Loaded Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Pizza night is a real thing for my family and this Buffalo Chicken Pizza doesn’t disappoint!

loaded buffalo chicken pizza

If slow cooker buffalo chicken tacos and buffalo chicken quesadillas weren’t enough, check out this Loaded Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Cheesy pizza crust topped smoky slow cooker chicken, blue cheese crumbles and Ranch drizzles, it’s 100% buffalo perfection! -If I say so myself.

During extra busy weeks, I tend to go heavy on the slow cooker meals, since I can “set it and forget it”. This week my meal plan included Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos so I chose to use the leftovers to create this masterpiece for another incredible dinner.

To get this party started, you’ll need the recipe for slow cooker buffalo chicken, which can be found here. It’s easy to make and the boneless, skinless chicken breasts and buffalo sauce combined cook to perfection in the slow cooker. BOOM!

loaded buffalo chicken pizza

This recipe yields enough to create at least two amazing meals, which is another reason it’s one of my favorites. Tacos one night, pizza the next… you get my drift. You could also use it to stuff a potato, stir into mac and cheese, or if you’re living low-carb, on top a salad or stuffed into a lettuce wrap. Don’t forget the blue cheese and Ranch, that’s a must.

Want to make the buffalo chicken last a while? Double the recipe, use as needed and freeze the leftovers. Pack the leftovers onto freezer bags and freeze for up to 2 months. When ready, remove from freezer, heat, and use it however you like. I can totally see this being a habit.

Pssst more Buffalo Chicken Recipes here.

loaded buffalo chicken pizza

Can you make this with a rotisserie chicken?

In case you didn’t get a chance to make the slow cooker buffalo chicken, you can still make this pizza happen by purchasing a rotisserie chicken. All you have to do is shred the meat, mix it with the buffalo sauce, and give it a quick warm in a skillet or microwave. This should yield enough for two recipes, but it’s not quite the same as the slow cooker version but will satisfy any Buffalo lover.

Homemade vs. store-bought dough

Sometimes I’ll make this pizza using homemade dough but if it’s been a super busy day a store-bought cheese pizza does just the trick. I like to top it with extra buffalo sauce and cheese to “dress it up” and then load on the toppings.

loaded buffalo chicken pizza

If blue cheese is not your thing try swapping it with Feta cheese or a milder cheese like Cheddar. I can’t say it’s exactly the same but whatever works best for you!

Loaded Buffalo Chicken Pizza

WOAH. Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Pizza made with slow cooker buffalo chicken and topped with blue cheese crumbles and Ranch dressing.

  • Author: Laura Fuentes
  • Yield: 4-6 servings 1x


1 store-bought cheese pizza
1/4 cup Buffalo sauce
1 cup reserved Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken
1/2 cup Mozzarella cheese
1/4 cup blue cheese crumbles
1/4 cup Ranch dressing


  1. Preheat the oven according to the cooking directions for the pizza. Line a pizza pan or baking sheet with parchment paper. Place the pizza on the pan.
  2. Spread the buffalo sauce over the top of the pizza. Top with the Buffalo chicken, Mozzarella, and blue cheese.
  3. Place the pizza into the oven and bake according to the package directions. Remove from oven and let sit for 3 minutes before slicing and serving.


  • Calories: 534
  • Fat: 21.6g
  • Carbohydrates: 52.2g
  • Protein: 32.9g

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