First Friendsgiving Celebration & Menu

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I love sharing special and festive gatherings with you here on this blog. It gives me an excuse to hang out with friends, loved ones and take great photos!

This is my first annual Friendsgiving event, which is essentially an excuse to test and eat Thanksgiving-style recipes with my friends and to create new recipes that my readers can use for their own Thanksgiving feasts.

Friendsgiving celebration and menu

And just when I thought eating lots of holiday food couldn’t get better, Pyrex announced their gorgeous Love limited edition collection. I, of course, already covet their storage solutions and serving ware every time I go to the store; they have, after all, an entire wall space in the store! It’s a meal-prep and food storage obsessed person’s dream!

make ahead pumpkin pie

You probably have quite a few of their pieces in your kitchen, since for more than 100 years they’ve been made in the USA. I own many of their glass prepping, baking, and storage containers in both my house and the Studio but I’m always scooping out the aisles for more since they are durable and an excellent solution for my cooking and storage needs.

This first Friendsgiving celebration is a tribute my close friends and family that support me and my dreams. I’m grateful for their constant smiles, support via text and late-night calls, and endless coffee chats.

Friendsgiving celebrated on a Monday, with a weekend to prep ahead among friends and family

The simplicity of our friendship is what inspired the decor. Simple, elegant, a few fall touches, and with delicious food showcased in timeless Pyrex pieces. I’m a very practical gal and don’t have a lot of special occasion dishes; plus, with Pyrex, I can take leftovers straight to the fridge! And well, I’m all about leftovers –but I don’t have to tell you that, right?

Friendsgiving celebration and menu and these incredible brown butter sage sweet potatoes

Some of the dishes we served at this Friendsgiving gathering are my Roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe, Southern Cornbread, Fall Salad, Pumpkin Pie, Sausage Stuffing, roasted turkey with gravy and my famous Homemade Cranberry Sauce recipe, and more.

Friendsgiving turkey

I kept things simple by texting an invitation to my small group of friends and decided that a weekday lunch would be best; so my friends with kids could take their lunch hour at the Studio and then leave with enough time to pick up the kids from school.

I also wanted to give everyone the chance to write down a few things they were grateful for; and although it wasn’t quite Thanksgiving, this early start to be more mindful of all the things we have (our health, our family, each other…) are a great start to all the wonderful celebrations the month of November brings.

To pull off the Friendsgiving celebration at noon on a Monday, I did a lot of food prep over the weekend. I made the cornmeal, the stuffingprepped all the vegetables, and side dishes so I could quickly warm them in the oven the day of, and be able to focus on the main attraction, the turkey!

Friendsgiving celebration and menu and these incredible brown butter sage sweet potatoes

prep ahead pumpkin pie

The cranberry sauce was also made ahead of time and stored in my trusty containers. I also made some extra to send some home with my friends since a few of them showed up without their own storage containers – although I did not send out a BYOC note.

Make sure to save Thanksgiving leftovers in glass containers for easy heating!

After a fun and delicious luncheon, everyone agreed that this gathering was the start of a new tradition. While the food, recipes, and table setting were important, the main ingredient is love; it’s the thing that binds all of us together year-round and fun to celebrate this time of the year and share it with Pyrex.

You can find our Friendsgiving menu here.

Check out Pyrex’ complete line of products on their website and use PYREXLOVE20 to receive 20% off your purchase.

Do you celebrate Friendsgiving? What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?



November 15, 2017

102 thoughts on “First Friendsgiving Celebration & Menu”

  1. Karey says:

    This year I opened Thanksgiving up to anyone we knew who might be alone, not just family. No one should be on their own for a holiday!

  2. Nicole says:

    On thanksgiving I always remember watching the parade while the whole house smelled like the turkey in the oven! Now I watch the parade with my kids!

  3. Maria says:

    Mine is not one thanksgiving. Its watching my boys grow each year and saying what they,are grateful for

  4. Lori says:

    I will never forget my first Thanksgiving in New Hampshire. We moved from Boston, MA and we felt as though we moved to the country. On our first Thanksgiving here, it snowed! It was such a magical day for us as children.

  5. Annamarie Voss says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory was when I was a child and my big Italian family would get together and we would all play games all day.


    We have celebrated Thanksgiving for the last several years with our friends in Utah. It has been fun to combine both of our families traditions into one big celebration. They will be moving to Texas shortly so our tradition won’t be able to continue sadly.

    1. Laura Fuentes says:

      You can always take a road trip over here!! 🙂

  7. Heather says:

    Since moving to North Carolina, our tradition has been to smoke turkey legs for our feast’s main event! Fortunately it’s usually just the two of us, so we can get away with one bird, but this year we’re hosting three more adults, and my husband insists on three whole birds to break down. Shouuulld be interesting… Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Melissa Irish says:

    Since we moved back to our home town 3 years ago, we’ve started something called ‘Hoodgiving! (We live on Robinhood so that’s where the Hood comes from) it has been wonderful meeting new neighbors every year. Its was a big celebration this year with almost 40 guests! We all share responsibilities for the food so no one is overwhelmed. Thus years party was the best

  9. K.D. says:

    I hosted my family thanksgiving (I usually do not do this) a few years after my in-laws divorced. We invited my family and my father-in-law because he was having such a hard time. I cooked an entire meal from scratch (I’m not a confident cook) and everything turned out wonderful. He died the following spring. We had a wonderful day.

  10. Julie C says:

    My favorite tradition is getting my extended family together, eating my grandma’s baked corn in her old blue Butterprint Pyrex casserole (which I hope to inherit!) and playing board games, then eating again later that night..

  11. Lubelia says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition has always been watching the Macy’s day parade while helping my mom cook her amazing feast. We always celebrate the holiday as a family, so my 2nd favorite would be simply spending time with my parents, brothers and their wives! There is nothing like feeling the love of your family and laughing so hard that you nearly pre your pants!

  12. Jillian Too says:

    I love breaking the wishbone with my siblings. It’s always fun to have a little rivalry while making wishes for our futures.

  13. Katie says:

    My favorite tradition is playing board/dice/card games with family on thanksgiving. Always a lot of fun and laughter around the tabletop.

  14. Heidi Bragg says:

    I married into a Hoosier family, and my new tradition for the last 15 years has been noodles! These yummy homemade noodles are made with flour and egg, dough rolled very thin and sliced, then cooked it homemade chicken stock with pieces of chicken added in. You must cook it way down until all the moisture from the broth has been absorbed by the yummy noodles. Here’s the kicker: the family tradition is to each these noodles ON TOP of your mashed potatoes in place of gravy. I admittedly had a hard time getting my brain wrapped around this, but now I. Love. It!!!! I made a double batch today for our church Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!

  15. My best Thanksgiving is the last one I had with my family before moving to another state. You forget how special moments are until you no ,longer have them.

  16. Heather Silva says:

    I will always remember having Thanksgiving dinner with my loves ones that are now in heaven, watching the munsters marathon, and holding hands to say the blessing and to say what we each are thankful for.

  17. Shannon says:

    Last year’s Friendsgiving is particularly memorable for me: it was both the end and start of a new chapter. Good friends were moving away and it was our group’s last Friendsgiving together. But two new babies and a bun were in attendance – bringing the start of new traditions and transitions.

  18. Florence Kwak says:

    My most memorable Friendsgiving was a couple years ago with 5 of my friends. Most of them don’t really celebrate with their families, so I committed to preparing traditional dishes for them. I woke up at 4 am and cooked all 10 dishes! I was exhausted, but seeing them enjoy all the food reminded me why we celebrate Thanksgiving with those we love.

  19. Brandi H says:

    Every other year we switch off between my family and my husband’s. With his family we always go around the table and say what we’re thankful for then play board games. With my family we always play bingo.

  20. Candice says:

    When I was a kid I remember watching the Thanksgiving parade and helping my Grandma and Mom make pumpkin rolls and eating all the filling.

  21. Amanda Kattner says:

    It was always the grandmas who hosted thanksgiving in my family. Now that we have kids, we’re hosting and passing down all those traditions. It a lot of work but so worth it!

  22. Melissa Warner says:

    It warms my heart to remember sitting at the kids table on Thanksgiving Being silly with my siblings and cousins. Now I get to enjoy watching my own kids experience the same awesome memory as their own! ❤️

  23. Min K says:

    All the Thanksgivings of my childhood were the same and always a day to look forward to. I miss going to the Lions game with my Dad.

  24. Loraine says:

    This hopefully will be the best one yet. Both sets of grndparent will be celebrating with our little family after we moved back home to Texas!

  25. Amy says:

    My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the tradition of watching the Macy’s parade while I cook and get everything ready for our dinner. We have watched it every year since the kids were small.

  26. Patti says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory is when my daughter was about 9 months old (2006). It was during our delicious turkey dinner that she waved “hello” for the very first time! The whole family was so happy, we were laughing together… So memorable.

  27. Heather says:

    I am grateful my mom can still make the best stuffing. She only makes it at thanksgiving buts it’s better then box.

  28. Amy says:

    Our favorite tradition is a paper chain that we add to every year with everyone’s thankful list. It’s so fun to see how the kids have grown up and their thankful list has too!

  29. Tracey Coney says:

    Our family has many traditions and one that I have used with my own family is that after prayer and before we eat, we all go around and tell one thing we are thankful and grateful for. It helps us to remember the true meaning of thanksgiving and why it’s important to us.

  30. DT says:

    Our tradition is not just dinner, but feasting on food all day long. And it’s great to see family near and far get together.

  31. Wendy says:

    It is my favorite holiday … the gifts we give are being together and just loving on each other with stories of the past – singing – playing games and of course enjoying the new found recpies of food to add to the traditional turkey and gravy !!

  32. Kristin Ritter Crysler says:

    I’ve been making our family mashed potatoes since I was ten years old. I’m 40 now but I still get excited every year for it.

  33. Lani says:

    We run the turkey trot 5 mike run as a family every thanksgiving morning. This will be our first Friendsgiving!!

  34. Bonnie Whelton says:

    My favorite Thanksgivng memory is the fist year my husband and I were married. I was hosting and the turkey the night before was still frozen. So, my husband tied it down in the bathtub with his shoelace and checked on it all night long. Then, the garbage disposal broke and I sprained my wrist stuffing the bird, our guests were 2 hours late, but good times. I’ll always remember that Thanksgiving

  35. Jennie H says:

    Watching the parade with my family. My boys get so excited.

  36. Carin says:

    Our tradition is actually to do something “non-traditional” each year…whether that’s going to NYC for a vegan meal, attending a meditation retreat, going to a Broadway play, seeing a movie, each cooking our favorite dish (from any seasonal), or something else, the main thing is that we are together as a family, creating memories

  37. Donna Peterson says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is hosting my family every year. We all share the task of cooking and bringing food, and we spend the day laughing together and watching football. Leftovers are divided up for those who want it and we all leave full—hearts AND bellies.

  38. Kat says:

    My best Thanksgiving was the first after my father died. My brother hosted it days before deploying and the house was filled with not only our family but his Navy family as well

  39. Debbie says:

    Thanksgiving was Dad’s holiday. We lost him last year. My favorite memory is him carving the turkey and me always trying to sneak a piece. Oh how I’ll miss that this year.

  40. Tonya Shultz says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving meal was the year I was learning to cook and I made my first turkey. My best friend, my Busha – Polish Grandmother, allowed me to bring the turkey for 25-30 or our family members on Thanksgiving, We traditionally gathered to eat, watch football and play poker. This year was VERY special. I brought the turkey, my cousin Connie brought sausage and a honey baked ham, my cousin Christine brought roasted chicken and my Busha made a huge roast. We had the typical dressing, yams, macaroni and cheese, and salads galore. There seem to be an abundance of meal available. hmmmm – The turkey turned out great, but just incase my Busha had planned the menu to cover any unforeseen turkey disasters. This still makes me giggle. Friendsgiving is a tradition at my home now. The door is always open to share our gratitude and love with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving.

  41. Cristina says:

    My favorite part of Thanksgiving is sitting around the table with family and telling funny stories and jokes, and watching A Christmas Story.

  42. Val says:

    Thankful for years that friends and I could
    create Thanksgiving memories on years we couldn’t be with family!

  43. Ashley says:

    My favorite tradition is getting to host every year. We cook, watch the parade, and play games.

  44. Keira says:

    My family and I don’t live close so we al,l get together once over Thanksgiving and celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas both and have named it Thanksgrivmas! We play lots of games and now that many of us have young children we play kids games too to incorporate them. And, our favorite part, eating lots of great food with our new favorite dessert of chocolate cream pie!

  45. Dori says:

    When I was a child, we always spent Thanksgiving with my grandparents and their close friends. They have passed since then, and this time of year I am always reminded of the close relationship I had with them.

  46. Carrie Miller says:

    My favorite thanksgiving was the last Thanksgiving we celebrated at my grandma’s house. Our family was expanding and my grandma’s house was getting too small for everyone. We all crammed together and had tables spread out between many rooms in a house full of memories.

  47. Ivy says:

    I’ve never had Friendsgiving, but it seems fun! I do love Thanksgiving with my family, though. One of my favorite times of the year.

  48. Jenny says:

    I love to sit down and look at the sale papers with my family after eating Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s!

  49. Mindy says:

    Our traditions include healthier food options, the Macy’s Day Parade and the kids helping out in the kitchen as much as is possible for little ones to help with!

  50. Rachael S says:

    Each year we do a friendsgiving and fall craft night to bring together everyone who is out of town or working and don’t get to see very often.

  51. Barbara says:

    One year, our Thanksgiving turkey gathering had to be rescheduled to Easter and our 22 pound turkey was all set. Sadly, illnesses hit most of our guests and we only had six family members to share. We ended up sending home large care packages for when everyone felt better.

  52. karen blowe says:

    Favorite memoy for Thanksgiving …getting together at Mom’s with Family and friends to enjoy the holiday and a variety of food to enjoy. memories are created each year.

  53. Margaret Olson says:

    I get to have two Thanksgivings, so double the Thanks! The parade goes on in the morning and I am thankful to get a shower and my styled! Then it’s off to lunch with my husband’s side and then we roll on over to my side for dessert. Someone always falls asleep, and someone always gets in on camera with a quote and a post on Facebook: :)…..I feel so blessed to be part of two families where everyone gets along and I get to have my kids be part of that specialness!

  54. Cassie Morrison says:

    Every year my family runs a local turkey trot together on thanksgiving morning so we can stuff our faces later in the day!

  55. Tara says:

    Food, family and football – that’s what I enjoy about Thanksgiving each year!

  56. Alex says:

    Between dinner and pie, we go to the beach and watch the sunset. It gives us some time to appreciate the people and the world around us.

  57. Dawn says:

    I love thanksgiving! It’s a time I look forward to spending the day with friends and family. I’ve had traditions change over the years, but all wonderful memories. Detroit football, the “kids table”, grandma and moms cooking, and now my fiancé makes the turkey every year! Throughout the years of changing traditions they’ve all created family memories to cherish. And I still refuse to put up my Christmas tree or listen to Christmas music until no earlier than after the family thanksgiving meal.

  58. Melissa says:

    My grandmother is polish so we have the original thanksgiving dishes with the whole family plus we always make a stuffed cabbage casserole for our polish tradition as well just being with the ones you love having a great meal and playing games you could never ask for more and my kids can now carry on the tradition!!

  59. Jamie says:

    My favorite thanksgiving “tradition “. Is gathering on thanksgiving day with the whole family from my moms side, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and now our children. And playing football during the day (kids and adults) then Michigan rummy game after it gets dark.

  60. Lauryn says:

    Being with family is a great treasure.. our traditions are ever evolving but the appreciation remains the same.

  61. Lauryn says:

    Being with family is a great treasure.. Our traditions are ever evolving but the appreciation remains the same.

  62. Jodi Stockton says:

    It’s funny you should mention dressing because, for as long as anyone can remember (back to my great-grandparents even), we have always had two dressings. One with oysters and one without, for those who can’t stand oysters. Both are old family recipes. There are always a few people who like the oyster dressing (myself included!) but I think, even if there wasn’t a single person who wanted it, we would still make it because it is such a tradition! 🙂

  63. Andrea says:

    My most memorable Thanksgiving was spent in West Africa, opening our home and sharing our American traditions with new African friends, as well as, with several other people of different nationalities. Pumpkin was not available, so I made an amazing bananas foster bread pudding with local ingredients. Every Thanksgiving since, the tradition is that I make both pumpkin pie & the bananas foster bread pudding.

  64. Sue says:

    My most memorable Thanksgiving was my least traditional. I spent one in NYC when my now husband was going to school there. We planned to see the Macy’s parade but it started snowing, so we sat in his high-rise dorm and watched it on TV while eating takeout. Definitely my most memorable and unique Thanksgiving ever!

  65. Susie says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is making pumpkin cheesecake & my sister making pumpkin pie. Gives us two desserts to choose from. And love that the kids are old enough to help make them.

  66. MaryEllen says:

    Of course (one of) my most memorable Thanksgiving memories is our first together as husband and wife. We were married on November 22, so Thanksgiving followed shortly thereafter. We were on a “mini honeymoon” and we had to look for an open restaurant (32 years ago!), and really scrounge for a passable meal!

  67. Daniella Roppolo says:

    I’m looking forward to making new memories this year! On December 2nd I will be hosting my family for our very first “Thanksmas” – after Thanksgiving and not quite Christmas. We haven’t been able to get together on an actual holiday in years. So, I’ve decided to start a new tradition on a weekend, when everyone is available! Thanks for the awesome recipes!

  68. Monique Prichard says:

    My favorite thanksgiving tradition….leftovers!

  69. Cristina says:

    My most memorable Thanksgiving memory was when I was an exchange student in Russia. I went with a group of American students (about 20 of us) and lived in a dorm. We put our desks in the hallway and lined them up like one big long table. We all made one dish, sat around the table and said what we were thankful for. All in Russian. It was special to me because living in a country where they didn’t celebrate that holiday, made me realize you didn’t need a holiday to be thankful!

  70. Elaine says:

    We get together with family for Thanksgiving lunch. It’s one of the few times a year we see everyone. After we eat, we talk, play games, and take pictures around the Christmas tree.

  71. Nancy says:

    My favorite Thanksgiving memory was always eating my grandmother’s cornbread dressing. Everyone loved it and thought it was fabulous. As a young mother, I put the recipe in a cookbook and now we can still enjoy grandmother’s dressing. (Some people call it stuffing.)

  72. DARLENE BISKIE says:

    I remember always having Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house growing up in AZ. We always had so much food and she would cook everything and made homemade pies and her famis ambrosia salad. Those were good memories with loved ones.

  73. Wendi says:

    I wake early in the morning and start. Turkey goes into the oven first. The fabulous smell wakes the others as it did many for so many years. Mom has been gone now for 20 years but in those still and quiet early thanksgiving mornings she is there by my side. I still use some of the same bowls for mixing, making and serving. The wooden rolling pin that was her mother’s and the dishes. The thanksgiving dishes. Depression glass, mostly orange with hints of magical iridescent swirls are stacked at the edge of the counter in the kitchen waiting to be filled to capacity. It’s cafeteria style (because that’s how mom did it). A chaotic procession of plates in hand, sounds of spoons scooping delicious goodness and lots of voices… lots of voices fill the kitchen until everyone finds a place to sit. Dad still says the blessing, although he now has help from his great grand children. And then there is silence. That certain proof that everything is delicious. We will have 17 or 20 this year but no matter the number, there is always one more. We feel her. Mom is always close by. Many people have asked, “why not go the easy route? Paper and plastic and buy some of the food already prepared?” I just shake my head as we are washing endless mounds of dishes and simply smile. Wishes to all that we allow the spirit of God, the simple quiet moments and chaotic bustle of family and tradition to grace our tables and homes this thanksgiving.

  74. Lois Cole says:

    My memories of Thanksgiving are not of just one in particular, but of the love and laughter as family share food and precious time together. One expectation is Mom’s cranberry salad!

  75. Delia Fey says:

    It’s not Thanksgiving without the Macys Day Parade, that was my favorite as a kid! And also the food! It’s not just eating the food but the cooking of it together as a group. That’s my favorite. The first year my after my stepmother died my Dad hosted Thanksgiving at his house and both my brothers were there. We had no power due to a storm but we still made it work! There was the gas grill for the turkey, the camping stove and the oven in the RV. We all talked more than ever and helped prepare the food, there was no TV (not even a parade but I don’t think anyone noticed) but it was the most fun I had ever had at Thanksgiving.

  76. Stephanie L says:

    My family tries to maximize the number of cranberry items we serve. One year we had 10 different cranberry sauces, not to mention baked goods and beverages.

  77. Maryanne W. says:

    We started our Friendsgiving tradition 6 years ago. At the time there was only one child among our group of friends, and this year there was more than ten!

  78. Karin Hovdesven says:

    When I was a child we had an enormous extended family Thanksgiving… in February. The holidays were so hectic among everyone’s families, it made a lot of sense to have our big multi family get together once the rush, bustle and stress of the holiday season had ended. My great aunt and uncle would host in their beautiful home in Portland, Oregon and we would all drive from hours away around the northwest to come together.

  79. Ashley says:

    Our Thanksgiving traditions are all about the food. I have recipes handed down from aunts, mothers, and grandmothers that I love to recreate. It makes it feel like we’re honoring our family by enjoying these foods they so lovingly prepared for us years ago.

  80. Talia B says:

    I have a thankfulness journal. Each year I write down what everyone is thankful for and go back and read the best from previous years.

  81. Lisa says:

    Now that my two eldest are in college, I love having them home for the holidays and sharing our day with their girlfriends.

  82. Faith M says:

    Favorite tradition was watching the parade in the morning and then after eating watching movies.

  83. Amy J. says:

    My family always invited “strays” to join us for dinner. I didn’t realize til the kids started asking this year, but apparently watching the parade has become an important tradition to the them :).

  84. latanya says:

    each year, everyone gets to say what they are thankful for and it is special to me because it helps to show what other things I can be thankful for.

  85. Angie says:

    My favorite tradition is each having the opportunity to put into words what we are grateful for! This tradition started as I child and now as a mom, with children of my own, it feels my soul to hear my kids express gratitude for family, friends, good food and so many other heartwarming sediments.

  86. Candy Conrad says:

    Love all your recipes Laura!
    The past couple of years we have gone to our friends’ ranch for Thanksgiving. Everyone brings their horses and a dish to share. We ride in the morning and then eat! It’s a lot of fun!

  87. Claudia says:

    I love my husband’s stuffing! I need to learn how to make it 🙂

  88. Meshia Horn says:

    I love Thanksgiving. It’s a great holiday to spend with the ones you love. I enjoy eating with my family and catching up on old times. I love seeing the kids gather and play.

  89. Sadia Mustofa says:

    Every year we cook a whole chicken for Thanksgiving instead of Turkey. I help my mom out making the other dishes and at the end of the day, my grandmother and my aunt and uncle and cousin come over to my house. I remember how there were so many leftovers, that I’d take some of it to school for lunch in my pyrex container.

  90. Erin says:

    Our tradition is to keep a thankfulness calendar the whole month of November. We always do something different every year for Thanksgiving Day but the calendar is something all 6 of us share and I keep them to look back on years past.

    1. Laura Fuentes says:

      I love this tradition!

  91. Melanie says:

    I am the baker in the family. Every year I love going to my Parents home and getting to bake pies and make my favorite salads and side dishes. Last year I completely flopped on the pie crust! It was as if I had never made a crust in my life and I have been doing this since I was a teenager, I’m older than 38 but younger than 42. At least the inside was very nummy! I always make extra crust for my Mom to use later when I’m not around. She did. I had forgotten to throw the horrible failed crust away and she made pie with it but couldn’t figure out why She was struggling with it, lol. The occasion was for my Aunt and Uncle. At least, they enjoyed sharing stories of all of their kid’s, collectively, and The Not So Joys of Cooking food that they have had to eat. Well, this year my Mom has already bought costco pies. I am thankful that I can safely travel and not need to be anxious about pies. Are they going to let me in the kitchen at all? Lol. Happy Thanksgiving!

  92. Melissa says:

    Thanksgiving has always been a small affair, mostly because the family is small.

  93. Melissa says:

    I just love cooking, eating, and spending time with my family.

  94. Be says:

    Just participated in the 2nd annual Friendsgiving last week…I think it’s great to spend time with friends that we wouldn’t typically see around the table and share in laughter. Truly thankful for the group of friends that I have and to get the opportunity to share a holiday with them.

  95. Marion says:

    Helping my mom in the kitchen, making pies and gravy. I know do this with my little ones passing on the traditions and recipes.

  96. Kathy Coy says:

    My most memorable Thanksgivings were when I was younger and we would go out to my grandma’s where all the cousins came and we played all day long and had wonderful food.

  97. Amy Wahl says:

    I always watched the Macy’s Day parade on tv and would call my grandma to talk about each float.

  98. Sandra D. says:

    My most memorable Thanksgiving was when we smoked our first turkey. It was delicious! We cook it that way every year now.

  99. Sarah says:

    My most memorable thanksgiving was ten years ago now. Our first born was just three months old and the family thought we should host since our new apartment was so spacious. I remember feeling nervous, it would be my first thanksgiving for so many things. The house was filled with love and laughter and I was so happy to have my own little family. I will never forget that thanksgiving :-).

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