastes different than regular.

Either way, with Freschetta Gluten Free pizza, you can continue enjoying your Friday Night (or any night) pizza tradition.

freschetta pepperoni pizza

Who has the best gluten-free pizza crust?

If you like a crispy crust with the right amount of sauce and cheese that is perfectly melty, then Freschetta Gluten Free Pizza is for you.

Freschetta has been my family’s go-to for pizza nights for a reason, you can taste the real cheese, seasoned tomato sauce and delicate, crispy crust, making it irresistible to gluten-free and non gluten-free pizza lovers alike.

Where to get the best-frozen gluten-free pizza

Freschetta Gluten Free pizza is available in the frozen aisle inside grocery stores nationwide. If you have a limited selection where you live, feel free to check out the product locator at Freschetta.com.


Let me know what makes an irresistible gluten-free pizza in the comments below for a chance to win coupons for FREE Freschetta Gluten Free Pizzas!

9 thoughts on “On the Hunt for the Best Gluten-free Pizza”

  1. Cheryl says:

    My favorite crust is thin and crispy so gluten-free pizza is perfect for us. Cheese makes all the difference for me.

    1. Laura Fuentes says:

      Cheryl, I’d love to send you some coupons to try it out!

  2. Jeffrey says:

    I think gluten free pizza crusts should be crispy, but not made from a vegetable or meat!

  3. Lily says:

    We like the crust a bit crispy and not undercooked in the middle. My son prefers light sauce. And we all love real cheese. Looking forward to trying the Freschetta option!

  4. Sandra says:

    This pizza was delish. I picked some up at my grocery over the weekend. Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Andrea says:

    I’ve been buying Freshetta weekly since you made that pizza series last year. Would love some coupons!

  6. Jenna says:

    I’ll have to try this. Most gf pizzas taste like cardboard and I don’t have the time to make it.

  7. Elaine says:

    I just brought a gluten-free pizza from Freschetta and it was good. The crust is thin and crispy but I guess it’s better than no pizza. thanks for the recc’

  8. Ana says:

    I had one Udi’s pizza in the freezer left and our family needs two pizzas (there are 6 of us). So I went to the store and bought a Freschetta gf pizza (I remembered your post) and OMG what a difference. The Udi’s tasted like CARDBOARD! I just assumed buy Udi’s because they were one of hte first to make gf products but holy hell… the differnce is there. Won’t be buying that pizza again. Just had to come back and share that with you. Have a blessed day, Ana

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