Slow Cooker Short Rib Tacos

Hello! It’s Taco Tuesday and things are getting serious around here with these Mexican Slow Cooker Short Rib tacos! They are fall-off-the-bone tender beef cooked low and slow in adobo sauce, you’ve got to see this come together in the video below!

If being popular and a celebrity among your friends and family are part or your life goals, then the way to get there is with these Short Rib Tacos.

Maybe you want to be the hostess with the mostess and throw the best dinner parties on the block -now you can, with these Mexican Short Rib Tacos from the Taco Tuesday Cookbook.

Or maybe you just want to enjoy a comforting meal on a busy weeknight without spending hours in the kitchen -again, the answer is these Mexican Short Rib Tacos.

I know you’re getting the picture here…. and it’s all true! This is one of the best beef tacos I’ve EVER had which is why I had to include them inside my Taco Tuesday Cookbook! The meat is so smoky and tender, I promise the first time I tried this recipe I couldn’t help but think “Did I really just make this?”!

You might be thinking, “Short Ribs? That sounds complicated… “. Not this recipe my friend, because you’ll be putting that slow cooker to use!

Since the key to fall off the bone, tender beef is for it to cook low and slow, it’s the perfect recipe for a slow cooker day. You know, one of those days where you know it’s going to be super busy but it would be awesome to come back home to an awesome meal.

slow cooker short rib tacos

The chipotle peppers in adobo sauce add a depth of smoky flavor that puts the Mexican in these Mexican Short Ribs Tacos. You’ll find the peppers in the Latin section of the grocery store, and while you getting them, go ahead and grab a few cans, you’ll need them for some other recipes in the Taco Tuesday Cookbook.

If you haven’t cooked much with these peppers they do add some spice, so keep that in mind if you are feeding these tacos to kids or a crowd. But they are never too spicy once you add a little cheese and sour cream.

Since this recipe feeds 8 people, I love making it for a midweek dinner -like on Tuesdays 😉 and then I’ll use leftovers over salads, quesadillas, and even pan-fried with rice -think Mexican fried rice. Woah!

slow cooker short rib tacos

The best part is that my kids love this recipe. In fact, they seem to love all sorts of foods when wrapped in a tortilla, which is another inspiration behind the Taco Tuesday Cookbook. With three picky eaters, I found that they enjoyed trying new foods if it was served to them in a way that they are familiar with- tacos.

If you love tacos as much as we do, make sure to check out all the other taco recipes on this website. I’m quite obsessed with them as you might have already figured out.

You’ll find the recipe and directions for these amazing beef tacos in the Taco Tuesday Cookbook and make sure to keep up with the latest taco recipe on my Youtube Channel, a new taco recipe comes out every single week! There’s a lot more coming so stick around!

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