Korean Beef Tacos

Korean beef with crunchy cabbage slaw and Sriracha dressing tucked in a warm tortilla… careful now because these Korean Beef Tacos are going to blow your mind.


What makes Korean Tacos Unique

It’s a fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisine that is simply stunning.

Especially when it involves Korean Beef, a mixture of thinly slices beef marinated in a delicious soy/sesame sauce and stir-fried into tender, juicy perfection. It’s amazing over rice, by itself, or

…. tacos.

YAS! I don’t know if you can feel the excitement but these Korean Beef Tacos deserve a victory dance! Excuse me- [insert happy dance]

Okay, I’m back.

korean beef tacos

While all of the Taco Tuesday Cookbook recipes are amazing with a capital A, there is something about Asian fusion tacos that make we want to type in all caps. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and try those Asian Thai Ribs or Orange Glazed Mushroom Tacos. Out of this world!

I can’t wait to share my Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Chicken, those are coming soon (like next week but shhh! don’t tell).

korean beef tacos

Korean Tacos Recipe

If Korean Beef sounds complicated to you, don’t be fooled this is one of those 20 minutes and done recipes, if you don’t count marinating time (I don’t since I usually prep the meat ahead).

What is the best cut of meat for beef tacos?

I prefer a skirt steak but you could swap it with flank, whichever works best for you. Whenever preparing a recipe that calls for sliced meat, make sure to slice against the grain. Why? Because both the cut of meat AND how you cut it determines how tender it will be once cooked.

No one wants to spend all their time chewing one bite, especially on Taco Tuesday so- slice meat against the grain.

After this step, combine the beef with the marinade and refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight. More marinating time = more epic flavor explosions.

Cooking is quick and easy, another reason this is one of my favorites.

Make sure the cast iron skillet is HOT, you should hear a strong sizzle as soon as the sliced steak touches the skillet. This will give them a nice sear and keep the meat tender, just like we love it!

korean beef tacos

Korean Taco Toppings

Asian tacos require two things: cabbage slaw and finger licking awesome sauce, we got both.

Oh, there is also sliced avocado and cilantro involved (can’t skip those) but let’s talk sauce.

You guys, this Sriracha Lime dressing is the stuff of legends. It’s smoky, tangy, and spicy if you’re all about the heat, add a little more Sriracha because I just Can’t. Get. Enough.

You better believe it’s also good on salads, sandwiches, grilled fish or chicken, and pretty much anything you’ll catch me eating for lunch or dinner.

Sorry to cut it short but enough talk! I’m ready for some tacos! Be sure to grab the recipe and directions in the Taco Tuesday Cookbook and check out the entire Taco Tuesday series on my Youtube channel.

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