Roasted Chipotle Beets with Goat Cheese & Egg Tostadas

Don’t mind me, I’m just throwing a little curve ball in your Taco Tuesday with this Chipotle Beet and Egg Tostadas recipe. Carmelized, roasted beets with goat cheese topped with a fried egg… OH.YUM.

And you thought vegetarian tacos were only made with beans. Wrong!

Check out how I turn this root veggie into a delicious Taco Tuesday…. excuse me, Tostada Tuesday in the video below.

One thing I love about vegetarian tacos is that they can often distract everyone that they are eating veggies. I mean, tacos are so fun to eat that it’s almost like hugging good-for-you food in every bite.

While creating the menu for my Taco Tuesday Cookbook I wanted to be sure it included tacos for carnivores and veggies lovers. Plus, not all delicious tacos are made with meat.

vegetarian chipotle beet and egg tostadas

And as much as beans make a good base for vegetarian tacos and meals, they can get old fast or, if you have picky eaters like I do, they aren’t always welcome by everyone.

Methods such as sauteeing and roasting give vegetables a new flavor and texture, making it easier to enjoy meatless meals. So now I have a whole section of vegetarian taco recipes that any hardcore meat lover or in my case, picky eater, will gladly throw down.


vegetarian chipotle beet and egg tostadas

But the Chipotle… OH.MY.GAWD. It makes this recipe. I have at least 4 cans of Chipotle peppers in adobo in my pantry at all times. Because they can be used in many other recipes.

Speaking of taco recipes, have you bought the Taco Tuesday Cookbook yet? You’ll need it to get the schedule for the 1 year of taco Tuesdays and to grab the recipes to the series.

vegetarian chipotle beet and egg tostadas

Why roasted beets taste better

The roasting technique carmelizes veggies and brings out a depth of nutty and sweet flavors, especially with root vegetables. This recipe roasts the beets with adobo sauce, which adds a kick of spice, so we get a triple whammy of flavor in one bite!

Roasting is also a great way to turn your family on to eating more vegetables. Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, brussels sprouts, potatoes, and root vegetables are all great options, and yes, my family will eat all of the above, when roasted. It works like a charm.

How to properly roast beets?

First, make sure to remove the stems and leaves, then give them a quick rinse with warm water, this will remove any dirt and sand- which doesn’t taste good in tacos or anywhere.

Do you have to peel beets to roast them?

Since beets have super rough skin; it’s best to peel them. If using purple beets, make sure to wear an apron, the juice can stain.

I like to quarter the beets like you saw in the video and peeling them is much much easier.

If you thoroughly clean the beets, then you can quarter them and roast them with the skin on. Once they are cooked, peeling them is a breeze!

How long do beets take to roast?

Whole beets can take a while to roast, but you can cut down on the cooking time by halving or quartering them as you saw in the video.

How do you roast beets quickly?

Well, if you really want to roast beets quickly, peel them first and then cube them into 1-inch pieces. roasting them will take about half the time and you’ll still enjoy a delicious flavor from the adobo sauce.

However, for this recipe, I leave them quartered, pour on some adobo sauce for a kick of flavor, and wrap them with foil, the beets get super tender and cook with the sauce.

While the beets are the star of this tostada, the tangy, creamy, goat cheese brings the flavor up a notch! If you don’t have goat cheese, the next best would be feta.

vegetarian chipotle beet and egg tostadas

But… we can’t stop there! You know how I feel about adding a fried egg to everything, right? I mean, I won on Food Network with my Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich because of my fried egg! So when in doubt, add it.

Plus, adding a fried egg, gives this recipe a boost of flavor, and protein. And I mean… who doesn’t love some runny egg yolk action; it makes any veggie based meal, complete! If runny yolks ARE NOT your thing, feel free to cook the egg to the desired doneness, this is YOUR taco Tuesday.

This Tostada Tuesday gives me all the feels.

The recipe can be found inside the Taco Tuesday Cookbook.

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  1. Greg says:

    Wow, these sound wonderful, roasted beets have become one of my new favorites. I’m going to have to give this one a try soon.

    1. Laura Fuentes says:

      I hope you enjoy these Greg! Send me a photo on IG and let me know how you enjoyed them

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