Teriyaki Chicken Tacos

Are you one of those people that loves the sweet Asian flavor of the classic teriyaki chicken recipe? My family is. That’s why I had to recreate it into a taco when it came to putting together the recipes inside The Taco Tuesday Cookbook.

Like all the recipes in the cookbook, these tacos are super easy to make. Check them out!

Can we talk about these teriyaki chicken tacos for a sec? They’re so easy to throw down and those smells! Let’s just say; you won’t be serving Teriyaki Chicken over rice any time soon.

How to Make Teriyaki Chicken

Amazing teriyaki chicken only comes from one thing, marination in a good Teriyaki sauce.

For all you over achiever’s out there who make your own Teriyaki sauce, it will no doubt be the bomb.com but this gal is using a bottled version and callin’ it a night.

OR if you need a less hands-on version, you could make this baked teriyaki chicken tossing the pineapple with the chicken, so everything gets baked into a delicious, carmelized Teriyaki goodness.

Make-Ahead Chicken Tacos

Since the chicken meat does best when marinated longer, make life easy and prep this the night before. In fact, go a step further and prepare the pineapple sauce so when 7 p.m rolls around taco night, you’re ready to roll!

Best Asian Tacos

While the good ole Tex-Mex tacos are always a keeper, there’s something special about Asian fusion tacos. The tangy, sweet, savory Asian flavors and textures tucked in a warm tortilla. OOH my!

The sauces are out of this world! Thai Peanut Sauce, Sriracha Lime Dressing, and this tacos’, Tangy Pineapple Sauce. It’s the type of refreshing drizzle you tend to drink straight from the blender, be sure to save some for the tacos.

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teriyaki chicken tacos

Alright, it’s your turn to make dreams come true. Get the full recipe in the Taco Tuesday Cookbook and be sure to follow the entire #tacotuesday series on my YouTube channel. You, me, tacos- it doesn’t get any better.

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