Coconut Crusted Fish Tacos

I present to you THE Coconut Crusted Fish Tacos- Coconut crusted fish baked to crispy perfection and topped with fresh pico de gallo, mango, and avocado!

I’ve been waiting for this day for sooo long and it’s finally here! This is my absolute favorite fish taco from the Taco Tuesday Cookbook and you get to watch me make it here:

Healthy Fish Taco Recipe

Just like my Blackened Fish Tacos, Grilled Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw and Baja Fish Tacos, these are made with fresh ingredients and they taste absolutely incredible. To me, that’s all that matters!

best fish tacos

With ingredients like this, you can’t go wrong and this goes for all the tacos in The Taco Tuesday Cookbook. Each recipe is made with real food and creates an enjoyable experience to eating a well-balanced diet- with tacos of course! You can watch me make a brand new taco recipe every single week by subscribing to my YouTube channel here.

Some people define a healthy dish in terms of calories, fats, protein, etc. and while that works for some, definitely not for me! I focus more on the quality of ingredients, where they come from and how they make me feel and healthy tacos have me feeling amazing!

best fish tacos

How to make Oven Baked Fish Tacos

I thought you’d never ask!

Let’s start with the breading (my favorite part). It consists of Panko breadcrumbs and coconut flakes. This combo tastes and smells incredible and it goes great on fish, shrimp, and chicken.

For the fish, I prefer to use a thicker fillet like Cod, if you can’t find it in the grocery store Tilapia makes a good swap.

cod fish tacos

To get that light, crispy crust on the fish I prefer baking versus frying, there is less to clean up and it enhances the flavor of the coconut. Make sure to generously coat the fish with the panko and coconut mixture then bake until everything is perfectly golden brown and your kitchen smells heavenly.

fish tacos

How to top Fish Tacos

Think salsa, homemade pico de gallo, fresh mango, pineapple, and lime juice with a creamy dressing or cheese. It’s the ultimate fat, salt, acid, heat combo that makes for SO MUCH YUMMINESS!

If you’re looking for fish tacos ideas you’ll find it along with this recipe in the Taco Tuesday cookbook. Nothing but a year’s worth of epic Tuesday celebrations and all things tacos. See you next week with a brand new taco recipe.

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