Asian Thai Rib Tacos

Slow cooked pork ribs in a sweet and spicy Thai chili sauce with a crunchy slaw all wrapped in a warm tortilla… hold onto your seat cuz these Thai pork tacos are ABOUT TA GET CRAZY!

They are super easy to make and seriously drool-worthy. Watch this video and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel because every Tuesday, for a year, I’ll be releasing a new Taco Tuesday video that you won’t want to miss!

Want a delicious and EASY homecooked meal for your Taco Tuesday? Asian Thai Rib Tacos.

Need a main dish to serve at a fancy or casual party? Asian Thai Rib Tacos.

Want to impress your in-laws? Asian Thai Rib Tacos.

Want to impress your significant other with a homemade meal? Asian Thai Rib Tacos.

Need a pick me up after a long week (even if it’s only Tuesday)? Asian Thai Rib Tacos.

I think you get the picture, because this recipe for Asian Thai Rib tacos is 100% delicious, impressive, and thanks to the slow cooker, easy as pie! But wayyyy better.

Asian thai rib pork tacos with slaw

As much as I love the traditional taco ingredients like sour cream, salsa, and guacamole, and when I say, love, I mean I keep two containers of each in my fridge at all times, I have to say this Slow Cooker Thai pork rib recipe has changed my feelings towards tacos.

Baby back ribs (pork ribs) get cooked down to tender, fall apart perfection in a sweet and spicy Thai sauce. Yes, each bite melts in your mouth and will leave your taste buds speechless.

This recipe is one of the 52 recipes inside The Taco Tuesday Cookbook. And like the others, It’s easy to make! But let’s not tell everyone that.


Well, first you start with the ribs and place them in the slow cooker, pour on the sauce, set and forget it! Dinner is practically done, minus assembling the tacos, but that’s the fun part!


Um, hello. Meal prep is your friend. I say make the sauce, place the ribs in the slow cooker dish, and cover with plastic wrap up to 3 days.

You can also prep your slaw ahead of time or buy it pre-shredded at the store.

Asian thai rib pork tacos with slaw

By the way, these Asian Thai Rib Tacos are the official kickstart for a full year of Taco Tuesdays inspired by my new book, wait for it…


In other words, it’s 52 taco recipes (one for each week of the year) made with the busy, everyday kitchen cooks in mind. So if your looking for a way to turn up your Tuesday, without leaving the kitchen table, look no further.

Everything from beef, chicken and pork tacos to vegetarian and breakfast tacos. It’s everything us taco lovers need and crave, made with every day, fresh ingredients.

So what do you say? Want to join me next Tuesday? 

You’ll find the recipe for these Asian Thai Rib Tacos inside The Taco Tuesday Cookbook.

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