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Mushroom Tacos

Orange-Glazed Mushroom Tacos With Veggie Slaw

Today’s taco is filled with sauteed portobello mushrooms and topped with a tangy Asian glaze. Watch the video below to see just how easy they are to make.

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How to Make Pico de Gallo

While you can find my Pico de Gallo in the Taco Tuesday Cookbook with recipes like the Mexican Short Rib Tacos, Salsa Verde Tacos, and others, I thought it was too good not to share with you guys so… I made a video to walk you through every step of this super-simple pico recipe.

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Prune Juice Benefits | My Morning Smoothie Recipe!

This post is sponsored by Sunsweet. Thank you for supporting the companies that encourage my creativity and work.

On the lookout for simple ways to start fresh and focus on health? Well, the best place to begin is with what you put into your body, and today, I want to share with you what I do to focus on my health. To feel good I drink prune juice. Prune juice has many benefits including digestive health benefits so that I can feel my best to be my best!

morning smoothie recipe

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Hawaiian Pineapple Pork Tacos

Sweet and savory Pineapple Pork Tacos topped with pineapple salsa and cotija cheese is all kinds of wonderful and it’s what’s going down for this Taco Tuesday!

See how simple these Hawaiian tacos are to whip up in the video below:

If you’ve been hunting all over Pinterest for fresh and healthy recipe ideas, you’re in the right place! I’m filming and sharing the entire taco series from my new book the Taco Tuesday Cookbook which I share on my YouTube Channel. Do yourself a favor and check it out AFTER these Hawaiian Pork tacos, they’re too important to miss out on. After a trip to Hawaii and a bite of some heavenly pork tacos, I got super inspired to recreate that same meal in a way my family and I could enjoy, at home.

pineapple pork tacos

Most of the recipes in the Taco Tuesday Cookbook are inspired by travels, memorable meals shared with friends and family, and regular meals I serve for dinner. No kidding, I’ve tried out several new recipes like Buffalo Chicken, Chorizo and Butternut Squash, and Asian Thai Ribs only to find myself thinking, this would be great in a taco!

Gourmet Taco Recipe

Don’t you just love it when you accidentally make a crazy easy meal that tastes like it took hours to prepare and the whole family loves it? Yep, those are my favorite too, but 99% of the time it’s never an accident.

Making gourmet tacos isn’t about fancy ingredients but FRESH and basic cooking methods. My Taco Tuesday cookbook is filled with chicken, pork, seafood, vegetarian, beef and pork taco recipes, all of which are made in the slow cooker, skillet, or sheet pan so you and I can create those insta-worthy tacos, with minimal effort.

How to Make Pineapple Salsa for Pork Tacos

Okay, this pineapple salsa is perfect on a whole LOT of other things like grilled chicken, salads, chips, and by the spoonful.

Fresh, diced pineapple tossed with pico de gallo, this is. the. stuff. Super refreshing and exactly what you could imagine yourself eating on a hot summer day.

Before you ask, this salsa can be prepped the day before and used within two days, but it usually never lasts that long. You can make it for these tacos but it truly is the perfect appetizer or dish to bring to a party or gathering. You might just find yourself eating it straight out of the bowl with a spoon. I won’t judge!

While you’re here, don’t forget to grab your copy of the Taco Tuesday Cookbook for these amazing pork tacos and 51 other delicious taco recipes to make Tuesday the best day of your week!


How to Make your Dreams a Reality

This is the boldest title I’ve ever given a blog post; and that’s because what I’m about to share with you, is real. You can make your dreams a reality, with hard work and a process.

First, I want to tell you that I’m not one of those people that has dreams and keeps them to herself. Now, that’s being selfish.

Whenever I think of something that I want to achieve, both personally and professionally, I quickly start sharing it with the world.

I begin with my husband and kids. Over dinner. By talking about it. I call this “painting the picture.”

Then another day. And another. I just don’t stop bringing my dreams up.

I begin to ask, “what would our life look like if we did this?” And, “how would it feel if we did that?” And pushing further, “how fun would it be to do XYZ?”

This is what I call “outlining my dream.”

But I don’t end up there. Over time, the “what would it be like” turns into “this is what we’re going to do when…” and this very statement, is HOW you make your dreams come to fruition.

This is what we’re going to do when ________. Now it’s real.

You begin to talk about what it is going to be like. What living out your dream feels like. And then, the conversation turns into mapping out the steps needed to get there.

Of course, this isn’t a linear thing.

The best part is that you can talk about many things. Discuss personal dreams/goals; they can be family adventures, how you’re going to get out of debt, how you are regaining your health…

MINDSET. It’s so powerful.

“But Laura, how do you then actually get to do the things? How do your dreams come true?” -Oh, my friend, I thought you’d never ask.

I believe I have the power within to get everything I want -the things I’m meant to have in my life. And so do YOU.

This is not about getting rich by winning the lottery. This is about living a rich life you create by experiences.

You see, your life is like one of those adult coloring books. The pictures are outlines of our goals and dreams. We get to choose which picture to color first and which colors to fill the lines with.

Some pictures are never finished. Some pictures we don’t like and aren’t meant to be colored. And that’s ok. And sometimes, if you’re adventurous enough, you work on a few pictures at once!

Some take longer to get finished. While others are not meant to be started at all. Heck, you can even have several books!

Two years ago, I told my husband “one day, I will rent a house in Park City, Utah, for six weeks and experience what it’s like to live in the snow, to work remotely, to teach our kids, and ski in the afternoons whenever possible.”

We live in New Orleans. As different from Park City as you get. Couldn’t be more opposite actually.

But I started to talk about it. I drew the outlines. I shared my dream family trip with everyone I met that was from Utah or lived near it.

For the last six years, I’ve taken my boys skiing in Park City for a few days and then came home. “This isn’t the year. It’s not the right time -yet.”

But, I kept sharing my dream with our ski instructors, people I met at a cookie shop in Midway UT, and with a woman I met at a conference a year ago -from whose parents we’re renting out the house in Utah.

We saved money. My husband and I talked about how we’d travel there. How we’d homeschool our kids, and how we’d divide our time so we both could get our work done.

I even found house sitters to take care of our home and our diabetic cat this way.

I shared my dream with anyone that would listen as if it was already real. With each conversation, I colored the lines some more.

“I’m filling in the picture -I’d tell myself.”

Putting it out there, and doing the work will turn your dreams into tangible goals, into small steps, into your new reality.

The key word there are… “doing the work.”

I know this to be true because that’s the story of my life.

Everything I’ve done in my life has stemmed from an idea. A dream that started conversations that created goals that I broke down into smaller steps, leading to achievements.

Today, I am writing this post from our temporary home outside of Park City. I’m here. My family is here. Living out that one dream.

Now, it’s your turn to achieve your dreams. Big and small. They are all important.

So today, I want to ask you one thing.

What’s that one dream you’d love to achieve but haven’t quite dared to talk about it and start making it a reality? Leave a comment below and share it with me!

65 easy gluten free pancakes

Easy Gluten Free Pancake Recipe

I swear we eat other things besides breakfast items around here. However, this easy gluten free pancake recipe is one of the most requested items week after week.

This recipe proves once and for all that you don’t have to give up fluffy pancakes when you go gluten free, it makes the perfect pancake every single time.

easy gluten free pancakes

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Whole30 Recipes: The Ultimate Guide to Feeding Your Family Well

So you’re doing a Whole30 program. And maybe you’re a few weeks in and are growing tired of making multiple meals for your family. Like, an approved meal for you… another for everyone else.

Or maybe, you’re just looking for family-friendly and kid approved Whole30 recipes; because it sure would be a lot easier to cook one meal for everyone.

If this is you, I feel you.

kid-approved whole30 dinner recipes

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