Auntie’s Mexican Chicken Tacos

It’s about time I shared the ultimate chicken taco recipe with you! Juicy, perfectly seasoned chicken all stuffed inside a tortilla with fresh pico, sour cream, and avocado…enough talk, let’s watch how they’re made.

In case you’re curious, I have favorite recipes from the Taco Tuesday Cookbook and this recipe is one of them! It hits the spot after a long day and it’ s made with simple, fresh ingredients – my kind of food.

chicken taco with lime quarter being squeezed onto it.

How to Make Authentic Mexican Chicken Tacos

The key to these amazing chicken tacos is bone-in, skin on chicken breasts, lots of salt, and Mexican Oregano. I’ll get to the salt and Mexican oregano later but let me emphasize on the bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts.

The layer of skin helps to lock in juices and seasonings, making this chicken tender and succulent. Yes, I’m trying to use all the fancy words because it’s just that good!

Now that’s out of the way let’s talk about the Mexican Oregano.

making chicken tacos

What is Mexican Oregano

There are two types of Oregano: Mexican and Mediterranean, and if the two were to have a throwdown, Mexican Oregano would win!

While Mediterranean Oregano belongs to the mint family, the Mexican variety has a more citrusy vibe. This flavor makes it the herb of choice for all things burritos, tacos, salsa, enchiladas!

By the way, if you think you can substitute regular Herbs de Provence oregano with Mexican Oregano, you are making a mistake. Don’t do it. Period.

Don’t sweat, Mexican oregano is easy to find in little packets on the Latin food aisle of your grocery store. You can grab it while you’re there stocking up on the tortillas you’ll be needing for these tacos.

chicken tacos

How to Cook Chicken for Tacos

Go ahead and preheat your ovens, because this chicken gets baked. On days when I don’t use the slow cooker, the oven is my next best option. Everything gets cooked on one pan, and before you know it, dinner is ready.

The chicken will take about 35 to 45 minutes to cook, and it’s worth it. Plus, it gives you time to assemble the rest of the taco party. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even make some homemade pico de gallo.

How to Shred Chicken for Tacos

Most recipes will tell you to shred the chicken between 2 forks, but I’ll be honest when no one is looking I use my hands. C’mon, you know you do too!

No matter what anyone says, it will always be the best way for shredded chicken. It has the right “shredded” look and texture, plus it takes less time.

chicken taco

Mexican Chicken Taco Toppings

I’m keeping it simple this round, no fancy sauces, only Pico de gallo, avocado, and sour cream. The chicken already packs a ton of flavor, and we don’t want to cover it up.

Of course, you’re welcome to adding cheese or swapping the avocado with guacamole, whatever makes you happiest. You can find this recipe along with several sauces and drizzles in my Taco Tuesday Cookbook.

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